Rachel Richardson

This petition is aimed at banning the release in australia and eventually all around the world of britney spears' video "evertime" in this video she explicitly commits suicide, britney started her career as a role model to our children who is our future, unfortunately suicide in australia and all around the world is getting worse in our society and it is due to the roll models that our children look up to. I personally have had my own husband commit suicide and also my 12 year old daughter has attempted suicide as well and as a single mother I urge all parents to help support me to prevent this video from being seen by our youth.

I also have a email address for you to send an obection letter, these letters will be flooding the radio stations, music stores television stations that air music video's and britney's record company bmg music in america. The email address is objection@telstra.com

I petition to ban Britney Spears' video "Everytime" to help stop youth suicide,

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