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1. Humans need Hugs not Trucks near us!

Law & Order is being shattered and lives being taken by terrorists at increasing frequency across Europe, by use of - garbage collection trucks, beer delivery lorries and similar large vehicles - as deadly weapons.

We live in the age of CCTV watching and computers recording everything. 100s of CCTV cameras and linked computers automatically bill me for Congestion Charge every time I drive into Central London. Proof that technology exists to monitor all vehicles inside busy urban areas, when the government wants to collect taxes. Now it's time for the government to urgently consider adapting this or similar technologies to protect the same tax payers.

This petition requests:

1. Urban road-user surveylence technology adapted to monitor Heavy Vehicles, to spot danger immediately, and installing emergency engine disable & alarm devices to render the vehicle useless in case of hijack or theft.

2. Strict policy to allow such heavy vehicle movement only between 1am and 6am, in the early hours of the morning well before the typical school and office rush hour starts in most cities. And for them to be safely parked where they belong by 7am, a penalty charge for late stoppers between 6am and 7am, and an even stricter action if such vehicle remain in motion post 7am when it's close to the start of school rush.

3. In residential areas for house move etc needs of the people - more thoughts about how to ensure that safety is the first priority.


To whom it may concern 19/03//17
To the General Manager of Blacktown Council
Please find the attached petition that the Residents have now put to you
We the residents of Munmorah Circuit, Yantara Place and Eucumbene Drive Woodcroft and surrounding streets of Woodcroft would also like it brought to the attention of the council about the number of trucks still entering and leaving and parking in Eucumbene Drive and Munmorah Circuit. It has been brought to our attention that the owner/operator of this business resides and runs his business from the New Four Seasons Estate at all hours of the day and night.
We have had up to 7 trucks under the same business name where drivers are driving and parking in Munmorah Circuit and Eucumbene Dr all Hrs of the day and night, we feel that the streets are being used as a Fleet Depot for storage and driver pickup point as drivers have been seen parking and picking up trucks for days work , this is all being run from the current address of Number 29 Vananta Glade Four Seasons Estate Eucumbene Dr Woodcroft which we feel is Illegal as when looking on the website for this company he is listed at 4/494 Great Western Highway Pendle Hill NSW 2145 and also 30 English St Pendle Hill NSW 2145, we also cannot find an ABN Number Listed under 2 Professional Men & a Truck or under the Business name which is Cheapest Discount Removal Sydney, the owner of this company is Mr Singh
We have also noticed that several oversized trucks have again been parking in Eucumbene Dr Woodcroft in recent days, here is one rego number of a larger truck parked in Eucumbene more than 2hr limit REGO : BY60YH Flat Tray
We the residents are still encountering these trucks turning up at all hrs of the day and night up and not excluding early hrs of the morning EG: 1am and then starting up and leaving at 6am, they are doing illegal reversing out of Munmorah onto Eucumbene Drive or attempting to do 3 point turns over and on the medium strips. They have broken tree branches at times as they park up on the side of the footpaths and never do they arrive or leave in a quite manner, even cleaning out the trucks at midnight with banging of the doors or the straps inside the trucks being moved around .They do not at times obey the parking rules often found parked right on the corner of Munmorah and Eucumbene Dr. As recent as Friday Night 17/3/17 these trucks were entering and leaving Eucumbene Drive & Munmorah Circuit up until 12pm Midnight with one of the trucks hitting the Munmorah Circuit Street Sign as per photo which I have in my possesion , these drivers do not show any respect for residents of Woodcroft or their properties continually driving over residents front nature strips
We would like council to look into the seriousness as our neighbourhood street has become a parking lot for these trucks which need to be moved on or into Four Seasons Estate parking areas
Yours faithfully the residents of Woodcroft

3. More truck parking at the Port Macquarie BP 24hr service station (Pacific Hwy)

The Port Macquarie 24hr BP service station also known as the donut, is a halfway point between Brisbane and Sydney for trucks to stop to use clean amenities and have breaks.

