Department of Correction Office of victim services
United States of America

Steven Ivester was sentenced to 8 years minimum and 10 years maximum, for murdering my father. His name was Rodney Martin. Steven Iverster has not even served 3 years in prison. They want him to have work release and family visits.

Why should he be allowed to see his family when my threee sisters and I can not see our dad? It is not fair on my family's behalf for him to be allowed to leave the prison for any reason what so every, until he as served his full amount of time.

Rodney Martin was a loveing father, a great husband,and a wonderful son. He did not dersver what happened to him and nether did his family. He was a great person and had many friends. He was a long time resident of Gaston County, and was loved by almost everybody.


Please stop a murderer for being allowed to leave the prison until he has served his time. This man has made my 4 sisters and my life so hard. This man has ruined my family. Please help me keep him were he belongs.

My sisters and I have had to grow up with out a father for four years now.My youngest sister was onley 3 at the time it happened, she never really got to no here dad and is that fare to her that he can get out be for he has derved his time . So please help me keep this man were he blongs.

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