United States of America

The United States has been a country for 235 years and 209 of these years the country has spent at war. Sign this petition to call for an end to war.

War helps the US procure resources and create jobs but can destroy local economies and force other countries to adopt an American lifestyle which requires countries to support large scale industrial farming and production for export at the expense of small land owners and producers and social services. This leads to famine and debt enslavement.

We the people call upon the United States of America to:

1. UN APPROVAL: Seek and obtain approval from the United Nations before entering another country or area to look for evidence of weapons of mass destruction, genocide or ethnocide or to bring troops or military property into another country or area.

2. TRANSPARENCY: Create a website listing all troops present in each country through out the world. This website should list all US casualties in the country, all casualties caused by US personnel, the value and cost of all US property in the country, the value and cost of all US aid to the country, the value and cost of all US loans to the country, terms of each loan to the country, timeline for implementation and withdrawal and a table of expected outcomes and ramifications US efforts are expected to contribute to.

3. CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT: Create a national polling center with a website where Americans can enter their social security number and vote on wether they would like a war initiative to continue. Polls should b conducted several times a year and results made public.

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