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1. Charlotte MLS Soccer Supporters

We support Charlotte's bid to win an MLS soccer expansion team.

Charlotte is a major soccer city. Youth clubs around the city offer soccer to children of all ages, skill levels, and economic backgrounds. Charlotte has many male and female adult leagues. Several local colleges compete at the highest level nationally. Charlotte has demonstrated great support for visiting international exhibition games and has a huge, diverse base of international and U.S. soccer fans.

Unfortunately, Charlotte's Mayor (Jennifer Roberts) and the City Council have been unwilling to vote on the proposed funding for a new soccer-specific stadium in uptown Charlotte. The MLS requires a dedicated soccer-specific stadium in order to be considered for an expansion team. So, we need your support to convince Mayor Roberts and City Council to vote YES to use City funds to pay a portion of the stadium construction costs as outlined in the Smith's request to the City.

Please sign this petition to show your support for Charlotte's bid to attract an MLS expansion team and please forward this to your friends and family that would love to see Charlotte be the next new MLS soccer city.

2. Free access to public facilities

Berwyn Blazers

3. EA Sports FIFA

Hello my name is Francisco L. I want everyone to join me in this petition to EA Sports to include the leagues of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica in the FIFA video game. We have seen new leagues in almost every new release of the most popular video game in the world but we haven't seen love for the Central American region.

4. Bring back the B teams at Laconia Middle School

As many of you know the school budget in Laconia was negatively impacted by a tax cap that, at the time, was ten years old. The decision was made to cut the B teams from the middle school, among other cuts, to balance the budget.

New Hampshire, as well as the entire country, is being faced with a major opioid addiction epidemic. In New Hampshire, the average age where kids try opioids, such as heroin, is 12 years old. The average age of the kids on the B teams at the middle school is 12 years old. These sports programs are critical to keep kids involved and engaged in their own success.

School sports require code of conduct agreements, requiring the student athletes to agree to behave at a higher standard, and to achieve grades above the minimum passing level. All sports teach kids to work together, respect authority, and help open new avenues to higher education past high school. To limit the possibilities for so many children is ludicrous.

The Laconia City Council needs to readdress this issue, and the tax cap, and find a way to bring these sports back, just as they found a way to bring the band back, which is equally important in its own right.

5. Bishops Castle Town FC league petition

We are bishops castle town FC, a small football team from a little town called Bishops castle, in Shropshire 3/4 miles from the border of Powys. We played in the Shropshire Mercian football league recently for the past 10 season but prior to that we played in the mid Wales leagues for 26+ years! We are wanting to go back and play in the Welsh football pyramid but are having great trouble.

After a long time of persuading the Shropshire FA and the FA to back us they have finally agreed todo just that and allow us to play in the Welsh Amateur league which is what we have been chasing now for months and months.....

BUT AND A VERY BIG BUT! Now the Welsh FA the FAW... Have turned around and now said they they are not willing to allow us to play in their league! And for us to be allowed to play football we need both the FA and the FAW to agree together on us being allowed to play!

6. Solar lights for Victoria field

I believe Victory Park should have lights so the community can use it at night. Since the summer is roughly around 4 months, this would let the community take more advantage of the summer to do outside activities on the fields that the park offers such as baseball, football, track, handball and soccer.

It will also encourage more people to be able to go at night because it will provide a safer environment.

Using the solar method will also help the park with the electric consummation that they use with the lights they have around the park but they don't help out with the activities due to the fact they don't offer visual aid.

7. Aaron Ramsey Yellow Card Appeal

Wales v Belgium Euro 2016 Aaron Ramsey received a yellow card for a handball which does not look deliberate!

The referee of the evening Damir Skomina was liberally chucking needless yellow cards at Wales which could spoil their future in this tournament!

Luckily for us supporters Wales' passion and heart pulled them through to victory in this game. However, looking at what's to come I can't help thinking that this yellowcard for Ramsey was extremely unfair and should be revoked!

Please sign and share this petition.

8. One More Game Shane

Viva Noranda.

9. GPS Football Stitch-Up of the Decade

Last weekend the second last round of GPS Football was supposed to take place. You would have surely noticed the somewhat rainy, windy weather. What some of you may not have been aware of, however, was along with cats and dogs, it was raining stitch-ups on Saturday morning.

