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1. Queremos el Concierto de NKOTB en Peru - 2014

Ya los tuvimos en el increible concierto en el 2012 y ahora nuestro sueño es que vuelvan con el Concierto The Package Tour para el 2014 y su nuevo disco "10"

Ellos quedaron muy contentos con la Gira Latinoamericana y con su visita a nuestro país, así que debemos pedir que regresen!

NKOTB regresen al Peru!

2. Open-letter to King Abdullah II of Jordan (Arabic)

This is an open letter to his Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan to encourage and urge him to implement his intentions to reform the political system of Jordan toward democracy and constitutional monarchy.

This letter does not claim monopoly of the truth and does not intended to replace other voices or thoughts in Jordan. Instead this letter intends to add its supporters’ voice to the field of ideas andopinions and compete for the betterment of man and country.

إن الهدف من هذه الرسالة هو تشجيع وحث جلالة الملك عبدلله الثاني بن الحسين ملك المملكة الاردنية الهاشمية على المضي في الاصلاح السياسي والاقتصادي من أجل الوصول إلى الملكية الدستورية والديمقراطية والعدالة الاجتماعية . إن هذه الرسالة لا تدعي الحقيقة المطلقة ولا تهدف إلى إستبدال اراء أو أفكار الأخرين وانما تهدف الى ضم صوت الموقعين أو من تمثلهم افكارها إلى الأصوات والأراء الاخرى في الفضاء السياسي والاجتماعي الاردني، وذلك من أجل حياة أفضل و وطن أفضل

3. Jordanian-American professionals asking President Obama to support Jordan

March 11, 2013

The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States of America.
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President,

For over 60 years, Jordan and the United States of America have been trusted friends and allies, sharing the objective of bringing political stability and economic prosperity to the Middle East.

On the occasion of your forthcoming visit to Jordan and the region, the Jordanian-American professionals and intellectuals would like to highlight the role of the United States in supporting Jordan politically and economically as a trusted friend and ally of the United States, as well as the bedrock of peace and stability in a tumultuous region.

We urge to the United States government to increase its economic and political support for Jordan in its genuine efforts to bring about political and economic reforms, which is critical to make Jordan and the region safer and more prosperous places for their peoples.

We also hope that government of the United States encourage its friends and allies in the region to work with the Jordanian government in addressing its economic and political concerns as it works to bring security and stability in the region.

As Jordanian-American professionals and intellectuals, we support the tremendous efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah II in transitioning Jordan to a fully democratic, transparent and accountable system of governance that will be able to achieve concrete economic reform.

We urge the United States government to increase its existing efforts to permanently resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict through its active support towards ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 and to support the establishment of an independent, sovereign and secure Palestinian State peacefully coexisting with the Israeli State as agreed upon by all parties and in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions.

We further urge the United States government to use its influence and prestige around the world to end the bloody conflict in Syria and support the Syrian people's aspirations of peace, freedom and democracy.

Mr. President,

The people of the Arab World are looking forward to your visit with high hopes and real expectations that you will use your leadership and wisdom to usher a new and vigorous efforts toward achieving peace in the region that will end bloodshed and sorrow once and for all.


Jordanian-American Professionals

4. لا لدعوة شاليط الى الكلاسيكو و لا لاقحام السياسة بالرياضة

نحن الموقعون ادناه من مشجعي العدالة و الكرامة ومتابعي الرياضة ونادي برشلونة نرفض ونستنكر الدعوة الرسمية للجندي شاليط الى الكامب نو

5. Change exam of u210b & a123b

The University has decided to place both U210b exams and A123b exams on consecutive days.

It is also worthy to note that A123a & U210a subjects are also on the examination schedule, it is hereby requested by the students that the university switch either A123b or U210b with it's corresponding "a" counterparts to enable the student a reasonable amount of time to study, thank you.

6. Retire 23 for the whole NBA (Michael Jordan)

Michael Jeffery Jordan was by far the GREATEST basketball player ever. If the NHL can retire Wayne Gretzky's 99, and the MLB can retire Jackie Robinson's 42, why can't the NBA retire Michael's 23? Michael inspired people from all walks of life, all over the world.

He is also a great man, examples being that he donated a half of his contract with the Wizards to the 9/11 Family's Fund, or how he could never turn down an autograph seeker. Michael deserves to be honered by the NBA by retiring his 23 on all teams.

7. Support Arab accesstion and participation in the WTO

The absence of some Arab countries from participation in the WTO is due to the fact that the establishment of working parties to examine their applications is blocked.

Applications of some of Arab countries for admission to the WTO are “clinically dead”. Other Arab countries’ applications are at a “standstill”.

8. No Nuclear Jordan

أشـهد أنا المـوقع أدناه بأنني أردنـي الـجـنسـيــة تجاوزت الثامنة عشر من العمر و بكامل قـواي و مؤهلاتي العقلية. أوقع عـلى العريضة أدناه مطالباً حـكومتي في
الـمـمـلـكـة الأردنـيـة الـهـاشــمـيـة تــوقــيــف الإجـراءات و الإتـفـاقيات المعمول بها حالـياً و للمستقبل لإستخراج عنصر اليورانيوم المشع و المسـرطن من الأراضي الأردنـيـة كونه يـؤدي إلى تطاير غبار اليورانيوم المشع بالإضافة إلى غاز الرادون الـمسرطن و وصوله إلى قصباتنا الهوائية و أجهزتنا التنفسية كما أطالب بعدم بناء و إلـغـاء مـشـروع مـحطة الطاقة النووية و التي أثـبـتـت الـمـأسـاة الأخـيـرة في الـيـابـان خطرها على السكان أينما كانوا في الأردن. كما نـطـالب حـكـومـتنا الـرشيدة بالتوجه إلى تحويل كافة هذه المشاريع إلى مشاريع الطاقة المتجددة من رياح أو أشعة الشمس.

Sign the petition below calling on the government in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to cease all procedures and agreements currently in force and for the future for the extraction of the radioactive and carcinogenic uranium from Jordanian territory. The extraction can be a source of radioactive uranium dust in addition to radon carcinogens which threaten our air and our breathing.

I request not to build and cancellation of the planned nuclear power plant, which has been proven by the recent tragedy in Japan, to be a threat to people wherever they are in Jordan. We also call upon our government to go to convert all of these projects to renewable energy projects from wind or sun.

9. Appeal to improve the living conditions of Animals in Ghamadan Zoo

I walked in to Gamdan Zoo today and the first thing that struck me immediately was the foul smell. The zoo was deserted due to the current heat wave.

The temperature when I entered the zoo had reached 45C. Once I had paid the 500 fils entrance fee and walked into the gates, I was really saddened to see that most of the animals living in captivity do not have 1% of the living conditions you would see in their natural habitat. This what I saw a visitor to Ghamadan Zoo:

1- A Bear living on cement floors. Bears are wild animals, and should have a suitable environment like nearby water source for their physical and mental wellbeing.

2- Wild cats, the zoo has a good number of lions, tigers and two leopards in cages not big enough for them to roam and run freely as they do in the wild.

3- Shockingly, the zoo can be considered an uncontrolled breeding facility for pets, there are Persian kitten and cats only few feet away for the wild cat cages , Dalmatians, French terrier with a severe case of matted hair and worst of all, Siberian husky dogs and puppies, that naturally live in colder environments but here they are living in a cage in this scorching heat.

4- Monkeys have no tree for them to climb up onto. Every single decent and acclaimed zoo in the world provides trees and climbing apparatus to their monkeys. Surely this is obvious?

This type of zoo kills any and all basic natural instinct those exotic animals have. Would you take your family to visit this zoo? Kids visiting the zoo think it is how animals live, many of them wrote to animal activists feeling stressed by what they saw.

This petition has been prepared to urge the Ministry of Agriculture to force the zoo owner to seek consultation with the required experts and zoologists in order to change the zoo to one that meets the minimum requirements of the natural living conditions of those animals.

Would you take your family to see animals in Ghamadan Zoo?

Ghamadan zoo is not a good advert for Amman and is a bad reflection of Jordan to international and local visitors.

Pictures speak louder then words, please check this site for pictures taken of the zoo.

More clips and footage taken 29th of Aug 10

Here is a link with detailed info about the zoo condition since 2007, please take the time to read it.

10. Save the Popkum Motorcyle Ranch (PMR)

The Popkum Indian Band is denying us access to the land, and is claiming we have violated our signed lease with them in order to remove PMR, Larry and Roberta Jordan, and replace us with the Popkum Motorcycle PARK run by Darren Pilling.

Our lawyer agrees that we have not violated our lease and we have been attempting to have a dialogue with the Chief of the Popkum Band, James Murphy. He ignores our requests to meet and talk.

We have been trying to get help from Minister Chuck Strahl who is not only the federal minister for Chilliwack but also the Minister responsible for Indian and Northern Affairs. They understand what is going on but need more encouragement to help resolve this problem in a fair and reasonable manner.

Without your help, our vision of a family oriented riding facility with training and all of the full services we have within our business plan will be lost. The Popkum band, their “manager” Ken Jensen and Darren Pilling will have hi-jacked our business from us.

11. Appeal to Leonard Cohen not to perform in Israel

The Canadian musician and songwriter Leonard Cohen is currently enjoying a well-earned resurgence in popularity, selling out huge venues on his world tour. Long-time fans and admirers across the world however note with considerable dismay his decision to perform in Israel this September.

Mr Cohen has not toured or performed there since the eighties, so to choose to return now in the aftermath of one of the most brutal incursions into Gaza and the killing of hundreds of men, women and children seems to be extremely ill-judged. There is an organised cultural boycott of Israel in place already which many writers, performing artists and academics are supporting. We are asking Leonard Cohen to join them.

The following brief quotation from an article by an Israeli peace activist vividly and horrifyingly illustrates what happened to hundreds of children in the territory:

"The 400 Palestinian children who were burnt to death, or torn into pieces by Israel's recent onslaught on Gaza would never be able to hear your songs; nor could the hundreds of children who were maimed, injured and burnt by white phosphorous shells dropped by Israeli fighter planes (provided by the States) listen to your lyrics. They have been lying in hospital crying with agony with hardly any medicine to relieve their pain" 'From an Israeli Citizen to Leonard Cohen' Ruth Tenne - a member of Jews for Justice for Palestine. (Middle East Online)

For information on the issues involved consult the following websites:

For further information on Leonard Cohen and his touring schedule:


There is a blog and a twitter facility you can connect to here:

12. Free Salah Hamouri

Salah Hamouri is a french-palestinian born in france, 24 years old
Salah Hamouri is in jail in israel since 13th march 2005 because he defended the palestinian rights.
According to the israeli gouvernment, he was wrong because he is against the injustice and the sionism genocide in Palestine.

Please sign this petition if you are against this injustice but for civil rights.


13. Stop Puppy Mills In Jordan

The Humane Center for Animal Welfare in Jordan raided a puppy mill in the Jordan Valley. Workers at the mill were sickened by the treatment of the animals, and approached the Humane Center for Help. The breeder in charge of the farm is suing to get her "property" back, and there are no laws to stop her.

Please sign and show the Jordanian government that animal welfare is not just about animals, it's about humanity. Thank you.

14. Map24 should retain "Persian Gulf"

Map24 has changed the name of the Persian Gulf to Arabic Gulf. This is wrong.
Map24 must Retain the name "Persian Gulf".

15. Free Mountazer Al Zaidi from iraki jail

Mountazer Al Zaidi is the journalist who threw a pair of shoes on George W. Bush, a week ago in Bagdad.

Since then, he has been unjustly arrested, mistreated, badly injured and kept in jail without trial.

16. Bring Jordan Pruitt to Washington State!

I love Jordan and she's not coming here. Please help.

17. حق العودة لفلسطين - Right to return to Palestine

To ensure on the Palestinian people right to return back to home land they forced to leave since 1948

التأكيد على تمسك الشعب الفلسطيني بحق العودة لأرضهم التي هجروا منها عام 1948

18. Justice for innocent Jordanian in Dubai

No evidence exists to justify this continued incarceration. FREE HIM.

19. Stop circus animal abuse toward elephants

Jordan once forced a tiger to perform while sick and waited a month to cure a tiger's fractured leg. He has a past of agressive behavior towards elephants and he gives dirty drinking water to elephants and does not give any veterinarian care towards the animals.

20. Give Jordan Holland a Record Deal

July 11, 2006

This Petition is to Make Jordan Holland a King Of Music after you here his song you to will want to make Jordan a King for a day.

Please visit MTV'S Overdrive and listen to Jodans Hollands song king for a day.

21. Put "Forbidden Love" Back on the Book Shelves

Forbidden Love is the shocking testimony to the courage and strength of women who are prepared to defy generations of male dominance. Dalia was a young muslim girl living with her family in Amman, Jordan when she unexpectedly fell in love with Michael, a major in the royal army, and a catholic. For a Muslim woman, any relationship with a catholic man is forbidden, and Dalia was only to aware that flouting this rule could cost her her life.

Norma Khouri's Book is a gift to the memory of her friend and a powerful love story that ends in an appaling tragedy. It is also an attempt to bring to the worlds attention the continuating practice of Honour Killings in Jordan - an ancient tradition that encourages the murder of woman who are believed to have brought to dishonour to thier families. Today, it is still a crime that effectively goes unpunished.

22. Help support women's rights in Jordan

This petition was started by teenagers in Ontario. They had been given an assignment to study women's rights in the world and were disgusted by their findings. They feel that it is Canada's role as a leading nation to show that it really cares about these situations.

Todays's society is too enravelled with their own affairs and we believe that it is time for change. Hopefully with this petition, it will further interest citizens of Canada to look into this issue, and see for themeselves the terrible situation that is and has been occuring in the third world for many years. There were no girls in the group that started this petition, so it is not an act of feminism.

In Jordan about half of the population of the Jordanian woman there are being abused. No matter where these woman turn they are most likely to get sexually, verbally or physically abused.

Average monthly income for males in both the public and private sectors is much higher than that of females, while the unemployment rate among men is 14%, compared to 22% among women.

23. Block the parole of Karen Fried

This petition is to help prevent the parole of a convicted killer in Maryland.

On March 23, 1978, Karen Fried and another boy drove a 13-year-old to a parking lot, where the boy stabbed her 22 times, and slit her throat so violently she was almost dismembered. Karen lured the young teen to this park with the killer in the trunk of her car, stood by while he killed her, then drove back home, then lied to the police about what happened. Maryland Gov. Robert Erlich has decided to commute Karen's life sentence which makes her eligible for parole. We do not want her on the streets! Life means life! We, the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Karen Fried.