Macquarie University Sports Association

StevieStar (no.7) and Mish (no.15), of the Macquarie University Basketball team have been some of the most influential characters over the past five years. They have brought back tradition and pride to the university that was starting to lack.
In Perth in 1999, they gave birth to Delores the Dolphin, which is now the Macquarie University intervarsity mascot and an icon throughout the University's of Australia.
They have brought back spirit and pride back to Macquarie University. Both Stevie and Mish are well known and respected throughout the university by both students and staff members.
In signing the petition you will help to provide the university with a historic tradition.

We the undersigned, petition that numbers 7 (StevieStar), and 15 (Mish), of the Macquarie university basketball team, be retired from competition and future events and placed on the walls of the Macquarie Unversity gymnasium.

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