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1. Concessionary transport for carers

The proposal is that the government take the initiative to offer free / concessionary transport for carers to allow them to better care. This could be possible either through adapting the the concession and companion card which currently allows the carer to travel with the cared for but not seperately which in most cases is needed or through some form of add on to carers allowance for those in receipt of it though preferably carers wouldn't need to be in receipt of carers allowance as not every carer who could benefit from this travel are.

My petition has currently reached over 1600 signatures and is being backed by my local council's petition board (Renfrewshire Council), in lobbying the Scottish Government to provide free/concessionary transport for unpaid carers.

Some other supporters of my petition include; Cosla, The coalition of carers, Carers UK, Enable Scotland and many MSP's.

Any support you show would be truly appreciated.

The link below directs you to my petition. I would truly appreciate your signature and if you could encourage others by sharing it on your social media pages.

2. Better Bus Routes [and Metro] For Newcastle's West End

Could you please spare a moment to sign this petition demanding better transport links and services for those in the West End of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

We want…

--Direct bus links to the Metrocentre
--Metro rail services extended out to the West End

If you want the same, please sign and remember to share and pass it on to other people in the West End so that we can get these issues onto the desks of our local councillors and into public debate.

(Read on if you’d like to know more about why we’ve set up this petition).

3. Express transport from Barrie to Toronto

This service meant to provide easy safe and fast option for people from Barrie to reach Toronto and people from Toronto go back to Barrie. This service is meant to help to create less traffic on the roads by including 15 passengers in one van And not having 15 cars at the same time on the road.this service is meant to keep our environment cleaner by creating less pollution .This service is a familiar too many people from other countries where it used for many years with a big success we are asking to allow people of Ontario using this service.

4. Keep Rescue/Transport Unit at Station 2

This petition is to demonstrate to the Hillsborough County Commissioners the support from the FishHawk Community to keep the Rescue/Transport Unit at Station 2 and not move it to Station 16.

FishHawk and the surrounding community feels that the removal of that unit to another station will have a devastating effect on the well being of their constituents.

5. Upgrade the Fota Road (R624) Immediately

The people of the Great Island demand that the Fota Road, the only road access to the Island, be upgraded and maintained to a safe standard.

6. Busafgang mellem Lyngby og Ballerup Campus

Størstedelen af Diplom ingeniør uddannelserne er nu blevet rykket ud til Ballerup, de har siden vist sig at den offentlige transport ikke har tilstrækkelige ydelser til at transportere samtlige studerende ud til Ballerup Campus om morgenen.

Man ser ofte busser totalt proppet køre lige forbi busstoppestedet ved Herlev bymidte med en frustrerende chauffører der intet kan stille op, netop fordi vi er så mange og der er for få busser til rådighed ud til Campus.

Der er i flere år blevet snakket om flere afgange imellem de 2 campusser, også selvom at det først er i år at størstedelen er blevet rykket til Ballerup, så har problemet været tydeligt i nogen tid.

7. Permit every train to stop at Energlyn & Churchill park Railway station

There is a lovely new station at Energlyn & Churchill park, yet not all trains stop there.

This makes the stop difficult to use and means that people in the area have to go to the next stop, which is quite a walk!! Please sign the petition to get ALL trains to stop at this station and make full use of the money spent on it!

8. Save the Deeside Shuttle service from Buckley!

Please sign this petition to help save the Deeside Shuttle from being changed, it will affect thousands of people who use the transport to get to work.

Flintshire council have changed the call up and book in favour of a service bus which will have dedicated stops, these stops have been dramatically limited meaning people from Buckley and surrounding areas will not be able to get to work.

9. Re-open the Cowra railway lines

Since 2008 Cowra has had no railway transport.

This had meant that our community has relied on roads for both goods and people transport.

It is important to grow local businesses in our region.

10. Private transportation for Public Schools

This is an issue that is of concern to parents, educators and employers alike.

Service providers can look at this as a form of niche market for attaining higher income brackets from parents who are paying less on education, their facility to spend that little extra for an improved service is an unexplored opportunity.

11. If buses are over 10 minutes late passengers should not have to pay the fare

The bus route for the M41, 490, 491 located at Park Road nr Cross road. Has always been 10 minutes or more later then the programmed time. Today I saw one of the buses actually cut through Woodville street which meant this particular stop has been skipped.

