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1. Brighton twinned with Tokyo

After just watching the Rugby World Cup game between South Africa and Japan I was made to feel very proud to be from Brighton when I heard how the local fans got behind Japan, and I'm sure the Japanese players and fans saw this and greatly appreciated it.

So what better way to show Brightons warmth than to twin Brighton with Tokyo and begin a wonderful relationship between our two cities.

2. Add an additional shower/water outlet to be established at the Sandgate foreshore

Kite surfing is a fast growing sport, famously promoted by Sir Richard Branson and soon to be included in the Olympics. Sandgate is fast becoming the Kite surfing Mecca of SEQ. It’s shallow forgiving protected waters makes Sandgate the most ideal location in SEQ for kite surfing learners. There are currently 3 accredited kite schools in operation here. In fact unknown to most locals, enthusiast from all over the world come to kite surf in our unassuming backyard. On a windy day onlookers can enjoy watching over a hundred colourful kites and their acrobatics all along the brighton-sandgate foreshore adding to the seaside-bay experience.

Conveniently the sport maximises the use of the foreshore during those uncomfortable days with windy conditions. It is only possible to kite surf on those windy gusty days when most picnickers and beach bathers would not brave the waterfront for a swim.

For safety reasons the sport requires an obstacle free location with open access to the beach. This is located at the sandy patch at the end of Seventh Avenue at the Sandgate foreshore.

3. Bring back Gully's Girls in their original form - no boys allowed!

We're not a bunch of Jimmy Savile's. We just want our enthusiastic, entertaining and good looking cheerleaders back.

It's just a bit of fun and adds to the matchday experience!

4. Calling on the Newman Government to reverse its decision to close facilities at Brighton's Eventide Nursing Home and Zillmere's Ashworth House

Many local residents are shocked and concerned by the recent news that the LNP State Government will shut down facilities at Eventide Nursing Home.

Eventide has been a fixture of our local area for decades, with many of us having family or friends who've called it home.

l've long been a big supporter of Eventide, with the Federal Labor Government delivering 50
new beds and millions of dollars in funding over recent years.

The decision by the LNP State Government, supported by the State Member for Sandgate, will force at least 80 elderly residents to find a new home and up to 69 staff to find new jobs.

This is a cruel blow and the State Government should hang their heads in shame.

What's worse, I fear this is the first step in the State Government's plans to sell off the Eventide land, possibly to developers for new waterfront homes or units.

ln 1997, our community rallied against previous attempts by the National/ Liberal Party Borbidge Government to sell off the Eventide complex. We won then, and we can win again now.

As a community, we must come together and fight the State Government's decision to close down facilities at Eventide.

5. Reinstate a Woodingdean/Rottingdean Weekend Night Bus

Until recently, Brighton & Hove Buses ran a Nightclub Bus Service [N97] from "Kingsway, Babylon Lounge" to Rottingdean, via Woodingdean.

Now that the service has ended, people in the Woodingdean and Rottingdean areas have been left without a way to get back home after going into town at night, unless they can afford an expensive taxi.

6. Stop the Rampion Off-shore Wind Farm

E.On’s “Rampion” massive off-shore wind farm, up to 690ft high and as wide as Mid Sussex, should not be approved:

1. Offshore wind farms are unreliable. E.On boasts of an installed electrical capacity of up to 700 megawatt (MW) from the 100 to 195 turbines. This is the potential output if the wind was blowing at optimum speed all the time.

Currently all the 3,500 turbines sited around the country feed on average just 1,000 MW into the grid – no more than the output of a single, medium-sized conventional power station. Because of this unreliability, conventional power stations will still be needed on permanent standby, thereby negating any alleged CO2 savings.

2. Off-shore wind farms are an extremely expensive way to produce electricity – nine times as much as gas-fired power. E.On would not dream of building this wind farm unless they were guaranteed a huge Government subsidy. This comes in the form of a subsidy scheme, paid for by dramatically increasing our household fuel bills, whereby owners of wind turbines earn an additional £49 for every ‘megawatt hour’ they produce, and twice that sum for offshore wind turbines.

What other industry gets a public subsidy equivalent to 100 or even 200 per cent of the value of what it produces?

3. Offshore wind farms do not ‘save the planet’ by cutting our emissions of CO2.

Even if you believe that curbing our use of fossil fuels could change the Earth’s climate, the CO2 reduction allegedly achieved by a wind farm over a year, would be cancelled out by a single jumbo jet flying daily between Britain and America, over the same period.

Sources: The Real Global Warming Disaster – Christopher Booker. The Rational Optimist – Dr Matt Ridley.

7. LOLA Leave Our Loos Alone

The Greens running Brighton and Hove City Council have said they are cutting £163,000 from the budget to run public toilets in Brighton and Hove's parks and seafront, meaning many will have to close.

