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On Tuesday 11 September 2001 a solemn appeal to universally declare crimes against children as crimes against humanity was adressed from Paris, France to the United Nations General Assembly and World Leaders in New York as a special session on children was scheduled to take place the following week. The first world leaders or organizations to answer the call were Mr Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic, the UNESCO and the President of the European Parliament. Since then an international campaign in French and English has been following up on the Internet as new initiatives were launched to protect and promote Child Rights and fight crimes against children in the whole world. On 10th December 2002, Celebration Day for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international campaign "Crimes Against Children are Crimes Against Humanity" shall merge with SOS-JUSTICE & CHILD RIGHTS initiative, JUSTICE FOR THE FUGITIVE MOTHERS IN EUROPE campaign, and GIFT A CHILD YOUR HEART project in order to give birth to the Rajani Foundation For Child Rights. Further on, the petition "Crimes Against Children Are Crimes Against Humanity" shall be held by the Rajani Foundation For Child Rights, a private initiative based in Paris, France.

WE, the undersigned, support the Petition to the United Nations and World Leaders launched on Tuesday 11 September 2001, the aim of which is to universally declare and condemn crimes against children as crimes against humanity. Organized crime against children as a whole, such as locally or internationnaly organized sexual - commercial exploitation, child-pornography and child net-pornography, child-trafficking, child forced labour, child forced as soldier or guerilla, as well as all type of organized offense against child dignity and child rights should be banned from our human civilization.

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