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1. Nominate Sergio Moro For Nobel Peace Prize

This petition is directed to nominate Brazilian Federal Judge Sergio Moro for The United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA) and/or The Nobel Peace Prize. This action is in recognition of his long ongoing attempts to stop rampant political and corporate corruption in Brazil and subsequently give the people of Brazil freedom from the social, political, economic, oppression they have had to endure.

By beginning his investigation into the Lavo Jato scandal he has uncovered and exposed a nation wide system of political corruption and theft of public monies which has caused sever hardship to the most needy and vulnerable people of Brazilian society. Against ongoing threats to his life, family and professional security he has continued to fight against the most corrupt elements in and outside of Brazil.. His purpose is to identify and eradicate the corruption, recover all stolen money and bring to justice all offenders no matter how powerful or famous they are.

his actions deserve to be recognized for what they mean to the people of Brazil as well as to all human kind. Any person who values honesty, moral integrity and public office responsibility for the most vulnerable of society should appreciate the difficulty and importance of Sergio Moro's actions.

2. Lochte, Benz, Feigen and Conger must return to Brazil

We are embarrassed and highly disappointed in the behavior of the United States Olympic competitors, Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Benz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen in Brazil. They behaved in a manner to bring shame on the United States and need to not only apologize but also display remorse and make reparation to the people of Brazil.

It is a PRIVILEGE to represent the United States in any Olympics and we expect the chosen competitors to be briefed on how to behave as representatives of our country.

3. Vem pra minas, Katy Perry!

With this petition, we want to bring the amazing singer Katy Perry and her Prismatic World Tour to Minas Gerais, Brazil in September of 2015, when she will be already in the country, performing three concerts in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba.

Now, we want Katy to come to Minas. "Vem pra Minas, Katy Perry!"

4. End English Language School Scams

Reform the English language learning sector for international students in Ireland.

In the last year, 15 schools have closed without notice. In nearly all cases, students were left entirely out of pocket, and no recourse or remedy.

In one instance a student from Nepal lost four times his annual salary on pre-paid school fees. In another case a Brazilian family lost half of their life savings on fees, travel and accommodation for their daughter's wasted trip to Ireland.

5. Do Not Recognize Legitimacy of The Brazilian Election

Brazil has had an election with a lot of reports of fraud. Nevertheless and in spite of the small difference between the winner and the looser, none of the frauds were investigated and the result has been validated.

6. SOS to stop Brazil becoming the next communist country!

A petition against the Bolivarian communist expansion in Brazil promoted by the the administration of Dilma Rousseff.


PSTU é um partido de esquerda antissemita e islamo-fascista no Brasil cujo objetivo é o de assassinar judeus e Israel. Eles espalham mentiras, difamações, perversidade e ameaças contra Israel e os judeus do Brasil e do mundo.

Dezenas de milhões de cidadãos inocentes no Brasil que nunca tiveram quaisquer sentimentos negativos em relação a Israel ou os judeus as tem hoje em dia por causa de uma lavagem cerebral feita pelo PSTU.

Este é apenas um exemplo de sua agenda aterrorizante neonazi:


PSTU is an islamofascist-leftwing antissemitic party in Brazil aiming to the killing of Israel. They spread lies, difamation and threats on Israel and the Jews of Brazil.

Tens of millions of innocent citizens in Brazil who never had any negative feelings towards Israel or the Jews are nowadays being brainwashed by PSTU.

This is only one example of their neonazi terrifying agenda:

8. Use Air Mix Lotto Machines for FIFA World Cup Draw

See the video below: Was Champions League draw rigged?

to AVOID FRAUD demand that FIFA use Air Mix Lotto Machines

9. Competitive Brazil Servers for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

I just started playing CS:GO after a break and after a week of playing I'm tired of seeing 150-300 pings in almost every game on east coast servers.

I played CS:S long ago on the lowest competitive level and even I know how important a low ping and communication is in Counter Strike.

I have nothing against people from Brazil. However, when half your team or more can't/won't talk your language and have terrible pings, the game becomes a lot less enjoyable.

10. Soilwork in South America

Brazil and South America in general are a fertile territory for metal concerts. Many metal bands have been to Brazil in the last years, such as In Flames, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, etc, but Soilwork has not played in South America.

Brasil e a América do Sul em geral é sempre um território fértil para shows de heavy metal. Muitas bandas do mesmo gênero do Soilwork já tocaram por aqui como In Flames, Killswitch Engage, entre outras.


ENGLISH: Our goal with this petition is to claim a coming from U-KISS to Brazil. After years of waiting, we heard that the group will visit 10 countries around the world, so through these signatures affirm that in Brazil there are thousands of kissmes waiting for the opportunity to see their beloved idols. We ask that NH, and all persons responsible for us to look with affection, Brazilian fans, we love U-KISS, who are the largest country in Latin America.