Toilets are a basic public service, and essential for pregnant women, parents of young children, many older people, and people with disabilities or medical conditions such as diabetes.

8. Save Our Valley

*This is an online version of a petition launched on 5th October 2011, by Hangleton & Knoll Councillor, Brian Fitch.*

Did you know that Brighton & Hove’s Green Council plans to allow a local green open space, Toads Hole Valley, to be concreted over and developed into Housing?

Due to changes to the planning law by the Coalition Government, a host of safeguards have been removed & replaced with a ‘presumption to build’. Gone, for example, are rules which prioritised brown-field sites first for development.

In light of these changes, the Green Council have perversely decided to give developers the green light to concrete over green space & build housing on Toads Hole Valley.

We are deeply opposed to these planning changes, as well as the Green Council’s plans to give the go-ahead for Toads Hole Valley to be concreted & built on.

That is why we are campaigning for Brighton & Hove’s Green Council to reverse their decision.

9. We love our NHS in Brighton & Hove

The Tory-led Government are forcing the NHS to make £20 billion cuts. As a result, waiting times are already increasing, including in Brighton & Hove.

While slashing NHS budgets, the Tory-led Government are planning a top-down restructure of the NHS. This is despite promising not to do so before they were elected.

As well as these changes having no mandate, they will bring more bureaucracy, waste and private competition to the NHS.

Join us in our fight to save the NHS and to keep it a public service organisation, not a free market.

10. Allow gardening and food growing on Brighton Mound

The Mound is a food growing project in the heart of Brighton's North Laine which has attracted a lot of positive attention over the past few months because it has transformed a space derelict for 15 years into a flourishing community garden.

But not all the attention has been positive: despite the fact that the owners of the land do not have the planning permission they need to develop it they are nonetheless forcing the local community gardeners to leave so that it can return to it's previous state of dereliction.

The gardeners want to stay until the owners are ready to start actively developing the site, so we can continue growing food and use the garden as a space where the community can meet and learn about local, sustainable food production and it's increasing importance in a world with it's resources fast running out.

11. Please reconsider the Round Hill conservation area for residents' parking.

Please see for a full presentation of the case for re-consulting Round Hill residents.

Love them or loathe them, CPZs (residents' parking schemes) are now a feature of UK city life. In Brighton and Hove, they have grown from 2 in 2001 to 14 in 2011.

As new CPZs reach the boundaries of our city suburb, Round Hill cannot comfortably store the vehicles of outsiders wishing to avoid a fee of circa £2 per week.

Preferential treatment is now needed for our own residents' parking needs as well as the other benefits (cleaner environment, clearer footways, more room on junctions for emergency services and recycling collection vehicles). Without a CPZ, the obstructions to our own residents' needs will get worse.

12. Petition against the excessive ticket price for Brighton Pride 2011

We believe that these proposals by Pride in Brighton & Hove will have an irreversible and disastrous effect on Brighton Pride and the LGBT community which it represents. The Pride in Brighton & Hove Trustees have not thought these through properly. We propose/demand a re-think and a dialogue between Pride and Community Groups

For the local community it raises issues of affordability. Can a closested 16year old Trans Boy in school ask his parents for the money to attend, how will people on low wages/who are unemployed afford this, and are pensions high enough for our older community to also include £17.50 for a trip to the park.

Families with children (whether they be parents of same sex, opposite sex or single parents) are still being expected to pay the same price for their children. A couple with 2 children will face costs around £75 (based on 4 tickets being £12.50 plus food, drink and travel).

Last year Reclaim Pride (a rival bid to host the celebration) costed the event at £6 which included all the park attractions, fencing, security and a guaranteed percentage for Charity. We want clear accounts and costing to show where this extra £11.50 is going.

Pride is to celebrate LGBT History, celebrate diversity, and fight against inequality. We show that we are equal, valued members of society. We fund raise to assist those who are oppressed because of their Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity.

The Party, as fun as it is, is 2nd to all of this... Pricing LGBT+ people out of Pride is against the spirit of things, and shows that as a community we don't care for our poorest and most vulnerable.

13. Keep the Village Street Party in St. James's Street

The Village Street Party is a wonderful celebration of equality, taking place once a year during Pride weekend in its natural home, the St. James’s Street area, Brighton’s ‘Gay Village’.

It is an event that we should be proud of - it is fun, it unites communities, supports local LGBT groups and businesses, and showcases the area to the thousands of tourists our city attracts for Pride.

We are therefore deeply concerned that the Green Party councillors for Queen’s Park ward have been pushing to move the Street Party from the Village and exclude the LGBT community from any ‘consultation.'

Attempting to cut the Gay Village out of the celebrations for Pride weekend is barmy and would never work.

Last year's street party went well. It made money and there was a prompt clean-up after. This year we hope the event will build and diversify during the day with the Women's Performance group in New Steine and a community picnic in Dorset Gardens.

