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Mr. Albert made certain contradictions to his "promises" to treat Asians differently or make harsher consequences. In one case, he had excluded Asian witnesses unreasonably to make the Asian victim's case more difficult. After the Asian victim, alone without the witness, was harrassed and mocked in racial discrimination toward Chinese, she was not given a right to speak in the office. The two other students bullying her did not get a consequence because they lied to him, telling a false story and the Asian girl ended up being the one to apologize.

In another case, saying he didn't see someone make a physical offense, the student was left without a consequence. When an Asian student was accused for pushing another student due to racial discrimination, he was suspended without Mr. Albert witnessing the situation. Saying he did not witness the situation before this, there was no consequence for the student making a physical offense.

In the racial discrimination issue, he stated again he did not see the situation, but the Asian student was suspended. After telling his side of the story about racial discrimination treated toward him regarding Asians, Mr. Albert made a phone call to the parents suggesting anger management courses. Respectively, the Asians in these cases did not deserve the harsh treatments given by Mr. Albert.

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