Now this has been occurring more and more often over the last 2 months. I believe that a bus service should be appearing at its programmed time otherwise passengers should not have to pay their fare seeing as they are the ones who are stranded and not taken where needed on time.

12. Increase U.K. Progressive Taxation to Significantly Improve the Welfare State

The Welfare State, that the whole U.K. population is rightly proud of, is being systematically eroded by cutbacks and privatisation ( or 'outsourcing'). It needs to be directly funded by a more graduated form of progressive taxation that significantly increases revenues from people earning over £150,000 per annum as a family and multinational businesses which make their large profits in the U.K.

F.A.I.R. R.A.T.E. = Fundamental Alteration to Inland Revenue to Raise Additional Tax Earnings.

13. Exempt All Immersion Programs from CoSA

We, the undersigned feel that the proposed CoSA changes adversely and disproportionately affect families with children currently enrolled in immersion programs in the county.

Specifically, we are requesting the Board to exempt immersion students from having to prove a unique hardship in order to gain admission into a high-school that has hitherto been identified as one where immersion students have the best chance to complete their language acquisition training.

We believe that the policy change will undermine support and participation in existing immersion programs, rendering MCPS’ immersion programs less relevant and competitive for students over time. More families may abandon immersion after elementary school and choose options that provide continuity between middle and high school. This would be a tremendous loss for the county.

We further request that the Board pursues a more thoughtful, transparent and data-driven process on which to propose changes to the existing CoSA Policy. MCPS needs to conduct comprehensive information gathering and analysis on how immersion students will be affected by changes to the current matriculation patterns well in advance of making any changes. The Board needs to fully examine this unintended consequence before making any changes to immersion students’ current feeder patterns. The statistical information ought to be released to the public at large in advance of any final decisions so that the affected communities have a chance to examine that information in a transparent way.

If the Board decides to implement the revised policy JEE, then Immersion students should be exempted, without risk of deterring the goal of reducing overcrowding because our understanding is that the share of CoSAs from immersion programs is insignificant.

Here is the link for CoSA details:

14. Support the Ballarat-Geelong-Rail-Act

It is time to re-open the rail that connects Geelong and Ballarat.

Currently hundreds if not thousands of local citizens are being affected with the limited options to travel between the second and third biggest cities in Victoria.

The Ballarat Highway road toll remains over 100 annually and people have a right to seek an alternate means of transport to this dangerous and poorly managed road.

Please sign this petition to get this rail back into motion if you want less accidents on the deadly road.

15. Step to a better world

Global Warming, Oil Wars, Hunger and Air Pollution are among our biggest challenges in the 21st century. These challenges have roots in the main challenge of today, i.e. ENERGY.

International Energy Agency, IEA "2011 Key World Energy Statistics" shows that earth's deposit of peat, coal, oil and gas are on fire and our transport system has a main role in this disaster. 27 million ton of our fossil fuels deposit burns every day and converts into 11000 Billion Cubic Feet of invisible CO2, caused Global Warming and Climate Change. 27 million ton of raw material of our industries burns every day!!. We need to take an action urgently before it is too late.

Also we worsen Hunger by burning 100+ million ton of food per year after converting to biofuels.

We need a clean transport system suitable for 21st century. We still use the dirty 18th century combustion engines technology for our transportation while there is an economic, safe, funny and clean technology available for transportation, here @:

Sign this petition in order to stop burning our wealth and keep our tinny planet rich, safe and clean.

16. Wheelchair and pram access on all Tasmanian buses

I have had to fold my pram up carry that and my children on a bus too many times in Tasmania and I wonder what happens for people unfortunate enough to be in a wheelchair. Catch the next bus?

17. Install seat belts to Buses

Due to the recent fatal bus accident in NSW, September 2012, it is crucial that all public transport, particularly school buses, be installed with seat belts.

Local Governments need to be held accountable for their failure to ensure this is carried out.

This petition will be forwarded to the relevant members of Parliament.

18. Reinstate a Woodingdean/Rottingdean Weekend Night Bus

Until recently, Brighton & Hove Buses ran a Nightclub Bus Service [N97] from "Kingsway, Babylon Lounge" to Rottingdean, via Woodingdean.

Now that the service has ended, people in the Woodingdean and Rottingdean areas have been left without a way to get back home after going into town at night, unless they can afford an expensive taxi.