There used to be adequate parking spaces for truck drivers to stop for their allocated rest breaks but now they only have parking bays for 2 trucks and other parking for caravans and cars with trailers. This results in trucks having to park on the side of the highway. There is unused land next to the Macdonald's where their could be more safe and adequate parking for trucks.

The council are currently working on installing a bus bay at the donut so busses and coaches have a safer place to stop instead of the on the side of the highway.

This petition is for more safer parking spaces for heavy vehicles.


Mechanical Engineer, Air Quality noise pollution and children safety concerns.

5. Stop the Trucks in Vermont Villages

As of December 18, 2010 heavy trucks will be banned again from the interstates in Vermont. The expiration of this bill will cause problems in the villages of Vermont. Trucks will have to travel longer distances to reach their destinations thereby increasing costs.

The villages had enjoyed less trucks going through their neighborhood making it safer for the children, reduced pollution, damages to our homes, and less damage to small roads which cannot take the heavy loads of some trucks.

6. Stop Wagga Council from trying to ban trucks in Tarcutta Main Street

Wagga Wagga City Council has proposed to stop all trucks from parking in the Main St of Tarcutta, NSW post bypass and prohibiting any transport related business from starting within the Village. This is to be passed in their DCP (Development Control Plan).

We need to stop this from happening. Tarcutta has been Australia's own Transport town since trucks started running the Hume Highway.

7. Put a stop to riding in the bed of a truck Unrestrained

In the event of a vehicle crash, any occupants riding in the bed unrestrained will be ejected and this greatly increases the likelihood of traumatic injuries and even death.

It should be forbidden completely to ride in the bed of a truck, without properly being restrained, on public roads to take the mystery or confusion out of this very dangerous activity.

You can purchase seating for the bed of your truck at, these seat are legal and with keep your passengers safe.

8. Prohibit use of J-Brakes by Trucks on Country Club and Ninevah Drives

Heavy load-bearing trucks frequently use Country Club Dr. and Ninevah Dr. as a shortcut from 276 to 23/74. They must frequently use J-brakes to make the stop at the intersection of Country Club Dr. and Ninevah Dr., due to the speed they are traveling and the decline of the road at that intersection.

As this is a mountainous, residential area, the noise from these J-brakes reverberates for great distances and is very disruptive to the peace and quiet of our neighborhood.

9. Save the Cars

The Cash for Clunkers program is a potentially phenomenol program with one giant flaw. It is designed to stimulate the economy by offering financial assistance to consumers who are trading in vehicles. This part of the program is wonderful. It is the second part of the program that will potentially take the jobs of tens of thousands of people nationwide.

All vehicles traded in under the cash for clunkers program are required to be destroyed. This takes hundreds of thousands out of the used car and used auto parts market. This number is tremendous and cannot be ignored. Also, there are people who cannot afford newer cars and need inexpensive vehicles available to them. This program will prevent them from being able to get automobiles.

10. Get Rid Of DAC Reports For Transportation Workers

Truck drivers are applying for jobs, so when the trucking companies are pulling their DAC reports, there is alot of inaccurate information on the DAC report. For example; if a guy names John T. Hancock apply for a trucking job, and the company pull his DAC report All the John Hancocks come up, they don't pay attention to his middle name. DAC generalizes instead of being aware of the differences.

Another example; if you had a heartattack on the job and the doctor does not release you by the time the job want you back at work. They will say you quit, when really you were under a doctors care, so when the job your applying for look at that, it makes you look bad when you were really ill.

11. Stop the Mandatory Termination of your Local Amercian Auto Dealer

A mandatory elimination of your local American Auto Dealer is unjust. The termination would be devastating to their community and the surrounding towns. Lost jobs, increased taxes, and the erosion of your local economy is inevitable. Your Dealer is not an expense to the Manufacturer or the Government.

Our Free Enterprise is being violated by the Governments' Socialistic views. The Manufacturer is also being manipulated, in are so called," Free Market". Take action to insure your American Rights and Freedom to make our own decisions!

12. Stop the trailer trucks business from operating in the Shannock RI area

Shannock RI was a country town until a trucking company moved onto West Shannock Road. We would like an end to the trailer trucks coming down our Roads in Shannock. This company has ruined our town with all the noise coming from them (It appears to be some kind of gravel pit), the trucks coming down our roads all hours of the day and polluting our air with the exhaust coming from these trucks. The Zoning needs to be re-evaluated.

