#Animal Rights
United States of America

Help a Dalmatian find a home. One out of every four dogs in shelters is a purebred dog. Make people aware that there are loving Dalmatians waiting for a forever home. Support your local Dalmatian rescue organization by registering these tags on your vehicle.

We need at least 375 tags in order to get the Virginia DMV to produce the Dalmatian Tags. The fee is a minimal $10 (plus normal registration fees) to show your support. If you are willing to purchase this tag, please fill out the petition below. Once we get the 375 tags, we will then present this to the DMV and those people that have signed the petition will be notified to pre-purchase their Dalmatian Rescue Tag. If you would be willing to purchase more than one tag, please enter the name of your spouse, etc for the number of tags you would like to order.

Because we will be notifying petitioners via email, please make sure to double check your email address on the petition.

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