Roy Blunt
United States of America

I am 14 years old and I am very interested in politics, more than most kids my age. I would love to get involved in the political process and many other teenagers, younger and older than myself, want to also, but there is something stopping us, the age requirement.

Teens can make wise decisions despite the stereotype that we magically become mature at the age of 18. Teens can make a big difference and our opinions aren't random. I would much like to see the voting age requirement decreased to the age of 17, this does not mean that we are legal adults.

Teens could be required to take a class when they reach this age of 17 in order to educate themselves on the voting process and how to determine who they want to vote for, not what pop culture is endorsing.

We believe that teenagers, when they reach the age of 17, should be allowed to vote on the local, state, and federal elections that are taking place. Teenagers have been stereotyped to be clueless politically until we reach the age of 18.

We would like to not only petition this stereotype but the legal ability that teenagers have. If properly educated on the voting and political process when they reach a specific age or during an election year, adolescents will be able to think for themselves and know what they believe is best for their city, state, or country.

Again, we are petitioning to decrease the legal voting age from 18 to 17 years old.

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