13. Stop forward motion on transfer station

Proper discussion has not been initiated with the town board, town residents, and BOCC, Road & bridge and county manager and forward motion has begun.

The economic feasibility of this HSS site is not fully researched as the BOCC does not know where the trash will be hauled. Depending on this answer, other sites (specifically Kremmling landfill and Fraser Road and Bridge shop could be more feasible).

There are no regulations in place to insure the community's safety. There are no regulations in place should any regulations be violated with the potential for hazardous health and environmental impacts.

We have been unfairly isolated from the planning process with the above departments. The people of this county should have been involved in this important decision effecting all of our lives.

There are documented examples of other communities transfer stations who do not adhere to maintenance of the facility.

Increased carbon footprint due to truck traffic mileage when traveling large distances to and from Hot Sulphur Springs.

This proposal is in direct conflict with the Grand County Master Plan with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs on issues of preserving agricultural and ranching views on the east end of the town, and joint development with the county within a three mile area of the town.

There will potentially be a negative impact to the water quality due to the close proximity of the waste transfer station to the Colorado River and the source for the Hot Sulphur Springs municipal water plant.

Negative impact on National Scenic Byway, one of few in the state and country

Negative impact to our community is documented in other communities fights against transfer station. They include, visual, odor, noise, traffic, and ground water issues as listed below:

Truck traffic including leachate and trash escaping from trucks, heavy truck traffic, road infrastructure and damage, and increased noise

Noise pollution with large trucks, the trucks dropping loads that may still be encased in steel dumpsters onto concrete tipping floors which can cause adverse vibration in nearby structures.

Odors escaping from open facility doors and unclean trucks

Falling property values and disease spreading due to external vectors such as bugs, birds, mice, and other vermin

Cumulative impacts on public health and quality of life from noxious odors, water quality contamination, increased external vectors, dust, and truck exhaust

Increased fire hazard involved in storage and transfer of materials

Litter and the resulting reduction of property values from improperly sealed trucks, improperly stored garbage, and from wind when doors are open

Property values will decrease due to above issues

14. Let us truckers custom our rides

Us truckers are only trying to make our cars unique, these are our pride and joy. This is more then just a hobby it is a life style, we are not a gang or a crew, we are a community.

15. Recycling for Schools

The City of Calgary will start a curbside residential recycling program in 2009. The plan excludes all schools. Most schools are located in residential areas, so the trucks will drive right past the schools but not stop to collect their paper.

The cost of stopping at schools would be minimal if schools are simply added to the route as trucks move through communities to collect recycling.

The children and young adults in our schools are the leaders of tomorrow. Society will be well served if our younger generation learn the importance, the logic and the simplicity of being environmentally friendly at home, at school at work and at play.

We are asking the City of Calgary to help our schools with this by allowing schools to be included in the curbside recycling program.

16. Relocate Charles River Towers garbage and recycling pickup

At present entire CRT (131 and 151) garbage and recycling bins are being picked up from the rear of the 131 side of building. All 151 side bins being pushed out to 131 side every day. It has been very exasperating and discomforting hearing the trucks emptying the bins within close premises.

Upon completion of garage project on 151 side it is essential to ask the trustee to make the decision and to relocate the Garbage and Recycling pick up to 151 side.

There is unquestionably more maneuver space on 151 side for the trucks to turn around, there is no immediate building like the “Horizon” apartments on 131 side to reverberate the sound back to building and above all it would not cause any additional work for the building janitors.