19. Save Respite Transport for Children

Stocktons respite services was closed a year ago and moved to a neighbouring borough, providing transport for disabled children to and from school and respite for the duration of their stay.

Now we have received letters saying that as of the end of July this service is stopping. So parents have to take their children from school to respite, and next morning pick them up to take them to school.

This is not respite for the parents, and we were told that transport was not an issue, but now it is, and I being one of the parents to suffer this decision is not happy as are many others, it will end up us as parents not being able to do this and having to opt out of the service, which will in turn probably end up closing because we were told lies in the beginning. Plus our respite out the window.

Parents with disabled kids no matter how minor or major the disability is have a hard enough time as it is without our services bing messed around like this.

20. Support frequent La Trobe University Shuttle Buses

This year, 2012, the La Trobe Student Union is lobbying the university to make improvements to accessibility and diversity of public transport across the board.

The LTSU believes that the provision of frequent shuttle buses to Macleod and Reservoir stations is an important and relatively low-cost measure which can be taken to improve accessibility to rail transport, and to relieve pressure upon the parking and tram systems.

Shuttle buses are already provided effectively by a number of other universities in Melbourne, and it is time that La Trobe moved decisively to improve the poor standard of public transport at the Bundoora Campus.

21. Polytechnic Students Should NOT Pay Adult Travel Fares - SINGAPORE

Currently, students from polytechnics and universities pay twice as much in bus fares compared to their peers in junior colleges (JCs) and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), who are classified as post-secondary-level.

Polytechnic students, who in all technicalities are doing their post secondary studies, are considered tertiary education students. We end up paying adult fare! Our counterparts in junior colleges get to enjoy the subsidies while we are denied the subsidies.

"With the comparison of MRT concession pass between JCs and Polytechnics, JC student pay about $25 while Polytechnic student pay about $45 per month for the same service." Quoted from Edison Lim's Speech, titled : Student Rate For All Polytechnic Students.

Even as a soon to be polytechnic student, he/she would too have started paying adult fares even before entering a polytechnic. He/she is no longer given student subsidies, even though their age is clearly below that of an adult.

What is most absurd is that, when queried by MP for Nee Soon GRC about student concessions on trains and public buses, the Transport Minister Mr. Lui Tuck Yew, response was that it would cost transport operators $28 million more per year.

Can’t the government fork out the $28 million dollar per year, to provide subsidies for polytechnic students who are doing post-secondary studies? Isn’t the job of the government to provide for the welfare of its people? And would a $28 million pay cut from SMRT’s $895.1 million, or SBS’s $720 Million, affect them? I think not.

22. Fair funding for concessionary fares

Many councils in England are struggling to fund the national concessionary fares scheme, which allows eligible older and disabled people to travel free on buses.

Central government has passed the funding of the scheme to local authorities, but in many cases with large shortfalls in what it actually costs to run it.

Rural English shire counties are suffering the most, with their funding from the government to run the scheme reduced by over £60 million.

In Norfolk alone, the funding shortfall this year compared to last amounts to £4.5m.

A similar story applies across the country, in counties East, West, North and South.

The concessionary fares scheme is a very positive one. All councils support the principles behind it and recognise the value it offers pass holders.

But the present funding shortfall is resulting in them having to cut public transport budgets elsewhere to meet the gap meaning other transport users are suffering.

If you think it is only fair the government thinks again and provides adequate funding – sign our petition now.

23. Australia Needs Type D Rear-Facing Toddler Car-Seats

Research around the world has proven that sitting in a rear-facing position in the car is five times safer for children under the age of 4 than sitting in a forward-facing position. Young children have heavy heads that are large in proportion to their bodies. The bones in their neck are still soft and under-developed.

If a young child is sitting forward-facing during a frontal collision, their head is thrown violently forward on impact, putting all the force of the crash onto their delicate necks. This puts them at risk of sustaining spinal injuries.

Sitting rear-facing in the car protects young children from spinal injuries in a frontal collision.  The back of the car-seat cradles their head, neck and back.  The back of the seat takes up the force of the collision, NOT the child’s neck. Their head is cushioned by the back of the seat and not thrown forward.

Australia has the highest standards of crash-testing child-restraints in the world, HOWEVER we have the earliest age of forward-facing our babies in the developed world at just 6 months of age.  In the U.S. experts recommend babies remain rear-facing until age 2.  In Sweden, children are kept rear-facing until age 4. Seats that can accommodate larger children rear-facing are readily available overseas.

