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1. Prosecute Obama for War Crimes in Syria, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere

We, the people of the world, want justice for the war crimes that the US has committed in the Middle East.

That is why we want to see the President of the United States of America, Obama, in an international criminal court for war crimes, to have a tribunal hearing for the thousands of lives that were unnecessarily lost under his mandate, on his orders.

2. Push for the creation of a Multinational Peacekeeping Humanitarian Task Force to stop ISIS and provide aid to Iraq and Syria

The self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, also known as ISIS, is a malevolent, well-armed group of extremists responsible for killing over 1,700 people in 23 countries, not counting the higher death toll in Iraq and Syria or the millions forced to flee their country.

All nations must work together toward lasting peace and bringing an effective end to this global calamity. Therefore, the formation of a multinational peacekeeping humanitarian ground force is called for under the terms of Chapter VII of the United Nations charter.

This contingent shall fulfill solely the purpose of dismantling ISIS and providing much needed aid to civilians in conflict-stricken Iraq and Syria, with strict adherence to international law and the directives of the UN Security Council.

You may also sign the petition at the White House web page.

3. Urge Facebook to launch a peace sign profile picture filter

In light of recent events, Facebook made the decision to launch a profile picture filter of a French flag to allow people to support those affected by the attacks in Paris. The terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris were of course a tragedy, however, far more tragedies take place across the world due to terrorist attacks and acts of war that Facebook never launches filters for. For example, why wasn't there an option to apply a profile picture filter of the Lebanese flag a week ago when suicide bombings there killed dozens?

It could be suggested to Facebook to launch a countries flag as a filter any time a tragedy occurs in a country, but there is a much simpler solution: if the option was given to people to apply a profile picture filter of the well-known peace sign, this would allow people to support the global intolerance of violence/terrorism/acts of war and get behind not just one country, but the entire world in support of global peace.

Please sign the petition and share if you agree, thanks.

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4. Hold engineers of the Iraq/Afgan wars acountable for crimes against humanity

5. Save the Child Orphans of War

There are over 5 million orphans in Iraq alone! This statistic is over 3years old!

The recent persecution of minorities by ISIS has led to a new wave of refugees into Turkey. It is estimated that of the 500,000+ refugees there are at least 10,000 orphans!

If they can escape further persecution then they face a desperate existence, With no one to care for them!

The Spanish government have already agreed to save 100 children from this tragedy partnering with World in Harmony and have the procedures in place to extract these children.

Ireland must do something to concrete to answer this tragedy, especially now that a way has been made.

The reason I’m getting involved is I’m a father myself and I can’t imagine how anyone would ignore my kids if I were gone!

Ireland, is the country it is, based on what is important to us as individuals! I know we are a nation of decent people who at the end of the day want the right thing to be done!

This is our chance to be the Schindlers of our age!

Please sign so that as a nation we can do something great!

6. Petition Congress to End the Escalation in Iraq & Syria

Congress must use its constitutional powers under the War Powers Resolution to place limits on the unauthorized US military intervention in Iraq and Syria. By executive orderalone, our government is plunging into a deepening sectarian war. Congressional debate can shed light on this new war, and a Congressional vote can allow American citizens to hold our elected representatives accountable in 2016. While pledging "no US ground troops", the administration has dispatched 3,000 American troops as advisers and to provide close air support in combat zones, where they will come under fire. The bombing campaign cost $580 million through mid-October, and the president is asking for a down payment of $5 billion for a war projected to last three years.

Starting with serious public debate, a new peace movement is needed to stop the drift towards quagmire.

Led by a handful ofdissenters, Congressional opposition was critical in ending the Vietnam War, and in bringing the most recent Iraq War to a formal ending. The checks andbalances which were imposed by Congress on the powers of the presidency andintelligence agencies in the 1970s have fallen away.

Since the presidentsays there is no military solution, the Congress should vote no against another war in the Middle East. Should Congress vote in favor, crucial amendments are need to prevent another open-ended war. The "enemy" must be narrowly defined. The pledge of "no American ground troops" must be codified. A sunset must be placed on the authorization so that Congress is compelled to vote again before 2016. Independent reporting on taxpayer costs and civilian casualties must be assured. A political settlement that protects disenfranchised and oppressed Sunnis from the US-sponsored Shiite regime inBaghdad must be assured.

Many Americans rightly oppose the shocking religious extremism of the Islamic State and embrace our military action. Forgotten in the rush to war is the fact that we have been at this abyss before. The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 preceded the growth of Al Qaeda there. ISIS became its malignant offshoot in Sunni regions repressed by our client state in Baghdad. Is this not a case where the military medicineworsens the disease? The last Iraq War led to long-terms costs in thousands of lives lost and trillions of dollars wasted which should have been spent on the environment, education and jobs. We simply cannot afford to repeat the past.

7. STAY OUT OF IRAQ and Syria!

Iraq is not even the slightest threat to Australia, in any way, shape or form!

We hereby inform and instruct you to refrain from sending any troops or military equipment or aircraft, either to Iraq, Ukraine, or anywhere in the middle east, as it is a ploy to drag Australia into another war (World War III) as part of the ultimate program to establish a One-World Government (the so-called New World Order.)

1. ISIS (now ISIL) was set up in the US in the first place, by way of deception – exactly as Al Quaeda was.

2. Vladimir Putin, far from being the war-mongering demon that you and your NWO fellow-Zionist puppets are making him out to be, is showing up so far to be our best and strongest hope for the future. Since the fall of communism in Russia in the early 1990’s, there have been some 30,000 new Christian churches built, plus the complete re-building of the beautiful, Christian Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow, which Stalin had smashed to the ground.

He – Putin - has removed most if not all Zionist Jews (who as you know, or should know, were the main engineers of the Bolsheviks, and hate Christianity with a passion) from positions of power in Moscow, and has put Russia back on a firm Christian and economic footing, which the international banksters hate! You might consider doing the same here, if you know how, which we doubt. Your treasurer Hockey is showing to be a worse fumbler and bungler than the one he replaced!

3. V. Putin is doing everything possible to help his fellow-patriots in the Ukraine, and to avoid a major conflict. He has massive support from his people in Russia, more than twice the support, percentage-wise, that you have from the people here in Australia!

4. Iraq is neither a direct or indirect threat to Australia, as you, Julie Bishop, have tried to make out. Iraq poses no threat to Australia whatsoever. Moreover, it has absolutely no motive to do so. What is going on there is a out of it. This is a plot by the Zionist elitist international banksters to drag us into a conflict and start WWIII, which was planned long ago. The 9/11 incident was done by Israel. Iraq had nothing to do with it.

Tony, you must stop following what you have been brain-washed to do by your Rhodes-Scholar-Internationalist-Globalist-puppet-master teachers, and do what the people want you to do here in Australia. You are not doing that! Re-establishing our own People’s Bank of Issue like we used to have, would be a start, as Australia is virtually bankrupt under the present orthodox, debt-based banking system! You are not even doing that! You must have the guts to stop grovelling to, and doing the bidding of the internationalist banksters!
They are desperate to get WWIII started!

5. If you do send troops over there, it will escalate the situation (as it is planned to do by the Zionist-CIA-Mossad One World Planners of course), and it will result in more Australian soldiers and military men and women being killed and sent back home in body bags, all for nothing, exactly as it did last time Australia sent troops over there – also all for nothing!

6. As I said, we the people are not all stupid. We are well aware of the secret motto of Mossad, the Israeli Secret Services: “By Way of Deception, You Shall Make War.”

7. We the people want nothing to do with the carefully-staged events in the middle east, we have enough to do – and you have too – to save our own country here in Australia. We want no part of the imminent World War III.

8 We also want nothing to do with the so-called New World Order – a One World Government, with a Zionist-controlled central, debt-based banking system.

We want Australia to remain the traditional Australia as it once was – a Christian, peace-loving nation of people, minding our own business, genuinely and charitably helping people wherever we can, both here and overseas, and serving our one true Christian God to the best of our ability.

8. Every country should unite and fight ISIS or be a slave

It actually really shocks me how fast they have risen up and how many are attracted to them and how much they have done with what they have since they are so damn cruel. They may not be a threat to the whole world now but once they start collecting on the arms of larger countries they will be a really tough force to deal with.

This is not about religion. It has never been. Religion is a mere tool used to manipulate psychotic idiots who think chopping people's heads off in the name of Sharia or whatever the hell they want in place is an acceptable thing to do. But you must always consider the non-Muslim countries that contributed to it all too.

Who glorified and provided aid to the so-called rebels in Syria? Well, those rebels are the sc*mbags known as ISIS today. Politics=filth.

9. Justice for the Yezidi women captured by IS militants

What has happened to those women?

On 2 August, the IS attacked Sinjar and its surrounding areas, inhabited for more than 4000 years by peaceful Yezidi community.

