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1. Make Videogames & Tech cheaper in Croatia

We the citizens of the Republic of Croatia are DEMANDING from the Shopkeepers to loosen up on the tech prices like the HD TV, Laptops, Tab PC´s, Video-games & Gaming Peripherals!

2. TES:Daggerfall source codes for community

Revamp Daggerfall to endless entertaint in virtual reality, maybe also include multiplayer experience in future.

3. Dazzler playable for "Marvel vs Capcom 3"

I, along with most Dazzler fans are tired of our mutan pop sensation constantly being left out of games.

Many Dazzler fans were joyous when the announcement for X-Men Legends came, but sadly she was cut out of the game, along with the sequel. Then Marvel Ultimate Alliance comes along, and she isn't in that either, nor the sequel.

We're fed up with games ignoring our beloved Glitterati, and we aren't going to stand for this any more. If you agree, then you'll sign this petition to have our beloved Dazzler in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

4. Bring back passer vision to Madden

In 2006, EA Sports added a new feature to its Madden video game franchise – QB passer vision, also known as the vision cone. The vision cone was meant to revolutionize the football videogame, allowing the user to read defenses and look off receivers as real NFL quarterbacks do (except Jamarcus Russell).

How it Worked

After snapping the ball, a semi-transparent white cone would emerge from the quarterback and spread over a portion of the field, representing the QB’s “vision”. The cone could be controlled by moving the right thumbstick left or right (representing the quarterback looking left or right to survey the field), or by holding down the left trigger button and hitting the button for any designated receiver (representing the quarterback quickly eyeing down one of his targets). When throwing to a receiver within your vision cone, your pass would be accurate. Attempting to throw to a receiver outside of your QB’s vision resulted in a steep accuracy penalty.

Quarterbacks of different awareness (a Madden stat used to measure a quarterback’s decision-making) had different sized cones – the better your quarterback, the bigger the cone (and thus the easier it was to pass the ball).

Why It Was So Good

Passer vision improved the realism, challenge, and overall gameplay of the Madden series.

Playing a football videogame is all about balancing the user’s abilities with the skills of the team he’s controlling. The essence of this is that it’s more challenging to play with inferior teams, as the user is handicapped by the capabilities of the team he’s controlling. The vision cone left the results of a play more in the hands of the user and less in a computer algorithm, adding challenge and variation into the passing game.


In both the passer vision and non-passer vision systems, there is a disadvantage to playing as a bad quarterback. The disadvantage in the passer vision world was that it was more difficult for the user to “hone in” on a receiver and thus throw an accurate pass. This increased the difficulty while leaving the overall result in the hands of the user. The regular system disadvantages poor quarterbacks by accuracy penalties. So, if you spot a receiver with a two yard lead on the coverage, a good quarterback is more likely to hit him in stride, and a poor quarterback is more likely to overthrow or underthrow the target, leading to a higher probability of an incomplete pass or an interception. In this case, the results are in the hands of the CPU, which uses a random number generator coupled with your QB’s accuracy rating to determine the precision of the pass.

With the passer cone, users were also able to look off receivers (this was done by focusing the vision on one side of the screen to draw the defense in that direction, only to quickly look the other way and pass to an open receiver). This is a real-life element of quarterbacking that is now absent in the game (viz., it’s in the game, but it’s not in the game).

Why It Went Away

There was a steep learning curve and people never gave it a chance. There are only two kinds of Madden players – those who loved the vision cone, and those who never got the hang of it.

Counter Arguments

Argument: Even without the passer cone, the passing game is still very challenging and in the hands of the user. The user must read the defense, avoid the pass rush, determine how much zip to put on the ball, etc.

Answer: True. But why make a game where you can do all that perfectly and then have the ball be intercepted due to a random variable?

Argument: The accuracy algorithms existed under the vision cone system too.

Answer: Also true, but they were de-emphasized when combined with the human element of the passer vision.


The passer vision should be brought back as an option in future installments of Madden. Those who prefer not to use it can disable it.

5. Bring MCM Expo's Cosplay Roadshow to Norwich/Norfolk/East Anglia

There are various anime/manga, videogame, cosplay and media conventions around the country, but nothing substantial in East Anglia.

This petition is to gather support for such an event happening in this region, and also in support of the MCM Expo Group and its events.

The MCM Expo group is willing to bring their recently announced Cosplay Roadshow to this region if enough interest is generated.

This petition also serves as information about the fan base level in the region for other events to hopefully happen as well.

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6. Keep Marvel Universe Online Up!