The Australian Road Rules and the Australian Child Restraint Standards both allow for children to remain rear-facing until the age of 4.  However, Australian child restraint manufacturers are not making these seats available in Australia because they feel there is no market for them in Australia.

Australian children deserve the same level of protection as their overseas cousins. Our children deserve the best possible protection in a crash.  Let’s build upon our high safety standards to keep our kids even safer than ever before.

Join us at Rear-Facing Down Under on Facebook for more information on the important safety benefits of rear-facing.

Watch our YouTube video and subscribe to our Channel:

24. Petition For The Installation of Speed Bumps On Cemetery Road, Barnsley

Cemetery Road is the main bypass around the town centre linking the road that goes from Manchester to Doncaster - there is heavy traffic on it all day and "boy racers" use it like a speed circuit at night.

This is in a residential area. it's only a matter of time before there's a bad accident so I want to see speed bumps installed.

25. 20 mph for Islington: Blackstock Rd to Highbury Grove

Islington’s first Green Councillor, Katie Dawson, successfully secured cross-party commitment for a 20 mph limit on all the borough’s residential streets.

Islington Green Party is now calling for this to be extended to the borough’s main roads too.

The benefits of 20 mph limits should not be confined to those who live on the quiet side roads. Many Islington residents live, shop, work and travel to school along our main roads.

Extending the limit would make it easier to cross the roads and encourage more people to visit local shops. The safety benefits are well established: if you are hit by a car at 35 mph your chance of survival is 50%. If you are hit by a car at 20 mph your chance of survival leaps to 97%.

Islington is a borough with very limited green space, so it is critical our streets are designed for people and not just as corridors for moving vehicles. 20 mph limits on our main roads would help achieve this by:

• reducing the risk and severity of collisions
• improving accessibility for older people
• making our streets more sociable
• improving health by reducing air pollution
• smoothing traffic flow by reducing bunching at junctions
• reducing noise by minimising acceleration and deceleration

Many residents, including drivers, have told us they’d welcome the benefits of a default 20 mph limit on our main roads. If you feel the same and want to see 20 mph limits on the A1201 (Blackstock Rd, Highbury Park and Highbury Grove), please sign our petition and send a strong message to Islington Council and Transport for London that Islington’s residents want and deserve roads that are safer, calmer and less polluted.

[When signing the petition, please note that it is optional to give your address & postcode. They will NOT be publicly displayed, but would add weight to the petition particularly with the council.]

26. Improve Perth's public transport system at night

Drink driving is a major public health concern as it contributes significantly to morbidity and mortality rates especially in young people. Injuries and fatalities caused by drink driving account for approximately 30% of all road accident fatalities and contributes a financial burden to the community of over 200 million dollars annually.

With few public transport options on Friday and Saturday night, we feel that the target population of 18 to 25 year olds often feel they have no other choice but to drive in situations where public transport is not available.

We propose that an increase in the number and frequency of trains and popular bus routes should be in place at night, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays between 12am and 4am.

These proposed changes are essential to reducing the prevalence of drink driving and the incidence of the subsequent accidents, injuries and fatalities and their enduring impact on the community.

27. Brisbane to Gold Coast train services to run later

Brisbane City to Gold Coast trains stop running at around midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, and earlier on weekdays, leaving hundreds of late night shift workers, festival goers and general members of the public stranded on the streets.

With no bus services running this late, and a taxi costing over $200, may of us find ourselves hitch hiking, sleeping out the front of a train station or wandering the streets until the morning.

28. Victoria Street Safety Initiative

Currently Pedestrian Priority (40km/h) in Victoria St is LESS THAN 40% of the week.

On SUNDAY, the BUSIEST DAY OF THE WEEK, the speed limit is 60 km/h ALL DAY.

60 km/h is TOO DANGEROUS a speed at any time for Victoria St.

29. Reconnect Leigh To The National Railway Network

It is a well known fact that Leigh became one of the largest towns in Europe without a Railway Station when the old lines where removed decades ago. A community organisation called Transport for Leigh ( who are made up of a mix of volunteers from Leigh intend to change this and need your support to make it happen.

Over the past decade Wigan Council has considered various options to enhance the chronic state of transport infrastructure in Leigh. The current poor level of accessibility and connectivity has been holding back the economic regeneration of the town greatly and limiting opportunities for people in Leigh. Wigan Council have currently settled on supporting a £76 million scheme called the Leigh – Salford – Manchester Guided Busway as their next big thing and it looks like this could be going ahead.