We have seen long columns of women, men and children fleeing their homeland, trapped in barren Sinjar Mount without basic necessities and vital supplies and facing death.

We have become witnesses to these atrocities, but an equally horrendous crime has gone largely unreported by the international and mainstream media: the abduction of women, their rape and sexual slavery.

According to an Iraqi lawmaker of Yezidi origin Vian Dakhil, who addressed the Iraqi parliament last week, with tears in her eyes, “IS militants have abducted five hundred Yezidis women”. Later the Iraqi Human Rights Ministry indicated that families of the captives had contacted them to report the abduction of their womenfolk.

On 6 August, a spokesman for the Iraqi Red Cross, Muhammad al-Khuza’ee, stated that the Yezidi and Christian women “were taken as spoils of war and exposed at a market for sale”. The women were reportedly subjected to sexual assault, gang rape and sexual slavery. There have been reports of families throwing their children from the mountain to protect them from falling into the hands of the jihadists.

In the context of the Middle East in general and Iraqi as well as Kurdish communities in particular, the survivors face more dramatic consequences, because women’s bodies and sexuality embody family/collective honour. They risk murder at the hands of male members of their family and the community to preserve the group’s collective honour. If the women fall pregnant, their babies also risk death. Such violence, especially rape, can also be detrimental to perpetrating communities in the longer term; the anger desire for revenge it generates can last for generations.

Abduction and sexual violence in conflict are crimes against humanity and have been recognised by the UN Security Council as a threat to world peace and security. Recognition came when the UN adopted Resolution 1820 in June 2008. These crimes are not committed against individual women, but are used as a tactic of war and that requires international mobilization at state and organizational levels.

10. Petition to have the beheading videos removed from YouTube

This is a petition, to stop the promotion of violence, that we feel YouTube is asserting, by allowing videos of woman, men, and children, being tortured, shot, and beheaded. It is illegal to allow videos of illegal acts to be broadcast.

We dont understand, how YouTube, does not recognize that by posting these horrific videos, they are promoting terrorists actions?

YouTube, is giving these terrorists another reason for this violence, an audience.

We dont feel that terrorists, and these horrific acts, should be recognized as something, that we as a people, and a country, want to see. And giving life to it in the media, is not only disturbing, but we feel, promoting more videos to be made.

We would like to see this stopped immediately.

11. Help the Yezidis

Yezidis are being prosecuted for their Ethnicity and Religion. Iraq is in danger, and UN security council Resolution 2110 has to implemented immediately. The Yezidis have no 'Faith Mates' outside their region, who cares for them. India is closer by believes, so it is more duty bond to help.

We are a tiny organization trying to do what we can. Indian citizens and citizens of the world appeal you to save fellow Humans, who are being killed for crime of not thinking, believing the way aggressor wishes them to believe and not following religion aggressor imposing on it , or not being born with certain Ethnicity and the aggressor believes these reasons enough that deserves being raped, sexually exploited unnaturally, tortured, looted or being sold as commodity or livestock and performing its Holy duty by doing so. Even followers of Islam are not being spared as aggressor declares & degrades them as being ‘Not Muslim Enough’ as per their fancies and accused not killing the Kaffirs.

The Targets are Christians, Jews, Shiites and Sunnis who are ‘Not Muslim Enough’ or ethnically fallen breed and bred. Yezadis are particular target and unfortunately they have no Faith-Mates outside who have special bonds or love for.

They may not be ‘Indian Enough’ but with long lost ancestry that makes slightly closer to anyone outside, even not so they are humans and need us now. We the humans from any faith or believe must do something, whatever we can do. Every minute we lose to help them; we lose more human life, human dignity, and letting destruction nearer to our home.

12. شادباش جشن نوروز به مردم تاجیکستان / Congratulating Nowruz to Tajik People

Nowruz is the first day of spring and is the beginning of the year in the Persian, Solar Hijri calendar. It usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day.

Nowruz is celebrated by people from diverse ethnic communities; it is celebrated by the cultural region that came under Iranian influence including Azerbaijan, Kurdish inhabited regions of eastern Turkey and Northern Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.

13. Say No to changes to Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

The new U.S.-Afghanistan security agreement adds restrictions on already bureaucratic rules of engagement for American troops by making Afghan dwellings virtual safe havens for the enemy, combat veterans say.

The rules of engagement place the burden on U.S. air and ground troops to confirm with certainty that a Taliban fighter is armed before they can fire — even if they are 100 percent sure the target is the enemy.

In some cases, aerial gunships have been denied permission to fire even though they reported that targets on the move were armed.

14. Build Bekhme Dam

يمثل سد بخمة نصف المكتمل مشروعا جبارا لتوفير وتخزين المياه في العراق ويخدم ملايين الناس على إمتداد نهري الزاب ودجلة ويوفر خزينا مائيا يزيد على 17 مليار متر مكعب من الماء وينتج 1500 ميغاواط من الكهرباء بالإضافة إلى ري ألوف الدونمات وتطوير الحياة في منطقته وتوفير العمل لمئات الألوف من العاملين وإننا نطالب بتنفيذه بعد أن رصدت الحكومة له منذ سنوات المبالغ اللازمة

15. Free Kurdish Political Prisoner Ali Ahmad Soleiman, Sentenced to die in Iran

Recently the supreme court has confirmed the death verdict of Ali Ahmad Soleiman the kurdish political prisoner of Oroumiyeh on charge of premeditated murder.

Human Rights observers monitoring this case over the years (Mr. Soleiman was arrested in 2005) have raised concerns that these murder charges lack evidence and were in fact concocted by the Western Azerbaijan Intelligence Ministry along with the Revolutionary Guards. (Seemore background on these charges below).

One of this prisoner’s relatives told HRANA correspondent “Ali Ahmad Soleiman who was sentenced to death by branch 5 of Oroumiyeh criminal court has been informed that his verdict has been confirmed by the supreme court as well.”

First Ali Ahmad Soleiman was sentenced to five years imprisonment on charge of membership and collaboration with a Kurdish political party. Despite already serving five full years imprisonment the prison authorities kept him in prison and also last year he was sentenced to one more year imprisonment on charge of being in touch with UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran Dr. Ahmad Shaheed.

A source close to Ali Ahmad Soleiman told HRANA “The trial in accusation of murder was without his confession, neither mock murder scene nor the other formal process steps. The issued verdict was based on the pressure of the intelligence office on judiciary department and there is no rational reasoning in the supreme court to approve the accusation and confirm the verdict.”

An Orumiyeh Penal Court found a Kurdish political prisoner guilty of murdering two Revolutionary Guards members, though no evidence, witnesses, nor confessions were presented in the case, a local activist said.

Branch 12 of Orumiyeh Penal Court sentenced Soleiman to qisas (proportional retribution, to be requested by the victim’s next-of-kin, for a crime) for one of the deaths, and diyeh (“blood money” paid to the victim’s next-of-kin) for the other. The two guards were killed during local entanglements with the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK).

According to the local human rights activist, who has been following Soleiman’s case for many years, the murder charges against him were created by the Western Azerbaijan Province Intelligence Ministry and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)’s Intelligence Unit. Ali Ahmad Soleiman is a Kurdish citizen of Iraqi Kurdistan. Security forces arrested him on November 17, 2005, in the Targavar border region near Orumiyeh and transferred him to the Orumiyeh Intelligence Office’s Detention Center, where he was interrogated on charges of membership in PJAK. Soleiman was severely beaten during these interrogations, the activist said.

When he was transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison his charges remained “membership in PJAK,” but after several months of detention, the IRGC Intelligence Unit contacted the families of two local IRGC members who had been killed in a confrontation with PJAK forces, and asked them to press charges against this political prisoner in the cases of their loved ones. After the families filed suit against Ali Ahmad Soleiman, he was transferred to the Orumiyeh Police Investigation Unit Detention Center, where he was severely tortured during interrogations, but he did not confess to the murders.

“The political prisoner was summoned repeatedly over the years and interrogated about the murders, but in the absence of witnesses and the suspect’s confessions, the case remained in a limbo. It had neither a ruling, nor was it closed,” said the source.

Ali Ahmad Soleiman had been sentenced in 2006 to five years in prison on charges of “membership in PJAK,” and to six months in prison for “illegal entry into the country.”

“Though Ali Ahmad Soleiman completed his prison term in November 2011, the Intelligence Ministry has not allowed his release. He was summoned to court three times in February. The Orumiyeh Prosecutor’s Office told Soleiman that they did not think his five-year prison sentence was sufficient for him and that they have requested another trial for him. He was again summoned to the Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court and was sentenced to one year in prison on charges of ‘contacting Kurdish media abroad and human rights organizations, specifically the office of the Special Rapporteur, from inside the prison.’ He was summoned a third time to the Penal Court and was put on trial for the murders of the two IRGC members,” the source told the Campaign.

“After Hossein Khezri, a cellmate of Soleiman’s, was executed in Orumiyeh Prison in 2011, [Soleiman] and several other political prisoners were transferred to the Intelligence Office Detention Center on charges of ‘participating in the prison strike’ and ‘contact with foreign media,’ in June 2011, he was sentenced to six months in prison on charges of ‘contact with foreign media,’ and ‘propaganda against the regime.’ This prisoner [Soleiman] was once again transferred to Orumiyeh Intelligence Office Detention Center on October 11, 2012, along with four Kurdish political prisoners by the names of Ahmad Tamouee, Yousef Kakeh Meimi, Jahangir Badouzadeh, and Mostafa Ali Ahmad. The group was interrogated for two months on charges of ‘contact with human rights organizations and specifically the office of the UN Special Rapporteur,’ and ‘contact with Kurdish-language media abroad’ from inside the prison, and were subjected to psychological and/or physical torture inside solitary cells before they were all transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison,” said the source.

According to the source, the reason the families of the two IRGC provided to the court for Soleiman’s involvement in the case was that Soleiman was present in the region in 2005, and so is aware of the identities of the murderers; therefore he must introduce the culprits or pay diyeh (blood money) to the families. Soleiman was informed last month that the court sentenced him to payment of diyeh to the family of one of the IRGC members, and qisas (retribution to requested by the victim’s family) for the other one.

The source said that Ali Ahmad Soleiman objected to the sentence, but the Intelligence Ministry threatened his lawyer, and the lawyer refused to write his appeal request. Soleiman then wrote his own appeal request from prison. The court issued its ruling based solely on a report provided by the Intelligence Ministry and the IRGC’s Intelligence Unit, in the absence of any evidence, confessions, or witnesses.

16. Free Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning did what he felt was necessary to bring out the truth. It was not helping the enemy, they were shooting civilians ; they where having fun killing innocent people.

This is a war crime.

17. Save the live of Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Ali Elhusseini

Iran puts pressure on their opponents in Lebanon.
Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Ali Elhusseini is one of the victims.

We demand Immediate release of Allahmeh Seyyed Mohammad Ali ELHusseini.

Please read the below and send it to all human right organizations and indeviduals

18. Stop attacks at HOLY SHRINES in SYRIA, IRAN, IRAQ

Syria's sectarian civil war is endangering Shi'ite shrines.

Detailed information about the problem can be found at and here,

19. No to arms like toys

تؤثر الألعاب التي تشبه الأسلحة في زيادة العنف في المجتمع وتساهم في إنحراف الأطفال والصبيان بإتجاه الفظاظة والشدة وتشجع على إختيار السلاح كحل أساسي لمشاكلهم في حياتهم. ومن المهم التوقف عن تشجبع إستخدام هذه الألعاب ومنع إستيرادها و تداولها بشكل قاطع من المجتمع والحكومة

20. Recognition of Genocide against the Kurds in Iraq

Canadian Parliament passed a motion on 16 March 2010 recognizing atrocities took place in the Kurdish city of Halabja on 16 March 1988 with Iraqi planes used poison gas to kill thousands of Iraqi Kurds; as crimes against humanity as the first nation in the World recognizing the suffering of Kurds in Iraq.

"On 16 March 2013 when we will remember these atrocities on the 25th anniversary; a new motion will be submitted to the Canadian Parliament asking for the recognition of this event and the Anfal campaign as genocide against Kurds of Iraq. Canadian Parliament's approval of a motion which recognize these atrocities as genocide will give hope to humanity that the justice will prevail."

21. Save Iraq from being a dumping ground for European Nuclear Waste

الحكومة العراقية توافق على أن يكون العراق مكبا للنفايات النووية الأوروبية

22. Let Simon Back

بتاريخ 9/1/2013 تم خطف الطفلة (سيمون داود إسماعيل) والتي تدين بالديانة الأيزيدية و تبلغ من العمر أقل من إثني عشر عاما كونها من مواليد 18/7/2001من قرب دار أهلها في مجمع شيخكا في ناحية ألقوش في قضاء تلكيف في محافظة نينوى . وقد قام والدها بتبليغ الشرطة وتسجيل الشكوى بشأن خطفها لغرض إيجادها وإنقاذها من المجرمين الخاطفين وإعادتها إلى أهلها. و بعد وقوع جريمة خطفها بأيام قام الخاطفون بإبلاغ أهلها بأنها قد أسلمت وتم زواجها من أحد الأشخاص وفق الشريعة الإسلامية .

