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1. Include Samuel Maduwantha in the National u20 Junior Rugby Asiad squad

Samuel Maduwantha, a rugby Player from St.Anthony's College Kandy has produced some great performances in the concluded Singer U-20 Inter Schools Rugby League tournament. He has been the top scorer of the league with 105 points and also he was highlighted in rugby arena for his unbelievable kicking skills. But suddenly he was informed by phone 24 hours after the last practice session He is not included in the Travelling squad and he has been omitted from the team.

#He made a whopping 53m Drop Goal against Trinity College that made him considered as one of the brightest prospects in Sri lankan Rugby.

#He has made another 40m drop goal againts Wesley College to open the eyes of rugby experts in the country.

#Valiant Samuel Maduwantha has been recognized by as the Highest point scorer of the league.

#This is an interview he has conducted with

2. Allister Coetzee resignation

We, the undersigned, request that Allister Coetzee resign, or be terminated, from his position as Head Coach of the South African rugby team as we believe that he has not produced sufficient results to continue in this position.

We declare a vote of No Confidence in his coaching capabilities.


Bring back the Cambridge Blue for traditional and home games fo our 1st XV rugby team.

4. Change State of Origin Referees

From 2011 up to 2016, there have been three distinctive referees for the state of origin games. Shayne Hayne, Ben Cummins and Gerard Sutton. All three referees have throughout their careers shown a favourable demeanour towards the Queensland Team, giving off the impression that they are in fact maroon sympathisers.

Queensland Rugby League chairman Peter Betros himself admitted that they had been given some favourable calls from the referees during the game.

In the last two years in Origin, the Maroons have won five of the six penalty counts.
Captain Cameron Smith is a master manipulator of the referees, has on several occasions been filmed asking for a penalty every single tackle.

In order for QLD to win a game, they use cheap tricks to favour their odds (such as contesting Semi Radradra playing for NSW).

The referees blatantly ignore Qld actions that should be penalised.

Inglis punched a NSW player in the face when he was tackled, which was ignored completely by referees and players combined. The referees awarded QLD 4 penalties in a row for what can only be seen as soft penalties.

I call for the NRL to change referees in the hope that we can have fair games, where both sides are penalised for their actions.

As Gerard Sutton and Ben Cummins are seen as being biased, this increases the chance of the games being rigged from the start just by the referee choices.

5. SA People want the Springbok Logo to stay

Cape Town - The Springbok emblem could be removed from the national rugby team's jersey if a member of the country's parliament has his way.

ANC member of parliament Strike Ralegoma asked for the Springbok's removal during Tuesday's meeting of South Africa's parliamentary portfolio committee on sport and recreation.

"For successful transformation, all national teams must play with a single emblem," said Ralegoma. "The Protea is used by all other sports as the emblem, but there is SARU that will use the Springbok."

"It is important that we have a single logo."

The emblem appears on the right-hand side of the Bok jersey in Tests while the Protea is on the left. During a Rugby World Cup tournament the Bok moves to the sleeve to accommodate the World Cup logo.

Ralegoma also criticised the slow pace of transformation in South African rugby and told the South African Rugby Union leadership there would be consequences if the game doesn't transform quicker.

SARU were also taken to task about the lack of women in its leadership.

6. RTE, show Irish Womens Rugby on TV

It's time the Irish women's Rugby team had their chance to be on our TV screens.

RTE needs to listen to our voice to see there is a demand to have such talent on our screens.


7. Ireland to host Rugby World Cup 2023

I believe that if England can host the rugby World Cup that ireland should get to host it in 2023.

We have waited so long for are country to get something as big and as important as the Rugby World Cup. Ireland have showed with this past World Cup that are fans are the most loyal to sell out more than half off every stadium in this World Cup.

Not only would it be cool for it to happen but it could do a lot for the economy of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

8. Investigate World Rugby Officiating

The International Rugby Board needs to investigate refereeing over the last two world cups, specifically the 2011 Quarter Final between South Africa and Australia along with the Final between New Zealand and France, and the 2015 quarter final between Scotland and Australia.

