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Nanjing University

Calling all patrons, past and present, of Da An/Blowing in the Wind in Nanjing, People's Republic of China.

Nanjing University intends to redevelop the area in which Da An is located as part of their expansion plan. This means that Da An will be no more! Please sign this petition to help us make it known to the University, the cultural and social significance of Da An in Nanjing, in hope that they may allow Da An to remain or provide a suitable alternative space for the bar in their plans.

We are organising a Da An music night 'Zui Zhong Yao de Shi Wanr!' for June 29th, inviting all artists who have previously played in Da An to perform in support of this cause. Please come along!

This electronic petition will support our local paper-petition and will be submitted with as many photographs as we can get of good times in Da An. If you have a photograph of yourself in Da An and wish to submit it, please attach it to an email and send to:

Laodong55@yahoo.co.uk - or post them to Shanghai Road, No. 13 Jinyin Street, Nanjing, PRC, 210000

Please help us spread the word to all those who have been to Nanjing and Da An.

This petition is by the patrons of Da An/Blowing in the Wind. Da An has made a strong contribution to a level of cross-cultural interaction in Nanjing which makes the city stand out in China. Few places have managed to provide an atmosphere that is so open to all. It is a defining institute for those interested in cultural exchange. Though we cannot stem the tide of change and accept the nature and importance of development, we sign our names to show our thanks for the memorable moments and happy times that have come to pass in Da An, and in hope that the University can provide a place for Da An in its future plans. A place that we hope will continue to encourage cultural exchange and bring people together to enjoy music and camaraderie.

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