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Joanna Hausmann is an actress and comedian. She has a small, but dedicated fan base made of many walks of life. She was a fan favorite on FLAMA and now on Bill Nye Saves the World.

I petition for her to get at least a guest starring role on at least 1 episode of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend and or The Daily Show. Due to the fact she's funny, a feminist and has great musical ability. Whereas The Daily Show because of her knowledge in and intellectual ability to discuss political and social issues which she delivers very eloquently.

I'm hoping for at least 10,000 signatures.

2. Aboriginal Children in Canada Do Not Belong to the Government!

Goal: My goal is for our government to acknowledge and bring awareness to this situation and, for them to at least educate our public and promote awareness on the issue. My ultimate goal is for the government to develop culturally appropriate parenting programs so that these children are raised without neglect and have the same opportunities as any other child.

I have a strong personal connection to this because, I firmly believe that this type of situation should not be happening in our country. Our government needs to address this issue and fulfill it's promise of producing real changes for the Indigenous people of our nation, beginning with the children, our future generation of this country.

3. Repeal Bill 10

Due to Alberta's government passing Bill 10 in only a few hours on March 10, 2015 (without any public consultation about the wording), Alberta's parents now legally have no say in what clubs and activities are present in their school - no exceptions.

Also, principles of said schools have no authority in this matter either - it all rests in the hands of students. It also prevents parents from being notified about the clubs and activities their children are participating in - alienating them from each other.

This goes against a Supreme Court decision (Loyola vs. Quebec), Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Article 18(4) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

4. Equal States Movement in Nigeria

South East Geo-political zone in Nigeria is shortchanged in the creation of states and federal constituencies. This is creating political and economic marginalization of South East people. We are being unfairly forced to become minority in the polity.

North West has 7 States with 21 senate seats and 92 federal constituencies.
North East has 6 States with 18 senate seats and 48 federal constituencies.
North Central has 6 States plus Federal Capital with 19 senate seats and 51 federal constituencies.
South West has 6 states with 18 senate seats and 71 federal constituencies.
South South has 6 states with 18 senate seats and 55 federal constituencies.
South East has only 5 states with 15 senate seats and 43 federal constituencies.

By this arrangement, we are short of at least a State, 3 senate seats and at least 6 federal constituencies; we are also short of federal allocations of billions of naira per month; we are also short of state institutions and local governments. This inequality must stop.

5. End 200 years of war in America

The United States has been a country for 235 years and 209 of these years the country has spent at war. Sign this petition to call for an end to war.

War helps the US procure resources and create jobs but can destroy local economies and force other countries to adopt an American lifestyle which requires countries to support large scale industrial farming and production for export at the expense of small land owners and producers and social services. This leads to famine and debt enslavement.

6. Don't deport Reza Amir Omrani to Iran /کمپین اعتراض به دیپورت رضا امیر عمرانی

رضا امیر عمرانی فعال سیاسی و کارگری در سوئد و کارگر اخراجی در ایران به دلیل پاسخ منفی و غیر مسئولانه اداره مهاجرت سوئد در آستانه دیپورت به جهنم جمهوری اسلامی قرار گرفته است . بر علیه این تصمیم پلیس مرزی و اداره مهاجرت سوئد اعتراض کنید

7. Human Rights of Iranian political prisoner Dr. Saeed Masouri

After 10 Years in prison, Saeed Masouri is denied his basic rights!

Dr. Saeed Masouri is a political prisoner sentenced to life in prison, and although he has spent many years in Rajai prison, he is not being allowed to exercise his right to a temporary release.

Dr. Masouri was convicted of association with a political organization, and he was initially sentenced to death, but later his sentencing was reduced to life in prison. In spite of being in prison for the past 10 years, he has not been allowed to exercise his basic right as a prisoner to use the temporary release program.

The family members of Dr. Masouri announced that they had pleaded with Tehran’s General Prosecutor, Mr. Dolatabadi, last month; however, the prosecutor claimed that he is not familiar with the particular case and he postponed the response to their pleas until a later date.

The mother of the political prisoner told Harana that her son was arrested as he entered the country in 2000, but the Intelligence Ministry confirmed Dr. Masouri’s detention in April of 2001. Dr. Masouri was charged with waging war and sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court in 2002. The same sentencing was confirmed by the appeals court.

Dr. Masouri is currently being held in Hall 10 of section 4 inside Rajai Prison in the city of Karaj. Previously, he spent some time in Ahvaz and Evin Prisons. Two years before being transferred to Rajai Prison, Dr. Masouri also spent some time in section 209 in solitary confinement inside Evin Prison.