In all three cases the performance of the referee has played an overwhelming part in the outcome of the game. In two cases the same referee has been involved and in the other the referee in question quit his post after.

The fact that the same team (Australia) has benefited twice in two world cups at the same stage by a questionable officiating performance needs to be investigated.

9. Keep Regional A teams out of the B&I cup

It would seem that the Welsh Rugby Union wants to take over the teams that play in the British and Irish cup and basically parachute in the Regional A teams. This would basically mean that the premier ship clubs that worked hard to get into the B&I cup then lose the right as a team to play in cup. This would deprive the clubs supports of watch their teams pit themselves at a higher level.

I for one do not want the WRU or Regions to ride shot gun over my or any other Club just because the can. Club rugby is dying on its feet and this is just another nail in its coffin.

For information please follow the link

10. Save Bokrugby from Heyneke

Stop the dull, boring playing style-rugby from Heyneke Meyer and his persistent choice of has-been rugby players. It's time to give the youngsters and true talented players a turn to prove themselves!

11. Select The Springbok Rugby Team On Merit Alone

SARU president Oregan Hoskins has told Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer to pick more black players.

Hoskins has instructed Meyer not just to pick more black players, but stated specifically that they must be ‘African’ black players.

Chief executive of the Civil rights organisation, AfriForum, has said that the issuing of such an instruction is a crude form of racial discrimination, and shows that SARU is surrendering to the quota threats of the South African minister of sport, Fikile Mbalula.

This introduces a precedent where race, and not ability, determines whether or not a player is selected. Discrimination not only threatens the continued success of the national rugby team, it also makes a mockery of selection. Race should play no part at all in their selection.

Such an instruction is in direct contravention of Byelaw 3(f) of the IRB Handbook, which prevents discrimination of any kind.

12. All Blacks to play in Samoa

The NZRU is using the $ and facilities as the reason why the AB's have not and can not play in Samoa. They are our neighbours, outside of NZ they are AB's biggest supporters.The AB's have benifited multiple times from players who's heritage is Samoa, be it that they were born in NZ or Samoa. Yet the NZRU made a profit of $2.9million last year.

If our guys can play in Japan and America against lower ranked countries, it is an insult that the islands are ingnored. Rugby in all the island countries have all been ignored by NZ.

Samoa needs to be acknowledged, as our neighbour, and the nation that has given us the likes of Vi'inga Tuigamala, Julian Sevea, Tana Umanga, Victor Vito and SBW, along with many many more. Without whom, the All Blacks would not be who they are in world rugby.

13. Save Rugby in Delhi

Delhi Hurricanes is one of the top clubs from India. Current 7's champions with about 12 Indian team players in the squad.

For the past two years we have been practicing at DDA sports complex, Bloc 7, Vasant Kunj, Delhi, India. With an annual contract with DDA for leasing the ground to Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Club for four days every week( Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with a time slot for 7 A.M - 10 A.M.

We have even hosted Indian club tournaments and Indian rugby camp at the ground.

Now the authorities are trying to convert our ground into a cricket ground. By this they are snatching away a big part of our lives from us. We currently have a main team, junior team, women's team and an academy running. We will have to evacuate the ground if cricket starts on the ground.

Our club played a big hand in building the ground by putting up the posts, removing stones, growing grass.

With this decision Rugby in Delhi is going to die.

I request you all to Sign the petition below in order to help us save the sport we love so dearly.

Thank you all for your support.

14. Stop NZ Rugby Cheating

It is common knowledge to all rugby supporters that the New Zealand rugby team has been favoured in nearly every single game they have played in the last 15 to 20 years.

They are of the worst cheats in the game as they are continuously allowed by the officials refereeing the games to simply do as they please.

Yes they have some great players and skill within their ranks but they need to achieve their wins on these merits and not by the favour of the ref or cheating by their players in the game.

Every person with the slightest knowledge of the game would agree and would feel the same way. To many times have they undeservingly been awarded the spoils in games which have been riddled with bias and inconsistency, always in the Kiwi's favour.