Whilst for the other GPS schools every game was called off from the mighty 11E's to the 1st XI (the pinnacle of any soccer players school career), Nudgee College and Brisbane State High School still played...

The points from Nudgee's victory then allowed them to overtake BBC on the ladder, who didn't play, like the rest of the schools, and unfairly moved them further above a number of others. These points, for some unknown reason, are still allowed to count in the competition, which then mean Nudgee are likely to steal the premiership in what will be the most unfair load of rubbish since the 2003 Australian Idol.

Whether you go to BBC or not this makes a joke of every other round the footballers have competed in, the hard work every school's 1st XI have put in week after week and the support of every single individual who has gone to watch a game of GPS Football.

10. Neighbors Against Corporate Subsidies for Stadiums and Billionaire Team Owners

For more than a decade, the former Bus Barn site in the Midway neighborhood has been “considered among the premier commercial development opportunities in the Twin Cities” and “in terms of prime, re-developable property, near the top of the city of St. Paul's list.”

Yet during that time, the Met Council has done little to market or develop the site, choosing instead to keep the land vacant and more recently using it as a staging area for Light Rail construction. At the same time, the city of St. Paul completed a Snelling Avenue Station Plan but otherwise did little to promote redevelopment of the site.

However, four years ago city of St. Paul pursued a $27 million grant from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) to help fund what became a $65 million ballpark for the St. Paul Saints—absorbing nearly $7 million in cost overruns to clean up the polluted former Gillette Building site. The city has also, through the St. Paul Port Authority, granted $11.2 million in tax increment financing for redevelopment of the vacant former Macy’s building downtown so that the Minnesota Wild can have a new practice facility.

And now the city is poised to obligate taxpayers for another $18.4 million of infrastructure improvements primarily designed to benefit the proposed soccer stadium for the Midway—including up to $6 million in cleanup costs to make the site “shovel ready” for soccer.

That’s nearly $100 million devoted to professional sports facilities while St. Paul’s streets, bridges, and sewer infrastructure remain in a serious state of disrepair and several rec centers have been demolished or privatized. At what point do we as a community say “enough is enough?”

There is no question that soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and its growing popularity in the U.S. is not in dispute. However, there is a major difference between providing recreational opportunities for those who wish to play soccer versus promoting the professional game to potential ticket-buying fans.

What does the community really get from a $150 million tax-exempt soccer stadium in the Midway beyond more traffic, parking headaches, and noise on game nights?

Will our quality of life best be improved if one day we might be able to pay on average $28 for a ticket to a professional soccer game—or by promoting redevelopment that will create living wage jobs and broaden the property tax base, thus helping to relieve the burden of continuing to subsidize tax-exempt properties like the Bus Barn site?

The vacant Midway site is unquestionably an eyesore in the community—but an eyesore that elected officials have permitted to remain that way for nearly 20 years. Why are we now prepared to clean-up this prime piece of real estate for a tax-exempt soccer stadium—but unwilling to do so in order to maximize its revenue potential as part of a competitive bid process?

If professional soccer is to come to the Midway, it must be accompanied by specific improvements that will clearly benefit the neighborhood—not merely soccer fans and the billionaire owners of Minnesota United.

11. Marcus Rashford to go to the Euros

Take Marcus Rashford to the European Championships 2016.

He is scoring goals, creating chances, and doing the business.

12. Fairbanks Community Indoor Park

Flyzone Alaska is the dream of Sheldon and Rebecca Thompson. Sheldon and Rebecca are both lifelong Alaskans, parents of nine children, and business owners in Fairbanks. Many years ago they saw that there was a need in Interior Alaska for a place where youth sports, health and fitness classes, and many other athletic activities could go when there is snow and cold temperatures. In early 2016, Flyzone Alaska was created with the vision of making an indoor athletic facility a reality.

The Fairbanks Community Indoor Park will be the hub for athletics for Interior Alaska providing space for youth basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The space will be ideal for tournaments, league play, camps, clinics, open play and any other programs devoted to youth health and fitness.

