The Government of the Royal Netherlands

Dear Indonesian fellows,

Four hundred years ago, VOC was founded in the Netherlands. The purpose of this organization, as we all know, was to colonize Asian and African countries. VOC, which brought wealth and prosperity to the Netherlands, also brought poverty, misery, and death to the people of our country.

In 2002, the government of the Netherlands shamelessly celebrates this tragedy. The official celebration website mentions that the foundation of VOC "marked the start of the world-wide orientation of the Netherlands, and of a period of great economic and cultural growth." (See http://www.voc2002.nl/). It fails to mention that the expansion was fueled by the blood of our people.

Kwik Kian Gie, who attended the opening ceremony in his individual capacity, noted that "During the period, a governmental system that allowed the freedom of speech, the rights for representation, and participation was never established, in its place was a corrupt system that was used to exploit to a point of devastation as parasite does."

He concluded that "VOC was a white people enclave with a paternalistic political system which was supported by slavery and arms"

It is sad to see that the government of Netherlands ignores the result of VOC operations in this country. This celebration should therefore be condemned. The truth should be revealed.

I would like to ask you to participate in this petition. A copy of the petition will be sent to the organizer of the celebration and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta.

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