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1. Move Gateway West

We, the residents of Cassia County are strongly opposed to the proposed corridor of the Gateway West Project through private property.

We feel it should be placed on as much public ground as possible to protect our families, our homes, and our businesses.

We should not have to submit ourselves to undo risks when there are other alternatives. We support our county commissioners in routing the project through public grounds.

2. Do not swap simplified Chinese for Traditional!

Traditional Chinese has 5000 years of history compared to Simplified (created by the Chinese Communists which has only less than 60 years duration).

Imagine that Lee Pei's poem be changed to that ugly characters. It would be a shame to all of Lee's family and all other names, home [including China, Taiwan, Hongkong,...] and abroad.

So I would strongly say NO, NO, NO!!!

3. Save Queen Mary's Hospital

This petition is for concerned individuals and groups in the community who strongly oppose the closure of Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup. The Secretary of State for Health should abolish any plans to close it.

4. Stop The Mackenzie Pipeline

The Mackenzie Pipeline is a multibillion-dollar pipeline construction project which the federal government and gas companies have planned to transport the billions of cubic metres of oil and gas that have been found in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay and in Canada’s Mackenzie Delta.

The reasons that this petition opposes the Mackenzie Pipeline are outlined below:

1) The pipeline, which is planned to be built 6 feet above ground, will ruin the migration patterns of elk and caribou meaning they will not be able to get to the right food at the right time causing their population to slowly decline.

2) Building it in the proposed location will destroy one of the worlds last great pristine wildernesses.

3) The Mackenzie Pipeline’s proposed use is to acquire natural gas for vast quantities of natural gas are required in the Alberta oil sands operations. The gas is burned to create steam which is then injected underground to loosen the oil therefore allowing it to be pumped to the surface. The oil sands presently burn around 600 million cubic feet of natural gas a day. In a decade, as oil production doubles, it could rise to 1.2 billion cubic feet, which is about the planned capacity of the Mackenzie pipeline. In other words, the clean gas delivered by the pipeline would be used to create a dirty fuel, oil, which is intended to be burned in cars and SUVs.

5. End Gay Marriages

I have lobbied for about 4 years now on this issue. I disagree strongly about gay marriages because in my life I have seen 32 gay marriages in which 29 of them broke up in 2 years, leaving scars. I also think it is personally wrong.

6. No to EU's Arms Sales to China

October 2, 2004

After the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 the European Union Parliament adopted a resolution banning weapons sales to China. Now France and Germany suggest lifting the ban.

We strongly oppose this as human rights in China continue to deteriorate and China already has over 500 ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan. Furthermore, lifting the ban would directly endanger Taiwan, lead to a regional arms race and destabilize global peace and stability.


On July 30, 2004, Ronald E. Atkins was terminated from Pahokee Housing Authority. He has been employed with the agency for nearly ten years. He was terminated on fasle information and he needs his job back. We, the undersigned strongly oppose the termination of Mr. Ronald E. Atkins.

8. Police Officer George Werdann

January 15, 2004

On February 21, 1982 New York City Police Officer George Werdann was shot and killed by Jose R. Curet after Mr. Curet committed an armed robbery. Officer Werdann had witnessed Jose R. Curet and an accomplice fleeing the scene of the armed robbery when he began his pursuit of them.

At some point approximately 2 blocks away, Jose R. Curet secreted himself in a hiding spot while his accomplice continued to flee.

When Officer Werdann passed Mr. Curet, he suddenly leaped out and shot and killed Officer Werdann. Jose R. Curet was captured and sentenced to 20 years to Life. While his accomplice was freed on parole a few years ago, Mr. Curet was denied parole 2 years ago due in part to violations he committed while incarcerated.

This is a petiiton to STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Jose R. Curet.

9. Block the parole of Karen Fried

This petition is to help prevent the parole of a convicted killer in Maryland.

On March 23, 1978, Karen Fried and another boy drove a 13-year-old to a parking lot, where the boy stabbed her 22 times, and slit her throat so violently she was almost dismembered. Karen lured the young teen to this park with the killer in the trunk of her car, stood by while he killed her, then drove back home, then lied to the police about what happened. Maryland Gov. Robert Erlich has decided to commute Karen's life sentence which makes her eligible for parole. We do not want her on the streets! Life means life! We, the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Karen Fried.


10. Re-release The Single

This petition is aimed to have RCA records re-release Clay Aiken's single, "This is The Night/Bridge Over Troubled Waters", as it is strongly reported that not all of his fans are able to find a copy to buy.

11. Do not demolish Queen Mary's College

We strongly oppose the plan of the Tamil Nadu government to demolish Queen Mary's College, as this college is one of the most historic and a land mark of Chennai.

12. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

We the undersigned believe that we as students in Windsor should not have to go to school on Martin Luther King, Jr. day. We are a disgrace to society because we have to go to school on this special day. Not only is this day celebrating someone important to history's Birth but it is also giving him praise for what he has accomplished in this country. Without him we probably would still be segregated. Without the "I have a dream…" speech we would not have become a free country like we have. We, and two other schools in the state of Colorado are the only schools not out for this special day. By signing below we are showing that we strongly disagree with the School Board for not allowing us to get this day off.

Thank You.

13. Ban the use of gas chambers in North Carolina Pounds

Killing With Kindness Campaign.

Dogs and cats that are taken to the pound in hopes of finding a new home are more likely to end up being put to death in a gas chamber, a cruel and outdated method of killing. Our shelter uses carbon monoxide poisoning as the primary method of destroying animals. The other more humane killing method, a sodium pentobarbital injection, is reserved for animals too sick, too young, too pregnant, or too injured to be effectively destroyed in the gas chamber. Less than 1% of the humane society shelters in the nation use this cruel and out-dated method and California, Florida, and Tennessee have prohibited its use on companion animals all together. Why then is it the main killing method at the Craven/Pamlico Animal Services Center in Craven County?

As long as it is deemed necessary to kill these unfortunate animals, the very least we can do is provide them with a more gentle way of dying. In an act of compassion, Pals for Paws is launching a "Killing With Kindness" campaign to stop the inhumane killing.

The fact that this is a horrific death and that these animals die in fear is well documented. When multiple animals are placed in a chamber at the same time and are gassed together, they injure themselves and each other in their terror. A crescendo of their mournful wails can be heard for up to 45 seconds. The last few moments of their lives are spent in a desperate attempt to get away from the deadly gas. After the allotted time, what is left is a pile of dead animals covered in feces and urine whose carcasses are then removed to provide space for the next batch.

A method of killing by lethal injection is much kinder to the animal. This takes two people. One person holds the animal while the other gently slips a needle into a vein. The collapse of the animal is almost instantaneous as the syringe is emptied. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recommend an injection of sodium pentobarbital as the preferred method of euthanasia. When performed properly, this has been found to be the most humane, safest, least stressful and most rapid method of euthanasia of dogs and cats without causing fear and distress in the animals.

The "Killing With Kindness" campaign is a grassroots campaign being conducted by animal welfare and animal rights groups through out the nation and sponsored locally by Pals for Paws. This is your campaign-the taxpayers-for it is your taxes that fund the local shelter and your voice that can effect a change in the existing system. Whether this campaign lives or dies, whether companion animals die cruelly or compassionately will depend on your involvement.

We hope that every animal related individual or group in the area will support and participate with us in our efforts to urge our shelter to purge the use of the gas chamber as so many others in the country have done. We have prepared a petition to present to our local and state legislatures to make a federal law a reality to stop this method of killing. We hope that this campaign will set an example of how people can come together for the animals in our care. Please add your voice to ours by signing our petition and please promote and support every animal adoption resource so that we can put an end to the killing. Our shelter is killing over 5,000 animals a year. Sadly, most of these animals were healthy and would have made wonderful pets.