17. Help Stop Horse Slaughter

Each Year Hundreds of thousands of horses are slaughtered in United States and are transported to Canada for inhumane consumption.
Wild horses, ponies, race horses, pleasure horses, sick, old, even healthy are all unwanted or no longer needed will be slaughtered because owners demands change.
Sold through auctions horses will then be sold from the killer buyers by the pound.
The fatter and bigger the horse it's chances are at higher risk to go for meat.
The horses are then packed in double decker trucks which should only be used for pigs and cattle.
The ceilings do not meet there needs as they are to low for the horses to lift there heads comfortably.
The horses being transported for slaughter are not properly rested, fed or given water.
The long rides are approx 36 sometimes more.
Alot of times when the driver reaches his destination most of the exhausted horses end up being injured or dead from cramming too many horses in the trucks.
The dead ones end up being left behind.
The law states that horses be unconcious before having this awful practice done but in most cases that doesn't happen.
Many investigators have witnessed horses still consious and were improperly stunned.
Usually with a device called a captive bolt gun which shoots a metal rod in to the horses brain.
The conditions in the slaughter house are stressful and frightning.
France, Holland, Mexico, Europe, and Japan are just some of the countries that eat horse.
The over breeding such as race horses and pleasure horses has got to stop it has made a higher risk for slaughter.
In the states 92.3% of horses are still in good condition alot of people lie and state there sick, old, or injured but again thats not always the case.
Owners selling there school horses or ponies to auctions are not always aware what happens after they are sold.
Do you really know where there going?
I don't get horse people any more once there horse gets sick or can't do the job anymore the owners give up on them people should be ashamed of them selves and wake up and realize whats happening.
These horses were not meant for meat.
These living loving animals have done so much for us like win the race bred beautiful foals.
They all deserve a second chance and better lives for people to love them for them instead of being sent for slaughter.
These horses suffer a painful death.
I believe there's a home for every horse out there.
My heart will never stop until this ends in happiness for them.
If I can save one horse I made a difference.

18. Stop the Transload Facility in Lockport, Illinois at Chevron Texaco


Chevron (formerly Texaco) located at 301 West Second Street Lockport Illinois has been in remediation for years and is now ready for development.

Opus North was hired to develop this property .

The first parcel ready for occupation is in the south end of the property near 2nd Street and they are considering a Transload Facility that would involve additional train cars unloading things like plastic pellets, lumber and paper rolls and 170 diesel trucks entering the facility 5 days a week. (Approximately 100 on the weekend)

19. STOP San Francisco's Public Transportation Noise Pollution

I am here to address the imminent acoustic chaos that we are being subject to daily by mistakes in legislation and abuse of power from Federal and our local Government in San Francisco.

These are seen and heard through public transportation policies from our federal and local government transportation, from industry, commerce and construction sites. I live in San Francisco in the stretch between Columbus and Van Ness. Our home living airspace property lines are being invaded and bombarded daily by harmful noise signals emitted in three different frequencies crossing 150-250 feet through our building property lines, from the Electric trolley Muni bus. ( Please, check this petition forum for a detail explanation and discussion of the meaning of [1] False alarms ).

All these events have reached the limits of human endurance and degraded our personal health in many negative ways. I have developed a sleep disorder, I can not work properly or conduct a normal life with the situation increasing on a daily basis.

We need your help to stop this acoustic chaos we are subjected to daily.

In a 2001 US Census survey, 11.8 million households said street or traffic noise was bothersome. An additional 4.5 million residents said it was so bad they wanted to move. The problem has grown beyond the reach and control of local and state governments, local and the federal government should be aware and actively involved in protecting the public from an onslaught of noise pollution that is going to get much worse if we citizens do not act now.

People who are exposed to noise pollution suffer from hearing loss, sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, anxiety, hostility, depression and hypertension. Pregnant woman, infants and children may be seriously harmed by exposure certain types of noise. In children, it results in slowed learning.

Noise levels are much worse than they ever were in the seventies.
The past and present truth is that noise always have been an unwanted human environmental pollution and therefore a waste wave energy that needs to be abated.
Those that bought into this idea that noise is an instrument of safety are disguising themselves. There are better backup technologies Today for traffic and safety warnings and for kneeling down vehicle axis that are quiet and do not violate the neighborhood's acoustic airspace.

Please access these links to learn more about urban acoustic pollution:

Sound of San Francisco, California.
Reporting local noise pollution violations and invasion by Gov. Transportation, Commerce, Industry, Construction and Public Issues.

NoiseOFF - Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
Legislative and research information on noise pollution.