Following the reduction in Dr Masouri’s sentencing from death to life in prison, he was transferred to Rajai Prison.

Source: Harana

!پس از ده سال حبس، سعید ماسوری همچنان محروم از حقوق اولیه
دکتر سعید ماسوری زندانی سیاسی محبوس در زندان رجایی شهر که به حبس ابد محکوم شده است با تحمل یک سوم حبس خود همچنان از حق مرخصی برخوردار نیست.
وی که به اتهام ارتباط و همکاری با یک سازمان سیاسی ابتدا به اعدام و سپس به ابد محکوم شده است با گذشت ده سال تا کنون از داشتن مرخصی که به عنوان حقوق اولیه زندانی در قانون تعریف شده است برخوردار نبوده است.
خانواده این زندانی اعلام داشت ماه گذشته برای موافقت مسئولین با مرخصی وی به دادستانی تهران مراجعه نموده است ولی دادستان تهران آقای دولت آبادی به دلیل اینکه از وضعیت پرونده این زندانی اطلاعی نداشته است پاسخ به درخواست ایشان را به آینده موکل کرد.
مادر این زندانی سیاسی به هرانا میگوید فرزندش در دی ماه سال ۷۹ هنگام ورود به کشور بازداشت شده است ولی وزارت اطلاعات در اردیبهشت ماه سال ۸۰ دستگیری فرزندشان را به آنها اطلاع داده است وی در سال ۸۱ از سوی دادگاه انقلاب به اتهام محاربه به اعدام محکوم شد و ۳ ماه بعد در دادگاه تجدید نظر حکمشان مجددا تائید شده است.
آقای ماسوری که هم اکنون در سالن ۱۰بند ۴ زندان رجایی شهر کرج بسر می برد و پیشتر در زندانهای اهواز و اوین نیز تحمل حبس نموده است وی به مدت ۲ سال پیش از انتقال به رجایی شهر در سلول های انفرادی بند ۲۰۹ و همچنین عمومی همین بند نگهداری شده است و با تقلیل حکمش از اعدام به ابد به زندان رجایی شهر منتقل شده است.
منبع: هرانا

8. Decrease Voting Age Requirement

I am 14 years old and I am very interested in politics, more than most kids my age. I would love to get involved in the political process and many other teenagers, younger and older than myself, want to also, but there is something stopping us, the age requirement.

Teens can make wise decisions despite the stereotype that we magically become mature at the age of 18. Teens can make a big difference and our opinions aren't random. I would much like to see the voting age requirement decreased to the age of 17, this does not mean that we are legal adults.

Teens could be required to take a class when they reach this age of 17 in order to educate themselves on the voting process and how to determine who they want to vote for, not what pop culture is endorsing.

9. Release political prisoner and activist Andre Dahl Jensen

Andre Dahl Jensen, a political activist from Norway is currently being held within a psychiatric ward (UNN Tromso) in Tromso (Norway), on the belief that he suffers delusions, which the doctors have said only to occur when he is in Norway (the idea of regional psychosis being absurd), and on the belief that his political views are caused by mental illness. Many can vouch for his mental stability.

The people in his life know for a FACT that he is indeed a stable man who is currently being held imprisoned for very little reason. Since entering the hospital he has been told on numerous occasions by white supremacists that are being kept there that "They will get him" and other threats. The staff there are also described as malicious and cruel.

Andre himself is trying to leave for the United Kingdom, where he will be housed with friends, while looking for work.

Here is what you can do to help : (Please contact them as often as possible)

Email the hospital directly as often as you can : -

"doctor" responsible is HERMAN TVETE his contact info is

Office phone 0047 776 27 956


important you can contact the department of health in Oslo, the big bosses, and hold them accountable..

Deptartement of healthcare :

the minister of healthcare :

Tord Dale, Politcal advisor ofthe health minister :


Contact and information where Andre Dahl Jensen is held :

UNN Tromsø
Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge
sub-akutt nord
9038 Tromsø

10. 20th June 2011, Global day in support of political prisoners in Iran

Since the Islamic regime of Iran took power in 1979, people in Iran have been deprived from their basic rights including their freedom of expression. Soon after the regime established its power, mass imprisonment and execution of dissident started.

Since 1979, no opposition has been tolerated, and slightest resistance to the establishment has been faced with fiercest punishment. This has been the living situation in Iran for more than 31 years, and since then, the number of political prisoners have been on the rise.

11. Britain Must Leave The European Union

Withdrawal from The European Union is an option that must be offered to the people of Britain.