The 45,000 square foot, heated facility will feature two (2) state-of-the art floating hard wood floors that will be able to be configured to play basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball. There will also be one (1) indoor green court for playing indoor soccer. Above the courts is a large loft area that will be sectioned to host 3-4 large classroom spaces for health and fitness classes. There will be a large lobby space that will house comfortable seating, concession stand and viewing areas for both parents and spectators.


We Will not sit back and watch while a bunch of people are destroying our beloved GOR MAHIA FC, our pride. We are not AFC LEOPARDS fans who sits back and lament the destruction of their club and do nothing.

"Way back last year, towards the end the team was really struggling to make ends meet. That's why Nuttall was approached to have his pay cheque cut from 600k to 300k. He agreed because of crisis.

"But now they have twisted the script that this pay cut was permanent and renefotiation must start from 300k when the great coach in the history of K'Ogalo asked to be given 850k.

In the process of dialogue Nuttall withrew his demand and asked for his 600k back, but the brokers wenye Gor wakakataa causing his termination. Will be giving you some info way back in Feb 2015... stay awake.. no sleeping today.

14. Save KRHS Soccer Coach Sean Palumbo

I recently learned my soccer coach was fired! I don't know the reason why but as a player who was coached by Sean Palumbo these past 2 seasons, I can attest to his dedication to our soccer team and his love for this sport.

Sean pushed our team to become the best players we could possibly be. Both seasons I played for coach Palumbo, Kingswood Regional High School JV Soccer made it to the tournament and placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. His passion for teaching is evident through his lessons during practice and our pep talks during intense games. He has taught us to learn from our mistakes, how to grow as players, and never give up!

Sean deserves to continue his dream and passion for coaching JV soccer. I know he is a huge asset to our program and wants to better all those students he meets on and off the field.

Please reinstate Sean Palumbo. I am not giving up on my coach and neither should KRHS Athletic Department!

15. Make Kickball a Professional Sport

In 1917 a man named Nicholas C Seuss invented kickball at a playground. It was originally called "Kickball Baseball".

I think Kickball should be a sport for many reasons:

1) everyone is allowed to kick a ball whether is race or gender, like baseball for example, no females are allowed to make it on a team,

2) no one can be left out from the game, and

3) it would be a great sport to make new friends and have a fun time.

16. Bring New Offside Technology to Soccer

Have you watched a game of football and you were angry because one of the assistant referees called Offside when it wasn't?

With better technology, we'll no longer have people arguing Offside or not.

New Offside Technology can tell us if the assistant referee who called Offside was correct or not.

17. Nominate & Vote FIFA'S New Chairman & Vice Presidents

FIFA needs extensive reforms, a transparent body corporate to revive the credibility and transparency of the organization. FIFA needs a person to get the organization get rid off corruption and the culture of non-accountability.

A strong capable leader, a successful business minded person, neutral and transparent to restructure the organization.

FIFA needs new blood. It requires a complete reform of its administrative structure, there must be a fundamental overhaul of the culture inside both management of the organisation and the affiliate regional football associations.

FIFA needs a profound overhaul and deep-rooted structural change. Above all FIFA needs to stop corruption and bribery, and to improve the transparency process in the selection criteria of the winning country selected to be the host of a world cup competition.

18. Come Back Cisse. We want our captain back in Athens!



19. Support Construction of a Regional Park and Soccer Fields And A Vocational Education Center In Southeast Fresno


-We are concerned that Fresno ranked 60th in a national survey of 60 cities conducted by the Trust for Public Land. As it relates to number of parks and parks expenditures we are at the bottom.

-According to the City of Fresno General Plan, City Park Space in South Fresno is 1.02 acres per 1,000 residents (Total Acres: 242.73 acres). City Park Space in North Fresno is 4.62 acres per 1,000 residents (Total Acres: 764.43).

20. #HelpsaveHallenfootballclub

Statement from Hallen Football Club – Wednesday 20th May 2015

It is with deepest regret that as of 31st May 2015 Hallen Football Club are to be evicted by Almondsbury Parish Council from our Moorhouse Lane ground, and therefore with no playing facilities we have no option other than to fold.

