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1. No Property Tax Increase in Trinidad & Tobago

In her 2010 budget presentation, the Finance Minister the Honorable Karen Nunez Tesheira proposed a review in the chargeable rate of property tax on every private and commercial property in Trinidad & Tobago. The budget has since been passed.

With all the hardships already faced by citizens within Trinidad & Tobago, many citizens are now faced with the reality that that they cannot afford this increase. This increase is deemed to be ill conceived, callous and of no real benefit to the population at large.

After all the taxes that we already pay, we the population get little returns in terms of social services, infrastructure and public utilities.

This tax increase is just another way of depending on the citizens to fund big projects that do not benefit the population at large!

While we expect the Government to seek ways to raise revenue, seeking to punish property owners for having dreams of one day owning their own property surely is not the way!

2. Exemption for Sunrise Propane explosion victims

On August 10, 2008, a propane explosion occurred at Sunrise Propane, 54 Murray Rd, North York, Ontario, forcing 12,000 residents from their homes.

Due to extensive damage caused by the explosion, not all residents have returned home as they have to rebuild.

Residents who have elected to tear down more than 50% of their existing walls, have learned that their house rebuilding is being treated as "new construction".

This Bylaw is according to Municipal Code, Chapter 851, Water Supply and Chapter 681, Sewer Service. Residents will have to pay the City of Toronto approx $11,000 for upgrades on city property, which does not include the additional expense required to upgrade the pipes on their own property.

Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair of Public Works & Infrastructure, denied all requests for the issue to be added as an agenda item. He stated in a letter, “I fully understand and sympathize with the situation your constituent is faced with as he rebuilds his home following last summer’s Sunrise Propane blast, there does not appear to be sufficient merit to warrant a request of City Council to exempt this property from the relevant provisions of the Municipal Code”

Several written requests have been submitted to the Mayor's office for assistance. Karen Duffy responsed from the Office of the Mayor, stating that "The Mayor's Office is satisfied that the city is responding to your request. The decision rests with the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. There will be no meeting scheduled."

A final attempt was made to add the issue to the agenda on the day of the meeting, June 3rd, and Glenn De Baremeaker made a ruling that the request would not be put to a vote and would not be heard by the committee.

Karen Duffy stated the Mayor was powerless to help, and once again said no meeting would be scheduled.

3. Block the parole of Karen Fried

This petition is to help prevent the parole of a convicted killer in Maryland.

On March 23, 1978, Karen Fried and another boy drove a 13-year-old to a parking lot, where the boy stabbed her 22 times, and slit her throat so violently she was almost dismembered. Karen lured the young teen to this park with the killer in the trunk of her car, stood by while he killed her, then drove back home, then lied to the police about what happened. Maryland Gov. Robert Erlich has decided to commute Karen's life sentence which makes her eligible for parole. We do not want her on the streets! Life means life! We, the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Karen Fried.