#Media Issues

Hi i want pokemon to be cancled because it is so old and it's getting kinda gay. Digimon savers is comeing to the U.S. this year and if pokemon is gone, digimon will really do great and hopefully they will make a 67&8 or even more seasons. not only do i want it cancled for these reasons i also want it gone because red and green kecleon like the show and constantly dis on digimon,they would be so sad if pokemon was to die.HAHAHAHa brings a tear of joy to my eyes!besides am i the only one tierd of it!

i mean go read a book kids !pokemon is addicting(the games that is)and childern play them for hours on end.people also waste money and trees on this i mean have you seen how much pokemon cards cost?3.86 a pack!and the boster decks are 10.00.that could buy dinners for homeless people wich is more importaint than playing with your stuped cards.it is estamated that over 1 billion trees are cut down for these cards!WHAT A WASTE!.I don't care where you stand on the pokemon/digimon debate(which isent around in japan)you have got to admit that pokemon is distroying the Earth.LITARALLY!At pokrmon's peak pokemon had 6 million fans!and cards were around 4.00 a pack!now think about it if people went crazy and bought many at a time!the games also cost 45.00!You know some one is sitting pritty in a condo or pent house!you never hear about this guy donating mony to charaty!or building any thing to benifit the earth in any way.(i would know i live in Japan!)

Personally i think alll pokemon fans should just forget about pokemon turn off the TV and go out side!or read a book!im hopeing you all read this and think about my points now.IM GOING TO WATCH TV.LOL

For the sake of the earth lets get rid of pokemon!

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