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Media Release from Senator Humphries:

Senator Gary Humphries is outraged at yet another attempt by the Stanhope Government to impose paid parking in the parliamentary triangle, calling for him to let the issue die.

Senator Humphries has started a petition through his website, saying that “we have seen increase after increase in parking fees around Canberra from this government with no real improvement in roads, or in public transport.

“Now Mr Stanhope wants to collect parking fees in the parliamentary triangle, with no indication of any improvement in the bus system to help those who might now wish to leave their cars at home.

“All this says to me is that imposing paid parking in the parliamentary triangle would be a plain and simple tax grab, and I won’t stand for it.

“Labor has been chafing at the bit for some time to get paid parking into the triangle.

“Time after time, Jon Stanhope has received clear indications that imposing paid parking in the parliamentary triangle is totally unacceptable, yet he won’t let it die.

“My message to Jon Stanhope is this: fix the buses, then we’ll talk about paid parking!” Senator Humphries concluded.

29 July 2009

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

This petition draws the attention of the Australian Senate to the issue of paid parking in the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra and the lack of investment in public transport following several rises in parking fees in the ACT.

Your petitioners ask/request that the Senate:

We therefore ask the Senate to reject any plans to introduce paid parking into the Parliamentary Triangle at this time.

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