African Union

AFRICOM is a military entity that is encircling Africa. It is the cutting edge of the imperialist war machine that brings drones and other military hardware that kills african and destabilises the region.

AFRICOM threatens the peace and stability in Africa and drives a colonial agenda that is destructive and exploitative. Africa, in order to develop itself in peace, needs all war machines off its soil so as it has a sovereign integrity and political independence.

There will never be peace in Africa as long as AFRICOM is on its soil.

We the undersigned peace loving peoples of Africa, and citizens of the world, demand that AFRICOM leaves African soil.

We demand the right to live in peace and want all instruments of war off our continent.

We demand that the African Union takes firm steps to ensure that AFRICOM leaves our continent immediately.

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The AFRICOM off African soil petition to African Union was written by Rassool Snyman and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.