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NSW Transport Minister Michael Cost

NSW Transport Minister Michael Costa has become the "Goldilocks" of state parliament, with conditions either too hot or too wet for Sydney's trains to run on time, the state opposition said.

Releasing coalition figures, opposition transport spokesman Mike Gallacher said that just under one million people ran late on the city's rail system this week, as 1,100 trains ran four minutes or more behind schedule.

Of the 925,000 people in Sydney the opposition estimated ran late, more than 400,000 people were delayed by 10 minutes or more, Mr Gallacher said.

"This week, without a doubt, goes down as the worst week in recent history for the NSW public transport system," he told reporters in parliament.

"On October 1, CityRail blamed the weather ... they said the wet weather was responsible a 10 per cent (of trains running on time) result.

"On October 13, the hottest day recorded, once again they blamed the weather.

Blame Who? We just want our trains to run on time. I'm sure our tax dollars can give us this.

Sign the petiton and let your say be heard.

Make our trains run on time. We just want our trains to run on time!

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