The Past 2013 Rugby Championship is but only one example of the bias which exists around the Kiwis.

15. Start a Rugby academy in Australia for forwards

To help counter youth obesity and improve the future prospect of the Wallabies I implore the federal government to establish an Australian Rugby Forwards Academy.

Starting children at 16 years the Academy can offer the highest quality education while the students live breath and play Rugby.

The aim is to produce a wealth of forwards from larger children who would not generally have a chance to shine in other Australian sports.

16. Craig Bellamy to stay coaching Melbourne Storm

Craig Bellamy has provided extraordinary leadership as coach for Melbourne Storm.

His commitment to the players and the club has been the benchmark coach in the NRL for 10 years. He is held in the highest regard by the fans the club and his peers.

We as fans wish he will stay as our coach

17. In Support of Glamorgan Primary School continuing to provide sports uniforms for students

The Glamorgan Board of Trustees has stated :

- that it is not an option for them to replace the current sports uniforms due to the cost;

- that from 2013 all students who represent the school in a sports team will need to purchase their own uniform.

The cost of these uniforms indicated by the Board of Trustees in the quarterly newsletter on November 2012 will range from $85 - $95, but these costs are indicative and have not been confirmed.

We believe that there are alternative ways to fund a 'set' of school uniforms. For example, fundraising, applying for grants, sponsorships etc. There are parents who are willing to assist in these processes.
Parents would also be willing to pay a 'rental' fee for uniforms which would recoup the cost of the uniforms over a few years.

Many families in Torbay are struggling financially. Currently registering for sports teams is a large expense especially when there is more than one child attending the school. Netball in particular has raised the cost of registering significantly. This could ultimately determine whether or not a child would sign up for a sport.

18. Demand change at the Parramatta Eels

The Parramatta Board and coach need to go. Enough is enough.

The board has been making bad decisions for years now, and is tearing apart our club.

19. Save the Golden Lions Rugby Union on demand of Player 23

The Golden Lions Rugby Union franchise is likely to be relegated and excluded from the Super 15 in 2013 to make way for the Southern Kings.

We the player 23’s, the Supporters of Rugby would love to see rugby development in the Eastern Cape but not at the expense of the Golden Lions.

The Golden Lions has a rich history and has been part of the South African Rugby landscape for many years. Please do not forget that this great game is in essence about us – the loyal Supporters of Rugby.

Please consult the Rugby Supporters of this world before you make any decisions! Dedicated to my Lions Supporting friend Johan de Waal.


Parramatta have lost their way on the footy field and its time for the fans to take over.

Mary is the most qualified CEO in waiting and is now needed to take over the club to return it to its former glory.

21. Show the Aus v NZ RL Test Match Live

We as rugby league supporters want you to show the Aus v NZ rugby league test match LIVE on Friday 20th April 2012 on any one of the free to air channels 9 GEM or Go.

22. Update M.M. Robinson's Field to Artificial Grass

For years the condition of the fields at M.M. Robinson have been appalling.

23. Rematch between Australia and South African Rugby 2011 World Cup

Although not allowed, Bryce Lawrence refereed a game with bias. His calls, led to the outcome of Australia (his native team) being in final. His father is also an official in IRB so he is beyond reproach. S.A. had 70 percent possession of the ball and still lost on bias and prejudice calls. Any one with knowledge of the sport knows and see s clearly that this was unsporting, and cheating.

Rugby has remained among only few sports with honor, and code, allowing this game to stand goes against this. although never been done, we believe extenuating circumstances call for this first time, since you started off illegally with a bias ref and finished it by standing by idle and letting this disgrace of a game stand. its a world cup semi final, done every 4 yrs, surely due to that alone, leeway should be given.

24. Support Rugby Merger Talks (League & Union)

Rugby league and rugby union are currently battling it out in a downward spiral of falling popularity, relentless tales of off field barbarism and vulgarity, scarcity of financial resources and a shrinking base of on-field talent.