12. Free Political Prisoner Heshmatollah Tabarzadi

Heshmat Tabarzadi is an Iranian journalist and democratic activist. He was arrested on December 28, 2009, in front of his wife and son by agents who also seized his books, papers, and computer, and is currently being held at an unknown location.

Tabarzadi published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on December 17, 2009. In his op-ed, he wrote: "If the government continues to opt for violence, there very well may be another revolution in Iran. One side has to step down. And that side is the government—not the people.

On the evening of December 27, Tabarzadi was interviewed on Voice of America Persian, and said that the protests were the largest he had ever seen. He also called on protesters to keep the protests nonviolent.

Tabarzadi was viewed by the regime as one of the leaders of the student protests of July 9, 1999. He was arrested and spent nine years in Evin Prison, including two in solitary confinement, for his activities as a student leader.

On October 3rd Heshmatollah Tabarzadi Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison and 74 Lashes

According to the report, the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Pirabbas, has sentenced political activist and Secretary- General of the Democratic Party of Iran to 9 years in prison and 74 lashes.

He has been convicted of conspiracy and assembly to commit a crime against national security and insulting the Supreme Leader. Tabarzadi was detained on December 28th after the Ashura protests and transferred to solitary confinement in Ward 209 of the Evin Priosn. He was later transferred to the Rajaei Shahr prison for protesting the execution of the 5 Kurdish activists including Farzad Kamangar.

His first court session was held on June 9th and after the objections made by his lawyers, the charges of destructing the public property, espionage, and insulting Ayatollah Khomeini were dropped.

The barbaric human rights violations carried out by the Iranian regime cannot be allowed to continue.

Please do not stand by. Please sign this petition.

13. Abolition of Compulsory Voting in Australia

The un-democratic practice of compulsory voting - under duress and possible financial or gaol time penalty for non compliance - was introduced in 1925 and it is time it was re-pealed.

In the two great democracies, the UK and the USA, the voter truly has the right to vote [ or abstain ] - we in Australia do not. Voting is an obligation, ergo not a right.

Compulsory voting, say the proponents, results in a higher voter turnout - self evident. It must also cause resentment in people who do not feel any candidate represents them ideologically and the jaded - witness the obscenities and other marks [ thus in-valid votes ] written on ballot papers. These people do not want to be there.

For a truly democratic choice the voters must be free to abstain from the whole process. The other side of the coin is to then calmly and peaceably accept without complaint the government elected by those who chose to vote.

14. Support a future Social Capitalism Party in Ukraine

Please sign our petition to support the establishment of a new future Social Capitalism Party in Ukraine. This is initially a youth movement intended in changing the future of the country for a positive and prosperous, happy life for all citizens, residents, and visitors.

Fundamentals of our manifesto:

1. Abolish Parliament as long as leases of land to other countries exist. The President can make all the decisions on behalf of citizens.
2. Hold referendums on all key decisions to be determined by the popular vote of citizens.
3. Eliminate all corporate profit tax and VAT.
4. Open boarders for free trade. Eliminate customs and import taxes.
5. Increase minimum wage by 4 times in 4 years.
6. Raise pensions to equal amount of minimum wage.
7. Convert abandon buildings into prisons for corrupt individuals and extremists. Implement anti-corruption hot-line and public TV program.
8. Run the government like a business aimed at ensuring all citizens have a share in the "profit"/tax returns.
9. Test all doctors and teachers/professors to ensure they are qualified by international 3rd parties.
10. Invest to ensure school and health care is free as it should be in real practice. Fix what is broken to keep corruption out.
11. Sell land to whomever wants to pay for it at a fair price.
12. Regulate housing costs so the average Ukrainian can afford to buy a home.
13. Implement free trade policy with the world to the envy of every other developing country.
14. Avoid EU, American and Russian alliances that influence our new principles to avoid conflict of interest.
15. Keep Ukrainian as the national official language...this is Ukraine. Allow everyone to speak whatever they choose.
16. Develop "Las Vegas" of Europe somewhere if agreed.
17. Develop American-style amusement park to rival Disney World.
18. Say no to NATO, we are not looking for any wars with anyone by being neutral.
19. Initiate "cultural change" program to motivate citizens to their full potential.
20. Support after school programs such as sports, music, art, etc.

15. Solidarity with Iranian people’s uprising - Solidarité avec le soulèvement du peuple iranien

The Iranian people’s uprising for democracy and human rights heralded a new phase on December 27 when millions of Iranians expressed their aspiration to change the regime in its entirety. A number of protesters were killed on that day, hundreds were injured and thousands were arrested.

