Comic book fans, videogame players

As some of you may know, Marvel Studios and Cryptic are currently creating a MMORPG for the PC and next-gen consoles, in which you create your own superhero and interact with Marvel characters like Captain America and events like Civil War.

What some may not know is that these two companies are talking about giving us comic book and videogame fans the shaft by cancelling their project quietly, so that most people won't even notice.

Sign this petition, and we'll show them.

We, the undersigned, call upon Marvel Studios and any other bodies working under the Marvel license on the Marvel Universe Online MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) and Cryptic Studios and Microsoft, and any other companies or studios affiliated with the aformentioned product, to continue; and not cancel, Marvel Universe Online, but to strive to finish and perfect said game for the express enjoyment of the consumer, namely the undersigned.

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