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1. Refund Us - Backers United Against Corrupt Kickstarter - Tiko 3D

Fraudulent, lying deceptive cheaters..... is how team Tiko is currently being referred to within minutes of finally providing a formal update ( #27). Tiko is on a direct path to becoming one of the largest failure stories in kickstarter history. Its only a matter of time until they join the ranks of the infamous Zano, Avo & Peachy.

To provide a short summary of the last miserable few years, Tiko was successfuly demonstrated to function in Q1 2015. Successfully funded on kickstarter in Q2 2015, Promised delivery to all backers by Q4 2015 and their product would be on the shelves of bestbuy by Q1 2016.

Today in the future, we are approaching Q2 of 2017 and so far...
-We have a kickstarter page full of anger and disgust
-early contract termination of their unpaid staff
-a minority has received their poorly functioning units
-remaining backers have been told that it is unlikely they will ever receive a refund or their product
-those who were promised refunds (previously through formal requests/agreements) are now stuck with no pledge and no refund

Although this petition may be a little pre-mature, it will greatly support legal negotiations in the upcoming future. This petition is to serve as the voice of the people.

Dont be afraid, united we will eventually receive our money back. There are rumors out there that if you fight for your refund, you will eventually be forced to accept one and join the growing silenced backers. Those who have been part of the journey since the start have lost count of the lies and deceptive games played by the under experienced core 3.

Please review the >21k comments on the KS page.

In addition, see links below.

In addition, TIko3D Company Info:

2. Get KC back to the Game - Survivor Philippines

The juries and the castaways violated the rules during the last tribal council. KC was eliminated because the juries signalled the other castaways to vote him of. Juries should not talk to the castaways during tribal council, it is against the rules! And I can't believe that survivor staff did not do anything about it.

Before continuing the game, they should have done something about the issue. We don't care if there is already a sole survivor for this season, you should have solved the issue first.

What we want is for survivor staff to do something about the issue. They all cheated!

3. Campaign to Sack Bungling Referee Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez

The 42 year old Accounts Manager from La Felguera, Spain shocked Football Fans worldwide as he gifted Italy a Free Kick after Alan Hutton was the victim of a heavy barge/tackle when he was nowhere near the ball, by Italian player Chiellini.

Everyone could see it as a Scotland Free Kick but somehow the bungling Manuel and his eejit of a linesman Juan Carlos Jimenez thought otherwise.

It was not the only decision he got wrong that day, but it was the most costly.

We wish we could replay the game again but this is the next best thing and we call on UEFA and FIFA to grow a pair of balls and finally sort out the bungling referees of the world.

We want Justice for Scotland and Justice for the lads who played their heart and soul out on the rain soaked Hampden pitch on Saturday 17th November 2007.

4. Remove Mrs. Robino as an animation instructor

May 4, 2006

Look at this comparison between Mr. Byer's achievments in animation, and Mrs. Robino's:

Mr. Byers:

Recently taught Advanced Animation and Audio/Video Productions at the School of Communication Arts.

2 years experience in Game Production. Character animator for Rules of the Game.

Produced game art and animation for Video Casino Extreme.

12 years experience in Animation and Video Production.

Advanced Animation/Graphic Arts Certificate-School of Communication Arts.

Award- Oustanding Achievment in Advanced Animation.

Owns and operates Cyclops Animation.

Mrs. Robino

Taught 2 years of middle school technology.

Taught 4 years of visual communications at WCTHS in Mayland.

Ajunct instructor at Hagerstown Community College, Maryland.

20 years of graphic design.

Certified in Graphic Arts + 2 years

I sometimes wonder why she is not a Graphic Arts teacher instead of being an animation teacher.

5. Anna and MGR Samadhi

Thanthai Periyar is the only true leader of dravadians. Anna is a coward who back stabbed Thanthai Periyar. It is Karunanidhi who has not given a respectful Samadhi to Periyar as he did for Anna. The reason - He wants to project the Anna as the Great leader only to make the generations to come to beleive that Anna is the Mahatma kind of leader for tamils. We have give such respect only to Thanthai periyar and not to this man who cheated tamils by saying " 3 KG rice for 1 rupee". Hence AIADMK should take away MGR samathi to their own land and DMK or AIADMK to take away the Anna Samadhi to a common private land, When Thanthai Periyar can be at EGMORE why not Anna at Mambalam and MGR at St. Thomas Mount...?

6. Stop Davy Crocket

This petition is to help cure the mental anguish that has effected the multitude of Half Life: Day of Defeat players. Davy Crocket has ruined the playing experience for hundreds of potentialally great players in the DoD community. Davy Crocket has hacked, and cheated his way to the top without thinking of the torment he would later put the community through. Help stop the madness by taking away Davy Crocket's internet access and computer access until the age of 80.