As some of you may know, Marvel Studios and Cryptic are currently creating a MMORPG for the PC and next-gen consoles, in which you create your own superhero and interact with Marvel characters like Captain America and events like Civil War.

What some may not know is that these two companies are talking about giving us comic book and videogame fans the shaft by cancelling their project quietly, so that most people won't even notice.

Sign this petition, and we'll show them.

7. We Want the "The World"

Someone should recreate the actual game "THE WORLD"!!!!!

8. Get rid of pokemon for good

Hi i want pokemon to be cancled because it is so old and it's getting kinda gay. Digimon savers is comeing to the U.S. this year and if pokemon is gone, digimon will really do great and hopefully they will make a 67&8 or even more seasons. not only do i want it cancled for these reasons i also want it gone because red and green kecleon like the show and constantly dis on digimon,they would be so sad if pokemon was to die.HAHAHAHa brings a tear of joy to my eyes!besides am i the only one tierd of it!

i mean go read a book kids !pokemon is addicting(the games that is)and childern play them for hours on end.people also waste money and trees on this i mean have you seen how much pokemon cards cost?3.86 a pack!and the boster decks are 10.00.that could buy dinners for homeless people wich is more importaint than playing with your stuped is estamated that over 1 billion trees are cut down for these cards!WHAT A WASTE!.I don't care where you stand on the pokemon/digimon debate(which isent around in japan)you have got to admit that pokemon is distroying the Earth.LITARALLY!At pokrmon's peak pokemon had 6 million fans!and cards were around 4.00 a pack!now think about it if people went crazy and bought many at a time!the games also cost 45.00!You know some one is sitting pritty in a condo or pent house!you never hear about this guy donating mony to charaty!or building any thing to benifit the earth in any way.(i would know i live in Japan!)

Personally i think alll pokemon fans should just forget about pokemon turn off the TV and go out side!or read a book!im hopeing you all read this and think about my points now.IM GOING TO WATCH TV.LOL

9. Elektra: The Game

What if you were an assassin? Sprinting stealthily across rooves, taking out security cameras, disarming guards and dragging them from their perch, eavesdropping to found weaknesses, fears, even security holes... What if you were Elektra?

One could do all these things and more if Marvel once again created one of their facinating video games, this time, one about the assassin for hire who, through an odd twist of fate, must protect the very ones she was sent to kill from an army of supernatural ninjas.

Imagine a real time battle system like that used in Disney-Squaresoft's Kingdom Hearts, in which the player can run around the field freely, slashing and stabbing at the press of a button.

Imagine the advanced 3D graphics showing a videoclip of Elektra, dressed in a long black cloak, stading atop a building presumeably on her way to her next kill as the wind ripples her coat, the slightest shimmers of blood red showing through.

Imagine a fully immersive world where one can walk into homes, battle the ninjas, and protect those deserving. Imagine the vivid patterns of ink forever stained on Tattoos skin flying through the maze as you are forced to play as Abby and destroy the vile creatures, while seconds later switching to Elektra to relive the final battle in the garden.

Imagine being Elektra.

Another movie that did similarly moderate at the box office, "The Punisher" got it's own video game shortly after DVD release, and Elektra has an even more video-game compatible storyline. Like "Sly 2: band of Thieves", one could play as Elektra, running across wires on roofs, spying to find secret entrances, and earning money used to buy new skills reminescent of those in Elektra: Ninja Assassin, the online game where such moves as "Phoenix Spin."

If done correctly, as a game in the same genre as Splinter Cell, Sly 2, or Beyond Good and Evil, "Elektra: The Game" would be a copy worthy of any gamers collection.

10. Don't Blame Video Games for Everything

People keep blaming video games for the cause of several things including the school shootings. I know several people who play violent videogames and they never get violent or take what they have played and put it into real life. I've played many videogames and i never thought of going a shooting a whole bunch of people. Why do people blame videogames? It's because they have nothing else to blame it on. Can't blame the internet because everyone uses it. People such as those senators or other officials that blame video games are completely wrong. Another way someone would blame video games for violence in children and teens is because they see that many games contain blood, shooting, ripping limbs off of people, and sniping people's heads off, and they don't want to see they're children playing these games. Well if parents don't want they're children playing these games, then why do they buy them? If parents want to stop violence, don't buy their child the violent games. Even though several violent games have sold alot (Grand Theft Auto 3), I think that video games aren't the problem, it's the parents and their lack of thought. How could a parent NOT see the big label saying rated "M" for mature?