In a bid to prevent the expansion of the uprising, the regime has put some of the detainees on trial as “mohareb,” literally meaning “those who wage war against God,” a charge that is punishable by death sentence. The First Deputy of the regime’s Judiciary has announced that supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) are all deemed as “mohareb” and must be executed, while Salavati, a judge in charge of the clerical regime’s kangaroo court formed to try the “moharebs,” has said that since “the core of the PMOI has not been eradicated, the organization remains subject to Article 186 of the Islamic Punishment Act,” and that, in accordance with this Act, “as long as the core of the PMOI remains in place, all its members and supporters … are considered mohareb, even if they are not involved in the armed wing.”

The persistence of brutal physical and psychological torture practiced on political prisoners, which in many cases has led to their deaths, has provoked serious concerns on the part of the international community.

In such circumstances, it is imperative that:

• The dossier of human rights violations and suppression of the Iranian people’s uprising be referred to the United Nations Security Council for the adoption of urgent measures.

• All diplomatic, political and economic leverages to be used to impose pressure on the Iranian regime for the immediate release of political prisoners and those detained during the uprisings.

• The European Union and member states suspend their economic and political relations with Tehran until such time that hanging, torture and the suppression of protests in Iran have ceased completely.

16. Allow Homosexuals to Voluntarily Register as Sex Offenders

After having many conversations in various chat rooms, direct in person conversations and other environments, a few points concerning the present newly adopted laws and issues of homosexuality begin to emerge. A great many of the homosexual males I was able to get to open up and chat about the course that the gay movement and changes in the law has taken, conveyed their dissatisfaction at what has taken place.

A good many of them have expressed the desire for the need to have their addictions to homosexual activities curtailed by voluntarily registering as homosexual sex offenders. Many of these males have admitted to also having fantasies of participating in act of pedofilia and feel that it is only a matter of time until they can no longer resist the temptation and actually commit the crime. Many of them feel it would be the responsible thing to register as a sex offender and therefore be placed into a situation to be committed to therapy and being monitored as to their sexual activities as well for the safety of under aged children as well as the public in general.

As the laws in the US and individual states now stand, the only way for a homosexual to be admitted into sex offender status is for an individual to actually commit a criminal act, be caught and convicted of the actual crime. This can only happen after the crime has been committed and irreparable damage has occurred to the victim(s).

There appears to be a growing number of homosexuals that feel that it would be a great benefit to themselves and society in general if they were allowed to register and therefore be managed and monitored, before the damaged occurs. A great many of them seemed to convey the thought and ideas that it would be a great act of compassion for them if such laws were innacted and or modified to allow them to voluntarily register.

17. In Support the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan

In support of the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan.

18. Hands off Cuba, Hands off Assata

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is an organization comprised of New African/Black people whose mission is to defend the human rights of our people and promote self-determination in our communities. We aim to fulfill our purpose through various programs and initiatives we do in our communities.

It is vital that we come together to support what is just and fair. If we don't stand up in support of one another's struggles, despite of our individual efforts we will not as a community, go far. We encourage you to check out our website to find out more about the work we do.

We are campaigning in support of a sister by the name of Assata Shakur. Assata Shakur was a member of the Black Panther Party who currently has political asylum in Cuba because of her political activity while she was in the United States. Assata Shakur stands as a symbol of freedom for many people in the US and we'd like to ensure that she remains unharmed. We are appealing to the Cuban Government because we know that they have the power to keep Assata safe.

This year marking the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, we'd like to celebrate Cuba's historic achievement while also gaining assurance that Assata will remain unscathed. Please read over our letter and join us in solidarity!

19. Stop the killing of protesters in Iran; bring the perpetrators to justice

We can stop the killing of Iranian protesters; we can bring the perpetrators to justice.

20. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

21. Benazir Bhutto Assassination Inquiry by United Nations

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Freedom, Peace and Justice loving people around the globe demand United Nations to order independent investigation into the brutal assassination of Former Prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s in Pakistan.

His Excellency
Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General United Nations
UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

The Honorable Benazir Bhutto - twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, first woman ever elected head of a nation in the Muslim world and the Chairperson of Pakistan’s largest grassroots’ political party “Pakistan Peoples Party” (AKA-PPP) was mysteriously and savagely assassinated after her addressing a huge public rally in “Liaqat Park” Rawal-Pindi (Pakistan) at 4.16 p.m. on December 27, 2007 standing through the sunroof of her armored land-cruiser License No- BF-7772 waving to the cheering crowed.

