Abbotsford Senior Secondary School

I believe that the students of Abbotsford Senior Secondary School deserve a competant, open minded school principal in place of the current one (Mr. Roger). The following are examples of Mr. Roger's closed mind:
- Suspending male students for wearing black makeup (after years of allowing females to do the same thing)
- Degrading comments on the visiting Beijing students.

Please, support the students of Abbotsford Senior, and help them get a competant principal, willing to take action on important points, take part in school pep rallys, who will listen to the students and most of all, leave his/her office every so often intstead of sitting around all day!

By signing this petition, we agree that the students of Abbotsford Senior Secondary deserve a better, open minded principal, willing to work for their students. We agree that Mr. Rogers should be terminated from his current job at Abbotsford Senior Secondary.

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