The decision by Almondsbury Parish Council to close The Hallen Centre will not only affect our First Team, playing in the Toolstation Premier Division and our Reserves, it will also mean the end of our thriving Hallen Juniors (Under 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s & 15’s). Other sporting activities that will cease include; Saturday morning church football, 2 x Sunday football teams, 2 x Hallen cricket teams and 4 x Skittles teams. Bristol Rovers Academy who have used the ground to train and play their home matches this season will also need to relocate. As well as the football the residents of Hallen Village will lose their Community Centre where the Village Committee meet and host activities such as the Autumn Club and Horticultural Show.

During the 2014/15 season in an attempt to save the facility from closing our annual rent was increased to £12,000, with our small Hallen Committee, all of whom are volunteers having run the whole centre and maintain the grounds also. For the 2015/16 season Almondsbury Parish Council have asked us to take on the total cost of The Hallen Centre which is estimated to be over £20,000 per year and we are simply not in the position to sign a 'blank cheque'.

To try and avoid our 66 year old club folding, we as a football club have proposed a number of solutions to Almondsbury Parish Council which included renting the detached changing rooms and erecting a new club house, or even just continuing to lease the pitches but all have been denied us.

During our 40 years at Moorhouse Lane the ground has been turned from a ploughed field to a Southern League standard football ground. This has only happened through the love and dedication of a very small committee for the enjoyment of so many. To see this taken away by Almondsbury Parish Council citing financial reasons when they have £1.8million in the bank, and have just spent £1000's on a high profile solicitor to eject Hallen FC, is very hard to take.

Hallen FC have been model tenants since moving into The Centre, always paying their rent on time, and very feel hard done by.

21. Renaming of the Jericho Soccer Field (Camp Toyoyo)

Since 1980 Jericho Soccer Grounds has brought lots of joy to many people by the sheer number of great matches, spectacular players who had passion for the game and who came from far and wide to grace the fields. They left many fans and supporters yearning for more.

A Sunday morning was never complete before a mouth watering match was witnessed on the hallowed grounds of Jericho fields.

One man who made it all possible was none other that Leonard Otieno Omar better known as Otty Fatha. He singlehandedly dedicated and volunteered his time to organize friendly matches, tournaments and other competitions.

He begun a "Jericho tradition", where every morning between 8.30am - 12pm the youth would converge at the ground for a round of training from Tuesday to Friday. And the games remain as competitive as ever.

To date, thousands can attest to his greatness. He opened opportunities for many to play soccer abroad professionally, in the Kenyan premier league (then Super league) and other local clubs. Many others acquired scholarships to play and study abroad. Others secured employment opportunities in companies that supported sports. Such was his zeal.

His ability to charm both friends and foes was unmatched. His easy going nature endured him to many many people. And they loved him. They called him "Fatha" because he treated all like a father would treat his children.

22. Retire Landon Donovan's #10 LA Galaxy Jersey

For everything that Landon Donovan has done for the world of professional soccer in the US, MLS and the LA Galaxy, let's honor him by retiring his #10 LA Galaxy jersey so that he will receive the ultimate honor as being the only player to wear and retire in the #10 Jersey.

23. More fields for lacrosse in Hendersonville

Our city's park system is an incredible asset that encourages residents to be physically active. That level of service needs to continue.

The City of Hendersonville should expand park facilities that will (1) alleviate the unsafe traffic problem in Drakes Creek Park and (2) provide space for activities like lacrosse to grow.

This should be a priority for the city’s resources.

24. Ban "Recycled Tire" Soccer Fields

These are just a few stories related to an emerging threat to Americas Youth. Especially Soccer players, and specifically Goalkeepers. These new, "Water saving" turf fields are made with recycled tires, "Tire Crumbs" which are used to spread in between the plastic grass blades, apparently to soften impacts. These fields are painful to fall onto and much more painful to slide across.

There have been numerous cases of young soccer players , especially goalkeepers, coming down with cancer. Not to mention an increase in basic skeletal injuries.

Here is an interesting link from the EPA, which has a section soley based on crumb rubber: Bottom line from them, more research is needed, period.

These fields are filthy. Sand, stickers, weeds, all blow into the turf and create even more of an abrasive surface to fall/slide on. The sun does not clean the field like everyone thinks it does. These fields are not soft and spongy either. Read on:

Here is some information that these fields promote MRSA and Staph infections,

25. ROWVA/Mid-county School District

This petition is designed to bring a voice to the school board on Oct. 20th. As of now children are not allowed to play on playground during school events like football games even with adult supervision. The children and the parents were kicked off the playground area at the last home game by school staff.

It is not a written policy that the playground is closed during these events. Families should be able to utilize these area if they choose to.

Please help me in getting a policy written that allows families to use what we pay for every year with our tax monies.

Not only that but to give our kids what they deserve. To be able to play on the play ground.

26. Better and Safer Access at Drakes Creek Park

On several occasions the traffic into and out of Drakes Creek Park has reached unsafe situations. Traffic delays continue to get worse. Bad weather exacerbates the problem.

In addition to Hendersonville residents who use Drakes Creek Park, non-residents come here for tournaments and regular events. Athletes (young and old) and their families come from many parts of the country to Drakes Creek Park.

Our city's park system is an incredible asset. That level of service needs to continue. We need the City of Hendersonville to develop some solutions to the traffic problem at Drakes Creek Park. This should be a priority for time and money.

27. Sack Coach James Akwasi Appiah

Mr Akwasi Appiah failed Ghana in the African cup and also the world cup so why give him more contracts?

Would any serious minded coach like mourinho , loew etc make this comment when he told the media he was waiting to see a strong US team get tired before introducing some key players? He cant control his players let alone coach them and even cries in front of his players?

Nigerian coach Keshi won the African cup and progressed to next stage of the world cup but resigned honourably so why are they trying to renew the contract for him. Akwasi Appiah can never win us anything so pls join my quest.

28. Tony Greco for Carmel Boys Varsity Soccer coach position

The time has come and this chance cannot be overlooked. We need to take action NOW in regards to the Carmel Boys Soccer Varsity coaching position. Please pass along as a vote is to be made any day now.

When we learned that the Carmel varsity boys soccer coach was leaving we thought this was a great opportunity for the junior varsity coach Tony Greco to step in to the varsity coach’s position. However, Tony was overlooked for some unknown reason.

Tony Greco is an outstanding soccer coach and leader. Besides being owner of the Carmel Diner he has committed about 15 years to coaching with Carmel United Soccer and also with Joe Palumbo’s Soccer Academy. He coached 7 years for Carmel High School both as Assistant Varsity Coach and Head JV Coach. He was a highly successful JV coach at Carmel High School. Coach Tony is committed, well respected by players and parents and has escalated player performance mentally and physically. He is a trusted member of the community and to his peers.

Tony is actively involved in coaching a Boys U11 team in Carmel which plays at a Premier level, even though he doesn’t have a child on the team, he is committed to game and his young players. He is a highly disciplined and skilled coach, with charisma to win the confidence and trust of the players he coaches, helping them to develop into successful young men. Tony’s leadership has been a large part of the success of Carmel Soccer for many years and this would be the perfect opportunity to reward him for his commitment and dedication to Carmel Soccer at the local developmental level and school level, a perfect bridge between the 2 organizations.

Credentials -
“E” National Coaching License
NSCAA Regional Diploma
NSCAA Professional Development Certificate

29. Send Obama to support the US team at World Cup 2014

The United States soccer team needs some support if it is to beat Germany and advance to the elimination rounds at this years world cup, and the team will continue to benefit from support after that.

The President attending a game would be a huge moral booster, and would help propel our team to victory.

30. Concussion Education and Baseline Testing in Youth Sports

The Concussion Education and Prevention Agency is a comprehensive concussion education and testing firm created by athletes for athletes. Our aim is to bring awareness to the wider community on the devastating effects of concussions, not only in sports but in their degenerating effects on long term human health.

What is a Concussion? A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. – 2013 Center of Disease Control

Concussion Safety and Preventative measures need to be implemented into Youth Sports; unfortunately, these important measures are often overlooked. Educating youth athletes, parents, trainers and coaches on concussions, specifically proper sideline management protocols is the first step we as a community can implement that will help protect our youth athletes of today and tomorrow.

Baseline Neurocognitive Testing is considered to be the cornerstone of future concussion management; without a baseline, athletes are at a high risk of returning to their respective sport too early which can lead to life altering consequences such as Second Impact Syndrome, Mild Cognitive Impairments, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and Post-Concussion Syndrome.