The two codes are also beleaguered by inherent flaws, which detract from them as spectacles in an ever increasingly competitive sporting market.

Ironically, many of these flaws, such as scrums in Rugby League and constant kicking in Rugby Union, are unique to each code. However, attempting to rectify these flaws would require the game’s administrators to make rule changes which would bring the codes closer together.

The separation of Rugby League and Rugby Union represent a 110 year old pay dispute.

The source of this dispute is long gone. Both codes are now fully professional at their elite levels and are paid large sums from the same source in Foxtel.

Of course, it would be difficult to come upon an agreed set of rules for the game, as well as the acceptance by other countries. But change is difficult to accept.

Sometimes it just has to occur.

A combining of the codes would assist the following problems for Rugby League;

* lack of international appeal and meaningful international fixtures
* risk in expansion within Australia
* it’s lack of professional media presentation
* need for a more revitalised and more entertaining style of play

Benefits for Rugby Union in its present form would be;

* domestic club rugby would be re-born using a revamped NRL structure as the base
* large expansion of junior territory and resources
* improved pool of players at international level
* a more revitalised and entertaining style of play

25. Protect our sports fields

There is a proposal in place to redevelop sports fields in Roma Qld .

There is a number of concerns in regards to this development, and they are outlined below;

1/ The proposed development is in a flood zone.

2/ Shared facilities are proposed.These include fields, clubrooms, etc. Little detail on the workings of this club is currently available;

3/ Access to the proposed facility is poor. A considerable road upgrade would need to be undertaken.

4/ Current facilities used by cricket and Rugby Union would be rezoned for commercial development. This would have a detrimental effect on the appearance of Roma.

5/ In particular concern to the Rugby Union Club,is their requirement that as they are part of a wider competition, their homefield requirements would become paramount. This would impact on potential availability of the clubrooms for other sports, and could be cause for conflict.

6/ Council has not engaged the Community in a meaningful way. Their approach has been piecemeal and fractious.

7/ Lesser Sports such has Soccer have not been able to plan with certainty. Coupled with natural disaster (the soccer fields have experienced severe flooding over the last two years), this has impacted negatively on the viability of the Club.

26. SLS: Super League Show for England & Wales

Currently the BBC only broadcast 'The Super League Show' in afternoon and evening slots across Northern England regions (North East & Cumbria, North West, Yorks & Lincs, Yorkshire). Whilst viewers in the Midlands, Southern England and Wales can only see it in the very early hours of the morning (usually between 12:00am and 4:00am).

We would like the programme to be broadcast in it's usual afternoon/evening schedule across the whole of England and Wales from 2012.

This is desired because there are now a large number of Rugby League fans living outside of the four Northern England regions mentioned above, as well as two professional clubs that currently play in the Super League competition. We believe that currently the BBC is not making the programme accessible to a broad audience and attempting to widen it's appeal*.

* Part of the BBC One remit.

27. Introduction of video review in national and international soccer games

Introduction of video review in national and international soccer games.

28. Back FAX for Super League

Halifax Rugby League is a Club with over 100 years of rich history and in the coming months we will fight for our entry back into the game's elite league, The Engage Super League.

We are the reigning Co-operative Champions, have a fantastic stadium and a growing support. We think we deserve to be back in the Big Time.

Will you help us show the RFL that we are ready?

We are aiming to gather as many names as we can and show the RFL we deserve our franchise. Please help us do this!

29. Review the Steph Brennan HPC decision

Steph Brennan was recently struck off the HPC register for his role in the Bloodgate affair in professional rugby union. Many people feel that the penalty was disproportionate considering the HPC's indicative sanctions policy.

I've attached the following hyperlinked recent Newspaper articles for your information.

Further background information can be requested by e-mailing

30. Removal of the Executive Commitee and CEO of the Golden Lions Rugby Union

There is reason to believe that the Executive Committee of the GLRU, including it's CEO, have been responsible for the disastrous state the GLRU it finds itself in.


Various public statements and media articles address all the relevant issues: