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Way too many recent suicides (one is enough) as a result of relentless bullying, has prompted us to take further action. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

Therefore, Don't Bully are petitioning the Australian Government for harsher and more serious penalties for the BULLIES who TAKE A LIFE, through continual intimidation, harassment and Bullying in all it's forms.

We are asking for Accountability and Responsibility for the Bullies actions through penalties which are serious enough to be a deterrent for their unacceptable behaviour towards others.

*** We need OVER 250,000 Signatures *** So we are taken Seriously. When we receive over 250,000 signatures we will personally take this petition to parliament wearing our Don't Bully Gear ! HELP US TO SAVE A LIFE NOW - If not you? Then Who?

2. Justice for Ayub Madni

On August 12, Ayoub Madni, a 19 year-old young man died in Le Diamant Vert swimming pool, Fès, Morocco, because he did not receive the vital help on time.

Swimmers and witnesses reported they told lifeguards they could feel parts of a human being in the bottom of the pool, but the guards did not take it seriously.

One of Ayoub’s friends had to insist agonizingly on the guards to take action when it was too late: Ayoub had already died. This is not the first case that happened in this swimming pool. Other deadly negligence occurred in previous years. Le Diamant Vert is one of the most expensive swimming pools in Fès, overcrowded by night on Ramadan and during the uncommon heat wave of this summer. However, basic conditions of safety, such as providing enough light poles and a sufficient number of lifeguards, are not respected nor enforced. If previous youngsters’ deaths went unnoticed, let us make Ayoub’s an opportunity- however tragic and unjust- to prevent other catastrophic deaths out of the negligence of this organization.

We, the undersigned, call on the Moroccan authorities and local authorities in Fès to hold, Le Diamant Vert, accountable for their negligence.

3. FACEBOOK has a Duty of Care to Protect Children!

FACE BOOK is being used by Child Pornography, Adult Pornography, Pedophiles and Predators etc as a hangout to meet their own kind and to LURE YOUNG VICTIMS, they also use FACE BOOK to gain visitors in numbers to their websites containing Child Porn and other Porn.

Duty of Care to Children is Everybody’s Responsibility.

EXAMPLES: "The following are known hangout hubs for Child Pornography, Adult Pornography, Pedophiles and Predators"


Facebook's Terms of Condition FB TOC

4. Ag3 15 Ju5t a Num63r

We strongly feel that young people are not given enough job opportunities. Recently I have been searching for a Job but no-one is willing to employ me. If they did not know my age but I just handed in a decent CV do you think they would employ me?

What about if the knew my age? If you feel that 14-16 year olds are not given enough opportunities to earn money, SIGN OUR PETITION NOW!

5. Please do not scrap our Human Rights Act

Dear David Cameron,

Further to your election as our Prime Minister and your invitation to the British public to offer our energy, ideas and passion, we have put our names down on this petition to show our support for the Human Rights Act. We sincerely hope you will take note of this petition and understand that we have considered the Conservatives' reasons for replacing the Act with a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. In light of all the arguments and evidence, we strongly believe that the Human Rights Act is one of the most precious and important pieces of UK legislation and we feel passionate about protecting it. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it was instigated by the great Conservative Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

This is not a political stance specific petition; we voted for a range of parties in the recent election, however we are appealing to you, as you negotiate our country's future, to assure us that you will not repeal this Act.

Our reasons for this are as follows:

1) Human rights are important words to us and human rights law is vital. It has evolved over many years to protect citizens from their state and to allow everybody to enjoy rights that they deserve, simply by their nature of being human. The Human Rights Act is simple and gives every person in the UK the following rights:

1) the right to life
2) freedom from torture and degrading treatment
3) freedom from slavery and forced labour
4) the right to liberty
5) the right to a fair trial
6) the right not to be punished for something that wasn't a crime when you did it
7) the right to respect for private and family life
8) freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom to express your beliefs
9) freedom of expression
10) freedom of assembly and association
11) the right to marry and to start a family
12) the right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights and freedoms
13) the right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
14) the right to an education
15) the right to participate in free elections
16) the right not to be subjected to the death penalty

There are absolutely no articles in the Act that we, as members of the public, would not want to be fully protected by. We can see no reason for taking any of these rights away.

2) The Human Rights Act has been hugely misunderstood and misinterpreted. Many of the more ‘ridiculous’ law suits brought under the name of the act have been dismissed. It does not allow criminals to get whatever they want, in fact it actually makes it a legal requirement that the public is protected from dangers to society. Just one example of the benefits of the act is its use in keeping an elderly married couple in long-term care together. Although in an ideal world this should have been avoided by common sense or compassion, the fact is that law is clearly needed to prevent unpleasant situation like this occurring. Secondly, the Act does not, as it sometimes suggested, mean that threats to our nation’s security cannot be dealt with. The Act requires courts to balance public safety against individual rights and, if necessary, a person at risk of harming our country can certainly have their liberty deprived.

3) Far from, as the Conservatives have suggested, the Human Rights Act devaluing the words ‘human rights’, the Act actually strengthens them. The Conservatives have shown a great deal of interest in foreign policy and human rights abroad, but if we do not respect human rights at home we do not set a good example. For example, Guantanamo Bay has severely damaged the reputation of the USA. The USA put a lot of pressure on in the international community to respect human rights, yet did not themselves. This has tainted the concept of human rights negatively and has given countries who abuse human rights leverage to argue against changing their abusive practice. The UK should be an excellent example to the international community of a country that has the utmost respect for human rights. Removing the words ‘human rights’ from our laws would be a terrible signal of our lack of promotion of the concept within our own borders.

4) We welcome the promotion of more responsibility within society and are happy to lend a great deal of support to making this ideal a reality. The Human Rights Act is not the place for this however. There are many pieces of law that outline out responsibilities towards each other; the Act is the place to outline the state’s responsibilities towards us. It is therefore illogical to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

5) The Conservatives are unhappy with judges having power to advise Parliament, as the Act has allowed. We contest the idea that judges should not have a say in politics. They are exceptionally bright, informed members of society who would have had to demonstrate nuanced understanding and careful, responsible judgement before gaining such a position of authority. They will have a niche understanding of human rights that politicians cannot have because of the breadth of their mandates, and it is not wrong that they should not be consulted for their opinions. We note that, contrary to popular understanding, the Act does not give judges power to decide laws; MPs always have the last say on the laws Parliament produces.

6) It concerns us that a piece of legislation should only be designed to protect the British. For example, the issues of migration and asylum seeking have become confused, and there is often a lack of understanding that asylum seekers, who have suffered unimaginably and may face torture or even murder if they return to the country of origin, are different to economic migrants. We do not want our country to remove the piece of law that guarantees minorities such as asylum seekers the dignity they desperately deserve.

7) The Human Rights Act has not been imposed by Europe. The European Convention of Human Rights (upon which the Human Rights Act is based) was designed by European countries after World War II and has nothing to do with the EU. The Human Rights Act therefore actually allows human rights issues to be dealt with domestically rather than going all the way to courts in Strasbourg.

6. Real Jobs for 12 to16 year olds

Are you under 14 and you want a job? Are you sick and tired of trying to sell lemonade, or mow someone's lawn? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you should sign this petition.

This petition is to try to change the child labor law and allow 12 year olds and older to work at real jobs. I mean, I want some money for that new video game, or a nice laptop to go in my room and I am pretty darn sure that you want some stuff too, so go ahead and sign this petition. and send it to all of your friends to.

7. Start Doing Something for The Earth

This petition is to support the stand of eco-friendly activities/programmes like e.g recycling programme, BYOB campaigns, to be carried out and to encourage factories to stop releasing harmful gas emissions to the air, instead, they could release the harmful gas emissions towards the ground,as so to not pollute the air; causing respiratory problems for us and also to think of the well-being of the earth.

We ought to do start doing something now because this is our planet, we are earthlings of this planet, we bear the responsibility to take good care of the earth.

8. Apologise to the Iraqi people

The Iraqi people deserve an apology. Too often we hear politicians bending, sidestepping, spinning, obfuscating or plain denying the truth. Rarely do they take responsibility and apologise when they have made mistakes, however genuinely and sincerely they made them.

It would be possible to lose ourselves in neverending discussion over strategies on how best to address the situation in Iraq: increase funds, don't fund, increase troops, withrdraw troops etc. Instead, the quality and dynamic of the conversation about Iraq -- more importantly, between Iraqis the USA, UK and allies -- needs to change.

Regardless of strategies adopted, the Iraqi people deserve a clear and straightforward acknowledgement -- stating that the invasion of Iraq was categorically a mistake -- and an apology.

The future of the Middle East depends on the conversational dynamic changing, via an ounce of such honesty. Remaining silent on the issue of how the war began and led to appalling sectarian violence sustains the impression that the allies continue to regard the invasion of Iraq as strategically appropriate. This fuels alienation, ongoing despair and increasing hatred.

Acknowledging the mistake -- whether one regards it as one of morality and/or strategy -- in no way dishonours the memories of loved ones lost in, or undermine the work of those still in, Iraq.

9. The Talloires Declaration

We, the students, faculty & staff of University of Nebraska at Omaha, as socially-responsible citizens concerned with the critical state of our environment, urge our Administration to implement practices and policies which establish the University as an environmental example within our community; where sustainable practices are commonplace.

As numerous reputable universities around the world have done, it is our desire that University of Nebraska at Omaha become a signatory to “The Talloires Declaration.” In adopting the Declaration, we wish to ensure that we retain our rightful place as respected educators, leaders, and citizens who are dedicated to the social interests and welfare of our community.

Click here for more information on the Talloires Declaration

10. Stop the Media promoting Eating Disorders

January 11, 2007
CBS Evening News
524 West 57th St.
New York, NY 10019

Dear Sir or Madam:


My name is Katie Morton and I am writing because I would like to see a part of one of the CBS Evening News shows to be about eating disorders in the media. As a teenage girl I am deeply disturbed by the growing number of people that are affected by eating disorders on a daily basis. Due to the media many girls result to not eating or eating very little in order to look like the stars they see on television.

Many girls in today’s society look at the skinny, beautiful models and actresses as role models. It appears that these women have everything, money, fame, and good looks. They think that these women are in control but what most girls do not realize is that these women are really spinning out of control because many of them have an eating disorder. “In America young girls have been so obsessed with dieting that they will take extreme measures by the time they are ten years old” (Erlanger).
Almost every girl at some point in her life has looked in the mirror and thought that all they saw was fat. By being skinny it shows that you have control over your life. Even I have been one of those girls who look at themselves in the mirror and think they are fat.

Unlike many girls I have never taken drastic measures to change the way I look. All I have done is exercised significantly and eaten healthy foods. Like every girl in America I wanted to be like the women that I see on television.

“Five to ten million people have eating disorders nation wide; that includes eleven percent of high school students and up to nineteen percent of college students. Eighteen to twenty percent of people with anorexia will die within twenty years of diagnosis” (Lauren Gold). This is a statistic that must be changed for the benefit of today’s youth. Television is the way most individuals get information in the United States; therefore it is the media’s responsibility to portray a more realistic image for young girls.

I believe that it would be a great idea for CBS to run a show on this growing epidemic in America. Thank you for your time.

Katharine Morton

11. Clarification of Responsibility for the Bluffs HOA Perimeter Fence

This petition is to clarify the wording in the covenents regarding responsibility for maintenance, repair and eventual replacement of the perimeter fence.

The developer had installed a cedar fence along the Southern border (Floyd Street), the western border (Luthern Church and Tower Avenue) and the Northern border (Cornell Ave.). The HOA board deam all the perimeter fence the responsibility of the HOA. However, a number of residents of the Bluffs HOA feel the portion of the fence boardering the Luthern Church is private property to private property and therefore the responsibility of the Church and effected homeowner.

The disputed section of the covenents reads as follows:

12. Bush Must Resign

September 3, 2005

George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President:

I, like millions of other Americans and people worldwide, have watched with horror over the past few days as the events in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast have unfolded. The images of suffering and neglect endured by some of our nation's most vulnerable have been seared into my memory and I will not soon forget them.

Mr. President, you have a long history of refusing to accept responsibility when the bungling of your administration and the failures of your policies have damaged our country, threatened our security and brought great harm to our people and to people throughout the world. From the debacle in Iraq to the ever rising number of people living in poverty in our country to the current abysmal failure to bring emergency assistance to New Orleans, you and your administration have repeatedly used any means possible to avoid being held accountable for your actions.

As a citizen who loves my country, I can no longer accept this. I am unwilling to tolerate the unnecessary suffering, death and destruction in New Orleans due to you and your administration's delayed and inept response.

There is no excuse for this appalling catastrophe. This time, you cannot attribute your own failure to someone else. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website states the following: "In the event of a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large-scale emergency, the Department of Homeland Security will assume primary responsibility on March 1st for ensuring that emergency response professionals are prepared for any situation. This will entail providing a coordinated, comprehensive federal response to any large-scale crisis and mounting a swift and effective recovery effort."

You are ultimately responsible for DHS; therefore, you bear the primary responsibility for your administration's failure to mount a swift and effective recovery effort.

No one could have prevented the damage caused by the hurricane. However, the results of the storm and its aftermath, including the potential for the flood control system in New Orleans to fail, were well known and well reported. On the Sunday before the storm struck, the National Weather service issued this bulletin:

1011 AM CDT SUN AUG 28 2005


In response to that warning, you chose to remain on vacation for another three days while the storm struck, the city flooded and the devastation mounted. Your Vice-President and Secretary of State also chose to vacation.

Mr. President, if I stayed on vacation while my employer faced one of its greatest threats ever, I would be fired.

Because of your incompetence and callousness, thousands of people lived though hellish conditions. Because of your policies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had been gutted and political appointees with little to no prior experience in disaster management had been placed in charge of FEMA long before Katrina ever struck. Because FEMA could not respond appropriately and in a timely manner, thousands in New Orleans died. Many more lost loved ones.

Mr. President, since it appears that your vacations are very important to you, I invite you to remain on vacation permanently.

For gross incompetence, negligence, lack of compassion and demonstrable policy failure, I and those who have signed below demand that you resign immediately. We also demand the resignations of Vice-President, Dick Cheney; Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice; Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff; and Under Secretary for FEMA, Michael Brown.

Please know we will use whatever legal means necessary to rid our great country of the scourge you have brought to it. That begins by removing you from office.


Chris Jimmerson

13. Stop The Employment Cuts At BlueWater Health

July 23, 2005

As of July 21 2005 David Vigar CEO of BlueWater Health has announced that the hospital in Sarnia will be laying off 169 health workers to cover a part of the 14 million dollar deficit.

We believe this debt is the responsibility of bad management and are asking that David Vigar step down and relieve him self of his duties.

14. Say Yes to Taiwan's Bid to WHO

Updated March 22, 2007

Taiwan has been excluded from the United Nations and its related organizations since 1971.

Since then Taiwan has neither been privy to the health related work of the World Health Organization (WHO) especially regarding the spread of infectious diseases. With the recent warning of many countries on the possibility that avian influenza could evolve into a pathogen deadly to humans, we face the threat of a worldwide epidemic.

The goal of the World Health Organization is the "attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health." Taiwan's exclusion from the WHO is basically contradictory with this objective. It places the health of not only the Taiwanese but also the entire global community at risk. Taiwan qualifies as an independent and sovereign state with a defined territory, a permanent population, an effective government, and a capacity to enter into relations with other states.

Despite exclusion from the WHO, Taiwan actively cooperates on numerous international health projects and provides much humanitarian assistance as part of its responsibility to the international community. The latest example, Taiwan International Health Action (Taiwan IHA), established in February 2006, aims to integrate Taiwan's human and material resources into an international medical and health affairs network. These efforts have been highly recognized and praised internationally.

This prohibition can be rectified by allowing Taiwan to participate when the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO's decision-making body, meets in Geneva in May 2007.

15. Petition against Admin resigning from HBFFA

Please sign this petition so Admin can see how many players want him to stay and run the server. The server cannot run without him, under Boss's control it will fill with corruption. A 14yr old with his history and lack of responsibility should not be hosting such a large server, or any server at all for that matter.

16. Automobiles sold in Canada to be recycled in Canada

Manufactures of automobiles sold in Canada bare a responsibility for the enviromental impacts of their products throughout the product's life cycle.

17. Stop Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Petition to UN to ensure that Iraq disarms and that they fulfill their responsibility to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

18. Beautify Modesto, CA.

Beautify Modesto is a group founded with the mission to improve the physical appearance and general quality of life of Modesto, CA. This group is organizing volunteers, community leaders, business leaders, and elected officials to co-operate in making Modesto a more attractive place to live. This petition and its list of supporters will be submitted to the city council and may also appear in the local newspaper.

19. Boycott Against All Abortion-Permissive Political Parties

Abortion is the greatest horror ever seen by humanity. If we care about God, humanity, or even ourselves we must work to stop it. The means are readily available and very easy. No one needs to “lift a finger”, spend a dollar, or suffer in any way to help these innocents. All that is required is for us to do, assuming that we continue to vote, is decide that we will never again vote for abortion.

The scale of the carnage certainly screams out for action, at least to those who have a conscience to hear it. Consider this: 3,025 people died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. 15 million people (troops + civilians) died in the First World War, and 50 million died in the Second World War (over six years).

Abortion, however, kills 46 million people every single year, making it the greatest slaughter of humans ever known on earth. And unlike the other horror mentioned, mass voluntary abortion is not merely historical, but, as of the time of this writing, is still heavily ongoing today. Unlike the other horrors, there are still relatively few people working to stop the legality of elective abortions.

We, as living humans, also “continue” today. This is our issue, our time, and our responsibility. We often wonder how peoples of the past stood by and did nothing while Christians were thrown to lions, slaves were traded, Jews were lethally gassed, and Rwandans were massacred. Similarly the Angels must wonder at us over this issue of abortion: they witness that we were all fetuses once, yet we would deny the humanity of fetuses, or that they deserve rights; we stand around while they are butchered in ways so cruel it would be certainly be illegal if it was done to animals.

We also have the advantage of learning from the other horrors of history; this is all the more reason why we have an urgent responsibility to stop this one. We cannot turn a blind eye and be guiltless. Nor is it easy to say we did much good with our lives if we ignore this issue.

It is a murder so horrible. The developing baby has only its mother and the Law to protect it, but neither are doing that. It has no weapons, no chance of escape, no one to appeal to for help, and no one to defend it when it is being ripped apart. It dies never having known any love.

The mothers actually bring their own babies in, voluntarily, to be killed! Therefore besides being execution of innocent people, abortion is an absolute betrayal of the sacred mother-child bond which is seen throughout Creation. It is perhaps the most evil thing a person could possibly do, yet it is perfectly legal and proudly defended in our politics today!

There is great power in the vote, and many lives were sacrificed so that we could have this right. But it is a power often misused by the common people, who seem to rarely vote according to their beliefs, and then wonder why the country is out of step with their beliefs. Even worse, many do not feel any personal responsibility for their vote, evidenced by the fact that many voters do not even vote at all (see; eg. only 48% voter turnout in the USA).

Unfortunately those who do act to criminalize abortion have long been duped into voting for political parties which vaguely hint that they are against abortion, but which actually do nothing to stop it when they are in power. It is a situation where we are lead to feel like we are accomplishing something, but nothing good actually gets accomplished.

No more! We of conscience must make it our primary issue when we give any political support. Under no circumstances will we any more support any political party which refuses to criminalize elective abortion, or which even hesitates to do so. We will not be content with “baby steps” that actually go nowhere. We will no longer be toyed with. This is an urgent and terrible issue!

We will not abandon the voting booth; our vote and chance will not be wasted. We will not surrender, but act. We will find and support somebody else, even if we have to resort to minor political parties not normally mentioned in the news. We will, at the same time, voice our displeasure so that no one has to guess at the reason for it. Then the message will be clear and we will have made a real difference.

This is a boycott; a very powerful political tool that would stop abortion as soon as it starts in almost every nation of the world. After all, there are few nations in the world not vastly (eg. 85%) dominated by some combination of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists. Abortion is fundamentally against all of these religions. If even a quarter of them would boycott parties which allow abortion to be legal, the political force would be so great as to stop abortion before the next election. Wherever there are people who have a heart and a conscience, there is a way to stop this horror.

But we do not refuse to vote against abortion only for the sake of the unborn. There are so many other important reasons. For one thing, do you really want people who have no regard for innocent human life ruling over you? That's what happens when you vote-in abortion-loving political parties. Imagine what other atrocities such people are capable of! Under their rule, who can be safe? There is also the issue of our eternity to consider: our Judgment before God, and the eternal record of the right or wrong we did or failed to do. Do we want to die having done nothing about this issue? It would be like living in Europe in World War II and deciding to “go along with” the Nazis and their arrest and murder of Jewish people. Would that have been something to be proud of? Are you “going along with” abortion? Is that what you want your life to be like? You don't have to be a mediocre person. You have a choice and a chance to make a difference, and be someone who has real values and acts on them.

Social change it not hard to achieve; it only needs people to take an interest. As you go through your day, and all the things you care about, and all the things on the news, ask yourself how many of them are more important and urgent than the issue of abortion. You will quickly see that society is distracted from the things that are most important.

You do not have to answer for society, but you will eventually have to answer for yourself. Abortion is an atrocity of historical proportions and historical responsibility, whether that is realized today or not. You have to decide whether you want your name recorded in eternity as someone who was part of it, someone who didn't care, or someone who stood against it.

May God the Creator richly Bless all those who sign, implement, and propagate this boycott. Furthermore, may the names signed on this petition be an eternal testament of their innocence of the blood of the unborn.

20. Eliminate Censorship in NASCAR Video Games

Too long has there existed a double standard in video games. Video game manufactures are permitted to represent gratuitous murder in their games as well as a large degree of sexually suggestive elements. In order for them to do this, they simply need to put a "T" (Teen) or "M" (Mature) label on the packaging of the game. However, the following law exists in the California legislature:

California Penal Code 308.5:

(a) No person or business shall sell, lease, rent, or provide, or offer to sell, lease, rent, or otherwise offer to the public or to public establishments in this state, any video game intended for either private use or for use in a public establishment and intended primarily for use by any person under the age of 18 years, which contains, in its design and in the on-screen presentation of the video game, any paid commercial advertisement of alcoholic beverage or tobacco product containers or other forms of consumer packaging, particular brand names, trademarks, or copyrighted slogans of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.
(b) As used in this section, "video game" means any electronic amusement device that utilizes a computer, microprocessor, or similar electronic circuitry and its own cathode ray tube, or is designed to be used with a television set or a monitor, that interacts with the user of the device.
(c) A violation of this section is a misdemeanor.

As reasonable as this law may seem at a glance to some parties, it creates a very unreasonable restriction on games which are produced within the abilities of the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) license. During every NASCAR broadcast, viewers bear witness to a variety of alcohol and tobacco related advertising in the form of Rusty Wallace's Miller Lite car, Dale Earnhardt Junior's Budweiser car, and most apparent, the name of the two main circuits of NASCAR, the Winston Cup (cigarette company) and the Busch Grand National (beer company). It would only seem logical that a video game that is licensed under NASCAR would be permitted to portray NASCAR in as realistic a manner as technology would allow. However, California Penal Code 308.5 forbids this.

This is actually a second double standard: A minor can view said controversial sponsorships (in addition to numerous others) in any given NASCAR race (one quarter of which are broadcast on a national non-cable network, NBC), however to represent the same in a video game in an effort to exude realism in what has been deemed a family-safe sport is forbidden. There should be no argument it is safe to conclude that if one plays a NASCAR video game, there is a very good chance that one has watched at least one NASCAR race on television. If the viewer/player was going to be influenced by alcohol or cigarette advertisements had they been in the game, is it not also safe to say that that person would have already been influenced by watching the race on television? In addition to this, the responsibility for keeping cigarettes and alcohol out of the hands of minors lies primarily on the vendors of these products. Secondary to the vendors, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the minors to educate them on the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. If both of these "lines of defense" fail, all of the censorship in the world won't strip children of the ability to become consumers of these otherwise legal health threats.