Polish Parliament

The Republic of Poland was being under German and Soviet occupation since 1939 untill the first free election in 1994.

This petition is to uniquely condemn the legal statue of communist state under Soviet occupation the Peoples Polish Republic by the statutory decision.

We ask Polish Parliament to uniquely condemn the existence of Polish Peoples Republic and discontinue legally with current Republic of Poland. Some of the consequences of the new legislation shoud be:

Restoration of all property rights as of 1939, continity of law with the Republic of Poland as of 1939, claims of damages by wars of 1939 and the status thereof.

Cancellation of military ranks, military history and military
records of all citizens and Nationals of Poland considered Polish by the Parliament.

Cancellation of all formal education documents, diplomas, degrees issue by communist public schoools, etc. as form of corruption of new Republic of Poland by loyalty oath to Soviet Union, common public and voluntary oath to the new Republic of Poland by all prospective citizens born in PPR and Nationals and defined by this law and freedom of status stateless util foreign citizenship.

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The Break continuity of the Polish State with PPR petition to Polish Parliament was written by Steve Yang and is in the category Government at GoPetition.