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1. AMERICANS! Save Doctor Who on Netflix!

Many users of the online streaming service, Netflix have reported that the science fiction television series, "Doctor Who" is set to be removed from the service on February 1, 2015. This includes all programs from 1963 to 2013.

2. Cancel Haiti's Debt

Recognizing that Haiti has a rate of poverty nearing 80% and that it is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Further recognizing that the recent events in Haiti have stalled the progress made in the past few years and that drastic action needs to be taken by the international community to help address the infrastructure needs of Haiti and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Further acknowledging the cancelling of almost $1.3 Billion dollars in debt this past year that had been the result of a brutal and ruthless dictatorship and that giving Haiti loans is not a help but instead a burden on the people of Haiti.

Further recognizing the gathering of the informal friends of Haiti Group's foreign ministers in Montreal on January 25th, 2010;

3. Official Petition to Cancel American Idol

You have claimed this: "American Idol...television's No. 1 hit series empowers contestants and viewers to share their voices in deciding who will be America's next singing superstar...Every year, tens of thousands of hopefuls from across the nation audition for a shot at stardom."

However, we, the American public and FOX viewers alike, feel that--for whatever reason--American Idol does more harm than help to the American populace and crowds your network, pushing aside shows of true creativity that we attend to and enjoy. With the prolonged results, guest spots, and multiple-night airtime, other shows are postponed, rescheduled, or otherwise interrupted as a means to make room for American Idol. We feel that this not only stifles the creativity of the writers and actors of those shows, but also that it creates excessive hype and captures viewer interest strictly to build ratings, at the cost of genuine plot and suspense--as those written into shows of fictitious characters and artificial storylines of classic television entertainment.

Though since its 6th season, Idol has begun to publicize charitable philanthropy in its "Idol Gives Back" segments, by the means of capitalization of marketable material, the blurring of talent and judgment, and the indiscriminate blending of popularity and talent in the word "idol," American Idol contributes to a greater detriment than benefit to the American public.

4. K! Tour - Reschedule the Brixton Academy Gig!

On the 30th January 2009 after many, many hours standing outside in the cold & at least 2 hours standing inside the venue like lemons, the Brixton K! Tour gig was cancelled due to supposed "Power Failures".

I & many others believe the situation was handled very poorly, after being insulted by the event manager and then being informed the next day that the gig would not be rescheduled via the kerrang website made myself amongst others EXTREMELY unhappy, thousands of people who pulled a lot of strings just to be there that night were turned away!

Kerrang have offered a refund for the annoyance that night although they can't refund the cost of travel/accommodation for obvious reasons, that bill is left up to the fan!

5. Save The West Wing

January 23, 206

The best political drama ever made, THE WEST WING, is being cancelled by the makers NBC due to falling ratings.

Although the ratings may have fallen there should always be a place for intelligent drama and we the undersigned request that they reconsider.

6. Break continuity of the Polish State with PPR

The Republic of Poland was being under German and Soviet occupation since 1939 untill the first free election in 1994.

This petition is to uniquely condemn the legal statue of communist state under Soviet occupation the Peoples Polish Republic by the statutory decision.

7. Give Nickeldeon A Clue!

Recently, Nickeldeon has been making many stupid descisions. It really ticks me off how Nick decided to cancel their best and most popular show, Spongebob Squarepants, had they kept on they would make a fortune, but for reasons unknown they want to cancel it, in turn, Nicks other greats, such as Invader Zim, Hey Arnold, and Fairly Oddparents have dark futures ahead of them as well. These are the shows that are holding Nick together, but Nick just can' see that.

In the mean time, you probably have a question, if Nick isn't paying attention to it's good shows what is it paying attention to, Nick is paying attention to it's bad shows. Like heck-awful Rugrats! Oh my god, seasons 1-3 were great, but Nick had to get rid of the good writers and replace them with their cruddy writers, and the show became retarded! Now they are still showing new episodes after 10 stinking seasons! Haven't we had enough of those stupid little babies! As well, it even has a spinoff! All Grown Up, which nobody watches, but they act like it's their best show! Please, in fact, every show made by the Klasky-Csupo company EXCEPT The Wild Thronberry's reeks! As well, even Nickeldeons so-so shows, like Chalkzone, are beggining to become annoying. I would like Nick to change a few things.

1. Save Spongebob from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

2. Save Invader Zim from Cancellation and make new episdoes written by original writers

3. Save Hey Arnold from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

4. Extend Fairly Oddparents air time by a few more seasons and give the show back to Butch Hartman so he can make good new episodes instead of Nick's writers cruddy ones.

5.Cancel Rugrats and All Grown Up, and DO NOT even show reruns!

6. Cancel All other Klasky-Csupo Shows EXCEPT The Wild Thorberry's (which from what I here is already cancelled)

7. Chalkzone was only good in it's first season, please don't ruin it!

8. Save 'Ruse'!

CrossGen Comics ( recently announced the premature cancellation of several of its titles.

'Ruse' is one of them.

A fabulous and inventive mix of pseudo-Edwardianism, steampunk, fantasy and featuring great art and some wonderful banter between the two leads, Simon Archard and Emma Bishop, this was one of the first comics CrossGen produced.

It still has so many stories to tell, and so many loose ends to tie up. It would be an injustice to let this great publication vanish so soon, after only 26 issues.

If you love 'Ruse', please sign here and help the fans send a message to CG Comics - that Simon and Emma aren't done yet!

(There is also a similar petition run by someone else for 'Solus', here:

9. The "Good Shows" Petition to Nickelodeon

Over the years, it seems Nickelodeon has become more and more corrupted. It all started in 1993 when their smash hit game show Double Dare was cancelled. Then, 2 other popular Nick shows, Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, were cancelled. Big mistakes. Then, Nickelodeon greatly redeemed itself by premiering Spongebob Squarepants and Rocket Power in August of 1999. Later, in March 2001, Nick redeemd itself even more by premiering Invader Zim, one of Nickelodeon's most popular TV shows, which was cancelled in January of 2002. Huge mistake. Let's back up for a second. In November 2001, Nickelodeon premiered probably its worst show ever created: Butt-Ugly Martians. Later, in August 2002, Nickelodeon premiered its Slam block, featuring Speed Racer, Invader Zim, Butt-Ugly Martians, and Robot Wars. Later on, in September, Nickelodeon pre-empted Zim and Butt-Ugly Martians for another really bad show called Super Duper Sumos. I practically gagged. What's even worse is that they also pre-empted Robot Wars for a second episode of Speed Racer. Big mistake. So I created this petition because I'm fed up with Nickelodeon cancelling quality shows and replacing them with really bad stuff. By signing this petition, you (and no, you don't have to agree to all of these conditions to sign this petition. Just a couple):

1. Want the classics back on the air.

2. Want Invader Zim brought back from cancellation with new episodes.

3. Want Butt-Ugly Martians removed from the airwaves.

4. Want Super Duper Sumos removed from the airwaves.

5. Want new episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.

6. Want new episodes of Rocket Power.

7. Want Robot Wars back on the air.

10. Save Farscape - Revive Farscape From Cancellation

Sci-Fi channel just announced the cancellation of the popular television program Farscape. Sign this petition to show your support of this really unique show; hopefully it will convince SciFi that the cancellation of Farscape is a big mistake.

11. Cancel third world Debt

This petition is a small contribution to the ongoing campaign around the world - to cancel thirld world debt.

Add your name to one of largest campaigns of time and feel good when WE accomplish what we are targeting - the cancellation of third world debt. Let these people forget the past and work towards a new future.