Both the police and the Council are happy for the event to continue where it is, and organisers remain committed to working with all stakeholder groups - including local residents - to ensure that we produce best possible event for all concerned.

The community has worked hard over the years to make this event the success it is and we sincerely hope it continues to thrive for many years to come.

Please sign this petition if you would like to see the Village Street Party remain in the St. James's Street area.

14. Support a Brighton Family Park

Brighton at Providence located in Las Vegas, NV was originally a Kimball Hill Homes development. After Kimball Hill Homes declared bankruptcy the development was bought by KB Homes. Kimball Hill Homes left a dirt lot located next to the parking lot of what was their 'Model Homes' undeveloped.

Tidelands Park Ct. is fully developed with Kimball Hill Homes except for the dirt lot and the parking lot. KB Homes has bought these lots with the remainder of their purchase and propses to build 3 homes in these lots. Not only have the original owners in this community lost our Home Warantees and severely decreased home values from our initial purchases, now our community is being turned upside down.

One major draw to this community was the access to the Promenade. Now that KB Homes has only purchased half of the original Kimball Hill Homes property, we don't know if that access will remain. The model and style of homes that KB is building is completely different than what was orignally build by KB Homes. Our community will not appear fluid and attractive. We would like to see the beauty of our lone street improved not decreased by not having 3 KB Homes built in the middle of Kimball Hill Homes.

How will having three completely different looking homes surrounded by the original affect our home values in the future? Protect your investment and the beauty of our neighborhood by supporting the proposal of a small park built in these lots rather than houses.

15. Keep a Post Office on London Road, Brighton

Post Office Ltd plan to move from their existing location in the Co-op building on London Road, Brighton.

They are currently proposing to move into a shared premises at 14 Preston Road.

The closing date for the consultation is 16th February 2011.

Post Office consultation rules deem a petition to be a single response to a consultation, so we ask signatories to spare a moment to also write or email their views on the closure to:

Peter Wilkinson, Post Office Ltd, c/o National Consultation Team, PO Box 2060, Watford, WD18 8ZW or

16. Get Katy Perry to come to the Brighton Center

Basicly, People think Katy Perry is too popular to come to the brighton Center but I think differently, If we can get her to come to brighton, It will be a Teenage dream

17. Save The Freebutt

For Background information, please go to

18. Stop Brighton Council ban on free flyer distribution

Brighton and Hove council recently after much pressure from "city clean" brought in a new legislation banning the free distribution of flyers and leaflets (free printed matter) in the city.

You now have to buy a license to hand out flyers, which takes months to come through, costs a fortune for small businesses and even when you do have a license, you can be asked to move on every 20 minutes

This entire problem has been brought about by people with too much power and a hatred of Brightons club and bar scene. The team at City Clean have made it their life work to stop the very things everyone loves Brighton for. Young, vibrant, diverse, multicultural Brighton. Not any more. Not if city clean have their way!

Why is this bad?
Peoples jobs are being lost
(flyering employs a large number of people in Brighton)

City Income is being lost
(flyers used to be a free way to promote businesses, clubs, bars etc, now this has been outlawed, a wide range of businesses are suffering)

Political rights for free speech
(now if you wish to hand out a leaflet with political views, you need to seek the approval of City clean before you do. This is not democracy. This is not Freedom of speech)

Brighton atmosphere
Once people used to travel from miles around to come to Brighton for the shops, clubs, parties. This is now threatened. In a time of such economic problems, surely local businesses need all the help they can get.

Clubbing tourism is on a downward trend
(This city used to have a vibrant club scene which people would travel to. These people spent money on taxis, local shops, restaurants, hotels and much more)

Why did it happen in the first place?
Flyers can obviously cause a mess. Sadly the solution to this problem was not lets clear up the mess. City Clean instead decided they would like to make money out of the situation by charging people for "licenses". Not one single penny raised has gone towards helping clear up any mess created by flyers.

Very importantly - Burger King and other fast food giants are still allowed to hand out leaflets and city clean are still to place bins outside such areas.

What is the Solution?
A self regulated solution to this mess, Brighton clubs, workers and flyer staff helping to solve the problem together.

Please sign up and get your friends to do the same. Don't let the stupidity of one department in an otherwise amazing city ruin the entire city for everyone


19. Pedestrian Crossing for Dendy Village Shops

In August 2008, a pedestrian was killed crossing Hampton Street at the Dendy Village Shopping strip in Brighton. VicRoads has since reviewed the stretch of road and decided a pedestrian crossing is not required.

We believe it is only a matter of time before another serious accident occurs. We cross the road each day taking our children to school - it is unsafe and very scary.

20. Brighton Ridge HOA Petition

In regard to the recent abortion of a H.O.A. meeting you held last week.