TFL believe that what the town actually wants is to see a Rail Link brought back to Leigh and to actually get cars off the road. TFL are therefore in the process of gauging the level of support for a full investigation into and development of a Rail initiative to take place that will enable submissions to occur to secure future rounds of transport funding within Greater Manchester for pedestrian rail in Leigh. On the back of this TFL in late 2010 asked Stobbart Rail, who install railway infrastructure, to price up a railway station in Leigh out of interest – it came in at only £52million which was far less than the £130million quoted by Wigan Council and GMPTE historically.

At TFL’s first major public meeting in February 2011 over 200 people packed into a small room to hear more about TFL and what we have been doing. With little marketing this huge turnout was impressive and demonstrated the huge determination from the town to speak out on this issue. Unsurprisingly all were in favour of developing a Railway project aimed at getting Leigh back on the national rail network and easing the huge level of car congestion on local roads, the main commuter routes into Manchester and beyond whilst also unlocking future regeneration in Leigh and helping local businesses grow. For clarity this is not an initiative aimed at moving any industrial heavy goods into or out of Leigh. It is aimed at a rail solution solely for commuters and leisure travellers to connect them directly to the Manchester - Liverpool rail line and beyond.

The intention of running a petition is to demonstrate to Wigan Council, GMPTE, Local Councillors and Leigh MP Andy Burnham exactly what the town wants for its future on the topic of transport investment and importantly to do it with one voice. Many people feel that historically the Council have not undertaken this type of real public engagement and have gone along unchecked. If the whole town speaks out jointly the Council will need to work with TFL and the community to make this happen.

30. Radical Changes in the Cycling Policy of Cardiff

I want to express all my disappointment regarding the current facilities for cyclists and, in particular, for cycle-commuters in Cardiff.

I have been living in this city for almost six years and I have witnessed little or no improvement.

Cardiff is an extremely bike-unfriendly city. This is a true shame, given its consistently flat layout and small size. A simple look at the map provided by the council ( shows that, outside Bute Park, there are effectively no traffic-free paths apart from the link between the centre and the bay. Unfortunately, not many people work in Bute Park, which, by definition, is a recreational area.

Two of the three main employers in Cardiff are the University and the NHS. Because of the presence of the University and the University Hospital, an extremely large amount of commuters transits daily through Cathays and Heath. The area enclosed by North Road to the West, Dumfries Place and Newport Road to the South, Waterloo Road to the East and the Eastern Avenue to the North comprises some of the busiest commuting routes; yet there are zero traffic-free paths. This is unacceptable.

Park Place, Albany road, Newport Road, Column Road, Richmond Road, with buses, cars (often parked on both sides of the street) are a nightmare for a cyclist.

I live in Princes Street and work in the Heath Hospital. My natural itinerary goes through Connaught Road, Pen-y-lan Road, Ninian Road, Wedal road, Allensbank Road. These streets are horrendous. There are a lot of potholes, badly placed patches and unlevelled surfaces. Nothing has changed in the last year and half. A lot of these disrupted spots are located at the far sides of the roads, exactly where people cycle. Exactly where, in some streets, the supposedly red bicycle lanes are painted (it seems that in Cardiff, to create a cycling path, all you need is a bucket of red paint and a brush). I am not even getting into the layouts of these lanes, very often starting and ending abruptly and without any logic (e.g., Senghennydd Road, Crwys Road, Allensbank Road, Withchurch Road).

The whole segment which starts from the roundabout where Ninian Road meets Fairoak Road until the junction of Allensbank Road with King George V Drive (which is the entrance of an Hospital Site!!!) looks like a freshly bombed ground. The same applies to the side streets of Ninian Road and to Inverness Place. The link in the header of this text shows once more how bad Cardiff is at this regard!

I understand that the maintenance of the roads is not an easy task. However, a traffic-free cycling path requires almost no maintenance, given the very little weight passing on it as compared to cars. This point can be readily proven by cycling along Jamest St. and Clarence Road in the bay, where the cycling path that a year ago was brand new, now is already completely ruined.

Whoever is responsible for all this should be ashamed in front of the people, because he/she miserably failed in taking care of such an essential aspect of the daily life of the city and the commuters.