Português: Nosso objetivo com esta petição é clamar a vinda do U-KISS ao Brasil. Depois de anos esperando, tivemos notícias de que o grupo irá visitar 10 países ao redor do mundo, por isso através dessas assinaturas afirmamos que aqui no Brasil existem milhares de kissmes esperando pela oportunidade de ver seus amados ídolos. Pedimos que a NH, e todos os reponsáveis olhem com carinho para nós, fãs brasileiros, que amamos U-KISS, que somos o maior país da América Latina.

12. Animes no cinema brasileiro

Bom, pra inicio de tudo, que otaku nunca pensou o quanto seria legal se os animes viessem parar nas telonas do Brasil? Eu e a Nathália criamos esse abaixo-assinado para mostrar as empresas como Cinemark e Kinoplex, que se eles trouxerem os filmes de tal gênero (anime) para o Brasil, os filmes com certeza farão sucesso aqui.

Queremos chegar no mínimo a 10.000, porém o e-mail que mandamos as empresas ainda não foram respondidos, então esse número pode aumentar... Quanto mais assinaturas melhor é para a gente! Chamem amigos, familiares, a vizinha, desconhecidos e o máximo de gente o possível para conseguirmos realizar isso!

13. Super Show 5 in Brazil

De acordo com o programa "Leitura Dinâmica" da RedeTv, Brasil foi um dos cotados para um possível SS5 ano que vem, não há nada confirmado mas com essa petição, podemos mostrar a SM que realmente queremos um show do Super Junior aqui.

14. Get Acrobatic gymnastics into the Olympics Games 2016

Acrobatic gymnastics is a thrilling, exciting & dynamic sport. It is glamorous & daring & embodies the true spirit of the Olympic games.

The sport demands strength, flexibility, endurance & a lot of training from its gymnasts. It's the type of sport that you will become addicted to. Trust me;) Follow the u-tube link below to see acrobatic gymnastics in action. Be prepared to be amazed;)

Please support our campaign.

15. Arrest and charge Antonio Medeiros for beating dog to death while his son videotaped it

In Brazil, a man known to police as Antonio Medeiros beat his neighbor’s dog to death ‘for fun’ while his son videotaped it.

Ivone Maria, the dog’s owner reported the crime to local police and a horrid video has been released of the dog’s murder which has infuriated townspeople. The police have yet to arrest and charge Medeiros for this brutal crime.

16. Tell Canada to "Show Up" for Health

From October 19-21, 2011, over 100 Member States of the United Nations will be formally participating in the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Among the delegates will be numerous heads of state and, at last count, over 60 Ministers of Health and other senior Government Ministers from around the world -- including Ministers from other G8 countries.

The Government of Canada is currently refusing to send its Minister of Health and/or other senior Cabinet Ministers to this key global meeting. The absence of Canada's Prime Minister and other federal Ministers from this world conference will send a dangerous message that neither the health of Canadians nor global cooperation to improve health in other countries are priorities for the Government of Canada.

OCT 21 UPDATE: On October 20, Canada's Minister of Health was asked, in the House of Commons, why she decided not to participate in the global meeting. See video for question and response (English translation of questions provided below).

TRANSLATION OF QUESTION: "Mr. Speaker, this week 118 countries are meeting in Brazil to develop a plan of action on the social determinants of health. However, this government (Canada) is not attending. In Canada, 20% of health care spending is attributable to preventable social causes of illness such as inadequate housing and poverty. The World Health Organization recognizes that social inequities result in inequities in health.The costs are astronomical. Can the Minister of Health explain why she is not at this important international meeting."

17. Stop The Belo Monte Dam In The Heart Of The Amazon Rainforest

The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, and her Government are pressing ahead with plans to build an enormous dam complex on the Xingu River in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

The aim of the campaign is to stop the dam being built.

Why? The building of the dam would:

• Destroy (flood) 668km² of land of which 400km² is pristine rainforest.
• Force up to 1,000 indigenous Indians off the land they have been on for centuries. Up to 40,000 more people will be displaced.
• Even when complete only run at a maximum of 39% installed capacity. To run nearer to 100% it would require many more dams to be built on the river with further destruction of forest and wildlife. The Barbaquarra Dam if built would flood an area, predominantly rainforest, more than 12 times the size of Greater London!
• Encourage further destruction of neighbouring forest as the dams attract “development” to the region.
• Deny the children of today the chance to see the rainforest. By the time the children of today are my age (36), the wonderful animals and plants, which Sir David Attenborough has spent a lifetime bringing to our television screens, will be gone, gone FOREVER. You will be able to read about them, look at videos of them, look them up on the internet, but you won’t be able to see one alive. Instead you will have soya bean plantations, cattle ranching and such like.

Is it required?

• If Brazil were to invest in energy efficiency instead it could cut its expected demand for electricity by 40%. This is the equivalent of FOURTEEN of these dams!!!

18. Emily's Law

Often, when there is a child custody order in place, or even when a custody hearing is pending, one parent may fear that the other parent will attempt to circumvent the court and remove the child without consent, or fail to return the child following a routine visit.

According to the National Center for missing & exploited children, they estimate that 200,000 families become victims of this horrific crime each year.

Currently, few laws protect families against the risk of Parental Abduction and because of this, families are being destroyed every day by the other parent when they are simply allowed to leave the Country without being cross referenced before boarding an International flight.

19. Use domestic resources; Drill our own US Oil

Currently gas prices are on a rising continuum. During this economical hardship, consumers are struggling to pay for the gas that gets them to their job. A lot of those same consumers are living paycheck to paycheck and barely able to pay their basic living expenses.

With the extreme rise in gas prices, living expenses that are already a struggle to maintain, are becoming almost impossible. The United States has enough of our own resources for oil that if we were to start drilling, would last our country CENTURIES! The use of our own resources would help the economy and help the people in OUR country.

Our president just loaned Brazil 2 Billion dollars for an underwater drilling project in their country. That 2 Billion could have been reserved by using our resources; this is why our government spending is so insanely high- we are paying millions of dollars to foreign countries when we could save millions by using our own products; in turn the consumers will save!

20. Xena: Warrior Princess

A "Rede Record de Televisão" tem tratado os fans do seriado "Xena: A Princesa Guerreira" sem nenhuma concideração. Viemos aqui pedir que essa situação mude.

1. O Seriado sofre cortes enormes e tem epsódios que são simplismente "excluidos" pela emissora.

2. O seriado não tem a sequencia de seus epsódios respeitada. Frequentemente ocorre de não seguirem a ordem e "pularem" vários epsódios.

3. O excesso de cortes em certos epsódios chega a ser rídiculo! Enquanto a emissora exibe cenas de violencia para crianças em "Pica-Pau", cortam simples cenas em "Xena: A Princesa Guerreira" sem nenhum remorso. um epsódio de 45min é exibido com apenas 20 ou 30min.

4. O seriado está aparentemente sem horário fixo. Hoje (18/11/2009), por razões desconhecidas, alguns estados puderam assistir a série às 17h e outros estados não. O seriado nem está constando na grade de programação exibida no site oficial da emissora! Uma total falta de concideração!

21. Muse to play Unintended in Lisbon (29/11/09)

A petition for Muse to play Unintended in Lisbon (29/11/09).

22. We want Jason Mraz's concert solo in São Paulo!

Essa petição tem a intenção de juntar o maior número de fãs do Jason Mraz que pretendem ir ao show dele em São Paulo. O problema maior não é que vai ser um festival - ele virá, então já estamos felizes por isso - mas por vários outros motivos:

23. The Naked Brothers Band in Brazil

Everybody wants Nat and Alex and all the band to come to brazil. Nat asked us to start a petition, so here it is! Please leave your full name and it will make our dreams come true: WE'LL SEE THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND PLAYING HERE IN BRAZIL!

What are you waiting for? Do it!
Thank you so much,

Julia Moioli, NFF members and others.


Todo mundo quer que o nat, o alex e toda a banda venham ao brasil. O Nat pediu para nós começarmos uma petição, então aqui está! Favor deixar seu nome completo e isso fará nossos sonhos se tornarem realidade: NÓS VAMOS VER A NAKED BROTHERS BAND TOCANDO AQUI NO BRASIL!

O que você tá esperando? Deixe seu nome!
Muito obrigada,

Julia Moioli, membros da NFF e outros.


A projeção digital chegou ao Brasil com a missão de democratizar o acesso aos filmes e libertar os distribuidores da dependência de cópias em 35 milímetros, cuja confecção e transporte são notoriamente caros. A instalação de projetores digitais permitiria ao público assistir a títulos que dificilmente seriam lançados nas condições tradicionais e ainda ofereceria condições para que espectadores situados longe do eixo Rio-São Paulo (onde se concentram quase 50% das salas de cinema do país) tivessem acesso aos mesmos títulos simultaneamente.

O que estamos vendo, no entanto, é uma total falta de respeito ao espectador no que se refere à exibição do filme propriamente dita. As razões são basicamente duas: projeções incapazes de reproduzir fielmente os padrões de cor e textura da obra e/ou projeções incapazes de exibir os filmes no formato em que foram originalmente concebidos. Sem falar no som, que muitas vezes ganha uma reprodução abafada, limitada ao canal central, muito diferente de seu desenho original.

A adoção da projeção digital pelos dois maiores festivais internacionais do Brasil (o Festival do Rio e a Mostra de São Paulo) e por outros festivais do país, infelizmente, não respeitou o que seriam critérios mínimos de qualidade de projeção de filmes em cinema – algo que é observado com atenção em qualquer festival internacional que se preze. Trata-se de uma situação particularmente alarmante tendo em vista o papel de formadores de plateia que esses eventos desempenham.

Sucessivamente, temos visto um autêntico massacre ao trabalho de cineastas, fotógrafos, diretores de arte, figurinistas, técnicos de som e até mesmo de atores. Apenas para citar um exemplo: Les herbes folles, o novo filme de Alain Resnais, originalmente concebido no formato 2:35:1, foi exibido no Festival do Rio, com projeção digital, no formato 1:78. Isso representou o corte da imagem em suas extremidades, resultando em enquadramentos arruinados, movimentos de câmera deformados e rostos dos atores cortados. Um pouco como se A santa ceia, de Leonardo Da Vinci, tivesse suas pontas decepadas, deixando alguns discípulos de Jesus fora de campo – e da história. Para completar o desrespeito, não há qualquer aviso em relação às condições de exibição e o preço cobrado pelo ingresso não sofre qualquer alteração.

25. Allow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the 2016 Olympics

I and many others believe that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a special competitive sport which is highly under-appreciated in the wider population. We believe it would be a fantastic addition to the Olympic events list and even better as a competitive sport in the first ever Olympics held in Brazil.

While we understand that the ever growing number of sports included, especially from increased pressure from larger sports has meant that there are already a significant number of events that cannot be fully covered. It would almost be inappropriate for one of the national sports of such an influential and prosperous country not to be included in their first ever Olympics.

It is already a highly competitive sport with millions of elite competitors worldwide and already has world championships in which a high level of competition makes for compelling viewing, whether those watching have previous knowledge of the sport or not.

26. Forza Motorsport 3 for PC

The game Forza Motorsport 3 of Michrosoft not going to have a PC version, this is an absurd!

Is alright not having a PS3 version [Since they do not release God of War ^ ^], but for PC! Come on!

ps: Sorry for my inglesh.

O jogo Forza Motorsport 3 da Michrosoft não tera versão para pc, isso é um absurdo!

é justo não ter uma versão para PS3 [Já que eles não liberam God of War ^^],mas pra PC! Qual é meu!

27. Daisaku Ikeda Nobel Prize

Daisaku ikeda, Peace builder in the world.

28. Collins Over Pele

Danny Collins must play for Brazil. It is in his blood, his nature, his makeup. He is Brazilian and must be treated so. As soon as this right is wronged he can get on and win himself a world cup.

Poor Danny has missed out on so many Brazilian international Campaigns and so this petition is aimed at getting him back where he belongs.

29. Petition campaigning for Emily's return from Brazil

Emily Machado who went missing on March 27, 2008 was located in Brazil. I have filed for the return of Emily though the Haige.

30. Stop closing schools for the landless and support MST and WSF

Stop closing schools for the landless and official attacks in Brazil against World Social Forum:

Authorities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil governed by politicians that have received support from the Finnish-Swedish transnational company Stora Enso are now closing schools for landless. The sudden decision to close all the schools that have been started in MST encampments has come after a growing conflict between Stora Enso and MST, a movement that defends biological diversity against the monoculture plantations promoted by the transnational cellulose corporation.

A representative of the same authorities that are now closing the schools have simultaneously attacked the World Social Forum (WSF) that started in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, and for many years have been held there. The WSF is widely respected in Brazil and globally as a strong inspiration for global democracy, including showing how the South can democratise the world.

The MST in Rio Grande do Sul was a pioneer twelve years ago in implementing a Brazilian law that supported schools in the countryside, and has become a model for the rest of the country. UNICEF Brazil have awarded the educational work which has developed due to MST as a model for education among children in vulnerable socio-economic conditions.

MST is not only struggling for implementing agrarian reform and education in the countryside but is also engaged in work of importance to the survival of the planet. The 1.5 million participants in the movement are aiming at ecological agriculture. This work of theirs is a direct threat to transnational companies who wish to make profit from gene-manipulated plants and monoculture plantations for the cellulose and agrofuel industries. One of the main opponents of MST is Stora Enso who has given financial support in the election to those political forces that are now trying to stop the landless movement.

We oppose this politics in the interest of Northern transnational corporations and the accusation that the WSF is an illegitimate, undemocratic force.