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What if you were an assassin? Sprinting stealthily across rooves, taking out security cameras, disarming guards and dragging them from their perch, eavesdropping to found weaknesses, fears, even security holes... What if you were Elektra?

One could do all these things and more if Marvel once again created one of their facinating video games, this time, one about the assassin for hire who, through an odd twist of fate, must protect the very ones she was sent to kill from an army of supernatural ninjas.

Imagine a real time battle system like that used in Disney-Squaresoft's Kingdom Hearts, in which the player can run around the field freely, slashing and stabbing at the press of a button.

Imagine the advanced 3D graphics showing a videoclip of Elektra, dressed in a long black cloak, stading atop a building presumeably on her way to her next kill as the wind ripples her coat, the slightest shimmers of blood red showing through.

Imagine a fully immersive world where one can walk into homes, battle the ninjas, and protect those deserving. Imagine the vivid patterns of ink forever stained on Tattoos skin flying through the maze as you are forced to play as Abby and destroy the vile creatures, while seconds later switching to Elektra to relive the final battle in the garden.

Imagine being Elektra.

Another movie that did similarly moderate at the box office, "The Punisher" got it's own video game shortly after DVD release, and Elektra has an even more video-game compatible storyline. Like "Sly 2: band of Thieves", one could play as Elektra, running across wires on roofs, spying to find secret entrances, and earning money used to buy new skills reminescent of those in Elektra: Ninja Assassin, the online game where such moves as "Phoenix Spin."

If done correctly, as a game in the same genre as Splinter Cell, Sly 2, or Beyond Good and Evil, "Elektra: The Game" would be a copy worthy of any gamers collection.

We, the undersigned, believe that "Elektra" (2005) is worthy of a video game that functions in a stealthy, espionage manner and is of the quality fans have come to expect from Marvel.

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