Maryland Parole Commission
United States of America

This petition is to help prevent the parole of a convicted killer in Maryland.

On March 23, 1978, Karen Fried and another boy drove a 13-year-old to a parking lot, where the boy stabbed her 22 times, and slit her throat so violently she was almost dismembered. Karen lured the young teen to this park with the killer in the trunk of her car, stood by while he killed her, then drove back home, then lied to the police about what happened. Maryland Gov. Robert Erlich has decided to commute Karen's life sentence which makes her eligible for parole. We do not want her on the streets! Life means life! We, the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Karen Fried.


On March 23, 1978, Karen Fried, along with co-hort Neil Cohen committed one of the most vicious homicides ever in Baltimore. Toni Jordan, 13, was stabbed 22 times and nearly dismembered. Karen Fried lured this child to the country, with an armed killer in the truck of her car. She stood there and watched as he brutally murdered the child. And then she gave him a ride home and lied to the police.
Governor Robert Erlich has commuted Karen's sentence and Karen Fried is now eligible for parole. Karen Fried was convicted of killing Toni Jordan and was sentenced to life in prison. We, the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Karen Fried.

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