To the majority leaders of the H.O.A, I truly hope that there is a way to recall
everything that you have done.

Maybe the community should start looking at alternative ways to resolve the problems we have within the H.O.A with other means of leadership.

In the last meeting the majority agreed to let RV's park in the H.O.A. for a "brief period" up to 24 hours. Gentlemen the word "brief" is described in any
dictionary as a "short duration", not 24 hours. The majority then added to this
insult to confuse the issue even more and let emergency work be done to an
RV, which is a conflict in the CCR's as it is clearly stated "no work can be
performed on any vehicle".

21. Save the John Howard Cottages on Roedean Rd, Brighton

More than 20 retired nurses will be forced out of their homes to make way for flats or a giant supermarket.

Former nurses living in the John Howard cottages in Roedean Road, Brighton, have been told the land on which their homes sit is to be sold off to the highest bidder.

The 24 cottages were paid for in 1922 by renowned philanthropist Sir John Howard - who also completed the Palace Pier after a cash crisis in 1899 - to provide retired nurses with cheap and pleasant places to live.

But now the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), which took over the administration of the cottages in 1997, has announced it will sell off the land.

Update: 30/11/2007

In the past week there has been much media coverage about this story, but despite promises made in the media and on their own website, the residents STILL have had no direct communication from the RCN with regard to re-assurances the RCN, claim, to be making to the residents of John Howard Homes.

Update: 06/01/2008
A website for support has been launched

Update: 21/01/2008
Links to documents from the Charity Commission
have been added to the website

Update: 28/03/2008
The BBC programme 'Inside Out' (BBC South) highlights, on TV, the plight of the residents at the John Howard Cottages, in Brighton Telling the story and explaining the legacy of John Howard. The RCN were invited to take part and make comment, but declined the invitation.

Update: 30/09/2008
After many months of active campaigning, a deal was thought to have been secured with the The Careways Trust to take over the running of John Howard Homes, but now The Careways Trust have pulled out of the deal, and future of the homes are once more in serious jeopardy!

Update: April 2010

22. Advancement of The Caxton Arms

The Caxton Arms has been refused planning permission to raise the garden area a storey - so that you can walk straight out onto it and create a room below for pool table etc.

Some local residents have complained that this will lead to increased noise, but surely if people now have to go outside to smoke, going out the back of the pub is much better than milling about at the front of the pub int the street (North Gardens).

23. Save Brighton's Hip Hop Festival

Launched in 2004 Brighton Hip Hop Festival has gone from strength to strength and is recognised as the UKs must attend event for Hip Hop enthusiasts as well as anyone with an interest in the many artistic disciplines that are comprised within the culture.

Organised by KALA PHOOL (a multi-arts diversity led development agency), This international festival exists in a not-for-profit capacity to celebrate the richness, strength and diversity of Hip Hop Culture in the UK and beyond. The small team that work year round to deliver BHHF, do it on an entirely voluntary basis for the love of Hip Hop Culture.

In 2006 we attracted over 20,000 people to our events which featured over 700 artists, and we have programmed a fantastic line up of high profile events for this years festival, which have been designed to appeal to audiences old and new.

However we've just found out that our major funder is not supporting us this year. This is extremely bad news, as 100's of UK artists won't get the support they deserve, leaving a huge gap in the region's artistic and cultural landscape.

We urgently need some help and intervention to SAVE OUR FESTIVAL. Having to pull the plug this year will make it much harder if not impossible to revive the festival in future years.
Our planned events and their associated costs are listed on our website - and on our myspace page -

We need your signatures to present to funding bodies and the government to demonstrates the value that BHHF delivers to the UK.

We need only £42,000 to deliver a 2 week programme jam packed with events accessible to all, many of which will be free to attend.

24. Replace Animal Experiments at Sussex Uni

The University of Sussex, Brighton (UK) have bee exposed carrying out painful, barbaric and unnecessary tests on animals. Despite denying any involvement in animal testing, their own research papers tell an entirely different story.

Experiments have involved heart procedures on rabbits, making rats addicted to alcohol and electrocuting them, injecting baby mice with stress-inducing substances and snapping their necks, capturing voles from the wild and using them in experiments, drilling holes in the ears of guinea pigs, and links to primate research.

The University is continuing to deny these facts and are flatly refusing co-operating with our requests for transparency in their research and a critical examination into the reliability and true necessity of the tests, with consideration to one of the hundreds of alternative non-animal methods.


Please save the Brighton West Pier that has stood since 1866 from being destroyed to make way for a £20 million tower that serves no purpose.

The pier is part of brightons heritage and is a well know attaction.

26. Ban Anthony Murphy from going on the Brighton weekend

Please sign this petition. Anthony Murphy is a mentally unstable man and him coming to Brighton is an infringement on the human rights of the ordinary, decent folk whose minds and livers he wishes to pollute.