#Law & Order
United Kingdom

It is reported that more than 350 children were admited to Alder Hey hospital between Oct '05-Oct 06 as victims of attacks by dogs. Many of these injuries required surgery.

More recently we have read reports of children being killed by dogs in the UK.

Strict controls need to be put in place to protect the public from dangerous animals - the UK public need to put pressure on the government to introduce laws to protect us before another child is killed.

We, the undersigned call upon the UK government to take immediate action to control dangerous animals.

We propose:
1 - limiting dog ownership to dog breeds not deemed to be dangerous
2 - making specific the criteria for dog breed ownership to comply with actual/potential risk to the British public and visitors
3 - Introduction of more dog wardens
4 - Allocating dog walking areas that are fenced in
5 - Requiring all dogs to be on leads at all times in public spaces not allocated for dog walking.

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