23. Stop the killing & execution of innocent Syrians in Syria!

Over 60,000 deaths have occurred in Syria since the first and peaceful protests against President Assad began. In addition, Turkey and other neighboring countries, are overfilling with fleeing refugee's who do not want to die in Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian's have fled the bloodbath in Syria. Children lay dead on the Syrian's streets, women are being raped, and men are being tortured by the Assad regime.

24. Release Dr Mudher M Salih

تم إعتقال المفكر الاقتصادي ونائب محافظ البنك المركزي مظهر محمد صالح بتهمة فضفاضة غير معلنة سوى إتهامه بالفساد . إن مظهر محمد صالح صاحب الفكر الأقتصادي والكاتب المعروف في مجال الإقتصاد والمال والأعمال يقبع الآن معتقلا من قبل السلطة في العراق لعدة أشهر بدون إتهم أو محاكمة علنية أو تحقيق خلافا للدستور العراقي الذي يمنع الإعتقال والتوقيف لأكثر من يوم واحد دون إعلام الموقوف بتهمته وبدون أمر قضائي صريح. . إن الأعتقال العشوائي لا يفسر إلا بكونه إعتقالا سياسيا مخالفا للائحة حقوق الأنسان وللدستور والقوانين السارية.
إننا نطالب بإطلاق سراح هذه الشخصية الذي يعاني من مرض السكر وتجاوز عمره الخامسة والستين والذي لم توجه له أي تهمة لحد الآن

25. Give Iraqi Women Rights

Iraqi women's basic rights are being violated and current legislation, customs and rigid social attitudes are preventing women from achieving the equality they deserve.

In matters of custody, divorce and punishment, the Iraqi Penal Code and laws clearly discriminate. The gender inequality extends further than a loss of political rights however, the deeply ingrained social mindsets of those living in Iraq make gender equality a challenge to overcome. Iraq have signed the treaties stating that they will take immediate steps to ensure that women are treated justly.

The treaties state that they are obliged to actively prevent attempts or acts of violence against women. There has been no significant change in women's rights and Iraqi women continue to be mistreated despite these efforts for equality. Not enough has been done and Iraqi authorities are now breaching both the treaties and the basic, universal human rights.

By raising awareness of the issue, hopefully global recognition can be made regarding the true social justice issue at hand. Please sign if you support gender equality and would like more to be done to address the issue.

26. End 200 years of war in America

The United States has been a country for 235 years and 209 of these years the country has spent at war. Sign this petition to call for an end to war.

War helps the US procure resources and create jobs but can destroy local economies and force other countries to adopt an American lifestyle which requires countries to support large scale industrial farming and production for export at the expense of small land owners and producers and social services. This leads to famine and debt enslavement.

27. Stop Inhumane Siege of Camp Liberty Residents

In recent reports, we are seeing the Iraqi forces are increasing pressure the residents and treating them very inhumanely.

The Iraqi forces prevented the injured and disabled from taking their daily necessities to Camp Liberty. They prevented workers from entering for repairs to sanitary services. Repair or replacing damaged air conditioners is prevented. Residents are not allowed to bring working air conditioners from Camp Ashraf and to replace them. Despite Iraqi government's repeated promises, it continues not to replace or repair them.

These limitations are while the MOU signed between the Iraqi government and the UN on December 25, 2011, states: "It allows residents to enter into bilateral agreements with contractors to provide living necessities and requirements, such as water, food, communications, cleaning, and maintenance and reconstruction equipments at their own cost".

28. Withdraw all Western Troops from Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan costs thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in defense of a corrupt and unpopular regime, one that is entirely dependent on Western troops and aid.

The war has inflamed Muslim opinion and failed to make Europe or the United States safer. Morality is undermined by recent NATO claims of no “confirmed” civilian casualties.

29. Protect the Christians in Iraq

The Iraqi Christians need to be protected from being attacked by Muslim extremist.

It is not morally justifiable to attack them because of their Christianity beliefs that disagrees with Islam religion.

30. Prevent Afghan Torture, Enforce Leahy Law

A recent United Nations report suggests that the United States and NATO allies are outsourcing torture and human rights violations in Afghanistan. The report concludes that there is a continuing pattern and practice of “systematic” torture in spite of repeated efforts at reform. (UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, October 2011)

Current US policy violates the Leahy Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and Defense Appropriations Act (Sec. 563, P.L. 106-429 and Sec. 8092, P.L. 106-259, 2001).