Football Fans Worldwide fed up with Incompetent Referees and Shoddy decisions

The 42 year old Accounts Manager from La Felguera, Spain shocked Football Fans worldwide as he gifted Italy a Free Kick after Alan Hutton was the victim of a heavy barge/tackle when he was nowhere near the ball, by Italian player Chiellini.

Everyone could see it as a Scotland Free Kick but somehow the bungling Manuel and his eejit of a linesman Juan Carlos Jimenez thought otherwise.

It was not the only decision he got wrong that day, but it was the most costly.

We wish we could replay the game again but this is the next best thing and we call on UEFA and FIFA to grow a pair of balls and finally sort out the bungling referees of the world.

We want Justice for Scotland and Justice for the lads who played their heart and soul out on the rain soaked Hampden pitch on Saturday 17th November 2007.

This Petition and all its signatories call on UEFA and the Football Governing body FIFA, to punish Gonzalez severely.

We call on them to ban the Spanish bungler and his linesmen from all competitive high profile European games, all International games and also from the EURO 2008 Tournament itself.

Since he robbed Scotland of a place in the tournament the right thing to do is ban Gonzalez and tweedle dee, tweedle dum assitants from the tournament and see how it feels to miss a major tournament.

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