Benazir Bhutto was undoubtedly a peoples' princess, she loved people and people loved her. She had a strong conviction in democracy, rule of law and supremacy of constitution. She was much larger than life and a charismatic icon loved by millions around the globe. All her life she struggled and fought for the rights of poor masses of Pakistan, for equal opportunity, social and economic justice, hope and a secure future. She was a passionate Advocate and an avid preacher of Islamic cherished values of tolerance, compassion, universal brotherhood and love.

She spoke with courage, resolve and determination against injustice, extremism, terror and fanaticism. Feudal lords, extremists and political mafia in Pakistan did not like her liberating the people from poverty and ignorance and her popularity was potential threat to the ruling party and hate mongers who took her life.

22. Raila! Respect My Constitution.

Mr Raila Respect My Constitution, you cannot be a Leader of a Country for Whose Laws you Don't Uphold.

23. Amolo Raila Odinga the rightful winner of the 2007 election

Kibaki rigged the election votes in his favour.

President Raila Odinga is the winner of the 2007 election in Kenya.

Kibaki took the office by force.

Kenyans voted for what they knew was right and never got it.

24. Kibaki should step down

The just concluded results of the 27th elections caused chaos in most parts of the country .

25. Kibaki should step down to save Kenya

As per today's paper January 2 2008 "the standard news paper of kenya" The charmain of Electoral Commission of Kenya mr kivuitu has admitted that he was under pressure to announce kibaki as a winner.

He himself have admitted that kibaki did not win the election. The court system in kenya is so corrupt and majority of the high court judges are from kikuyu community which will favour kibaki therefore to get justice we can't go to court.

We appeal to international community to help please! please! we demand the kenyan govn to lift the media ban immediately, the kibaki to step down, demand the electoral process be given the level of seriouseness it deserves.humanitarian assistance.

We ask international community to intervene. I myself live in u.s and I can't talk to my kids who happen to be in kenya right now.


26. Kibaki must resign

The recently concluded Kenyan presidential election results were patently rigged.

27. Arbitrate allegations of Election Maleficence in Kenya

The unfolding events are troubling and the truth is obvious to all.

Let Kibaki and his associates de-escalate this situation by stepping aside to allow independent observers review the contentious issues instead of going back to doctor voter registers.

28. Benazir Bhutto : May Her Soul Rest in Peace

Pakistan former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has died after a suicide bombing that killed at least 14 of her supporters, ex-government spokesman Tariq Azim Khan and Pakistan's primary television networks said.

Bhutto is helped from her vehicle following the October 18 suicide attack on her motorcade.

1 of 2 Bhutto suffered bullet wounds in the aftermath of the bomb attack, TV networks report.

Video of the scene just moments before the explosion showed Bhutto stepping into a heavily-guarded vehicle to leave the rally.

Khan said while it appeared Bhutto was shot, it was unclear if her bullet wounds were caused by a shooting or shrapnel from the bomb.

The suicide attack left at least 14 dead and 40 injured, Khan told CNN in a telephone interview.

The attacker is said to have detonated a bomb as he tried to enter the rally where thousands of people gathered to hear Bhutto speak, police said.

Video from the scene of the blast broadcast from Geo TV showed wounded people being loaded into ambulances.

Up to 20 people are dead, the report said.

Earlier, four supporters of former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif died when members of another political party opened fire on them at a rally near the Islamabad airport Friday, local police said.

Several other members of Sharif's party were wounded, police added.

While President Pervez Musharraf has promised free and fair parliamentary elections next month, continued instability in the tribal areas and the threat of attack on large crowds has kept people from attending political rallies and dampened the country's political process.

Campaigners from various political groups say fewer people are coming out to show their support due to government crackdowns and the threat of violence.

29. Essential Conditions for Free and Fair Elections in Pakistan

Background can be found on Wikipedia:

This is a statement from Boston area students, academics, professionals and citizens to voice their concern for the current constitutional and political crisis in Pakistan.

30. Bloodshed of Men, Women & Children BY General Musharraf

It's not hidden to any one that Musharraf is responsible or cause of (directly or indirectly) bloodshed of thousands of innocent Men, Women & Children.

It might have happened in the incidents or war or action against our brothers in tribal areas or in Islamabad (Lal Masjid) or Bajoor agency or blasts in any polictial gathering, every one is political intelligent to assess the beneficial party out of it.

Action against the tribes & Islamic fundamentals is helping him in gaining US-Europe support.

Gripping the people in suicide attack philosophy is to create a fear in every pakistanis mind & also threating the political forces to avoid such processions & ultimately all these suicide attacks were basis to his action for Emergency.