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Steven Gilmore, Director of the youth behavior modification program GunHo, has been accused of a CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR that being ASSAULT-3 CTS/ENDANGER WELFARE OF CHILD. Steven Gilmore is being accused of this because he cut the hair of two visitors who where visiting the GunHo Program, the visitors and their guardian made no indication to Mr. Gilmore that they were not to receive any hair cut, in fact the two youths willing set in the chair and received the hair cut and at no time did anyone indicate to Mr. Gilmore that he was not to cut their hair.

We the people of the city of Springfield, the county of Greene in the State of Missouri, being registered votes do here by request the 31st Circuit Court to dissolve the charges of ASSAULT-3 CTS/ENDANGER WELFARE OF CHILD that are currently pending against Steven M. Gilmore.
We the people do feel that Steven Gilmore is not guilty of this charge just as a barber is not guilty of cutting the hair of every minor that sets willing in the chair at a barbershop.
Steven Gilmore is a vital asset to our community and a respected mentor to our children; therefore we do beseech the 31st Circuit Court and demand the immediate dismissal of these pending charges.

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