League for the Hard of Hearing
Article of Dr. Arline Bronzaft.

20. Traffic Concerns of Station Hill Residents

The speed limit is 25 miles an hour from NMMC till you leave Fort Kent. I have clocked 10 ton trucks going approximately 38-42 miles per hour.

This is a high pedestrian and children area. This is the normal speed not a few individual trucks or companies.

I am trying to prevent a tragedy before it occurs.

21. Coulter Bus and Excavation Should Not Be Allowed To Use Lakeland Drive As An Outlet

Coulter Bus and Excavation has long been a staple and asset to the Smithville community by providing a bussing service to our schools and a top-notch excavation company for business and residents alike, however, Coulter busses and trucks are a true nuisance and problem for the residents of Lakeland Heights.

Large trucks and machinery and a fleet of busses interrupt what is typically a peaceful neighborhood.

Coulter should not allow their fleet to use a neighborhood street, with lots of small children, when they have equal access to a public street.

22. Stop Horse Slaughter in the U.K.

I have created this petition to make the slaughter of horses illegal in the UK. Most horses destined for slaughter are sold at livestock auctions or sales. The cruelty of horse slaughter is not limited to the act of killing the animals. Horses bound for slaughter are shipped, frequently for long distances, in a manner that fails to accommodate their unique temperaments. They are usually not rested, fed, or watered during travel.

Economics, not humane considerations, dictate the conditions, including crowding as many horses into trucks as possible.

Often, terrified horses and ponies are crammed together and transported to slaughter in double-deck trucks designed for cattle and pigs. The truck ceilings are so low that the horses are not able to hold their heads in a normal, balanced position. Inappropriate floor surfaces lead to slips and falls, and sometimes even trampling.

Some horses arrive at the slaughterhouse seriously injured or dead. Although transportation accidents have largely escaped public scrutiny, several tragic ones involving collapsed upper floors and overturned double-deckers have caused human fatalities as well as suffering and death for the horses.

Before slaughter horses are supposed to be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, usually with a device called a captive bolt gun, which shoots a metal rod into the horse's brain. Some horses, however, are improperly stunned and may still be conscious when they are hoisted by a rear leg to have their throats cut. In addition, conditions in the slaughterhouse are stressful and frightening for horses.

Horses of virtually all ages and breeds are slaughtered, from draft types to miniatures. Horses commonly slaughtered include unsuccessful race horses, horses who are lame or ill, surplus riding school and camp horses, mares whose foals are not economically valuable, and foals who are "byproducts" of the Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) industry, which produces the estrogen-replacement drug Premarin®. Ponies, mules, and donkeys are slaughtered as well.

Many of the horses that are purchased for slaughter were in good health, and bought for only a few hundred pounds.

The owners are often totally unaware of the pain, fear, and suffering their horses endure before being slaughtered.

23. Abolish Horse Slaughter

Horses are slaughtered every day!!! The way horses are killed is cruel and inhumane! They are transported by huge trucks or cattle trucks that aren't fit for the horses at all. They are transported in large groups mares, foals, stallions, geldings. They are usually not given food or water on their journey or even when they arrive. Some are dead on arrival others are on the verge of dying.

The others are moved into large pens where they wait to be 'stunned' when a metal rod is shot through their head,paralyzing them. Then they get thrown down a shoot and into the 'kill box'. Where they are hung upside-down by their hind legs and their throats are cut. THEY LET THE HORSES SUFFER BY BLEEDING TO DEATH!!!!!! Any horse can go to slaughter even the most beautiful healthy horse or the youngest foal.

24. Dust & Dirt on Jackson County Dirt Roads

We all live with in 2 miles of a dirt pit that Anderson Columbia Construction owns. They run trucks in & out and they contract other trucks such as Holmes II out of Anniston AL to do so also. And then there is Grice & Son who runs in & out often also.

We have some people that live on the Popular Springs Road that have very bad health and some with severe breathing problems. We have called and go very littel response to them keeping the roads wet down so that the dust doesn't become unbearable to these folks. The trucks of course keep the roads a mess. They came last week and barely sprinkled the road, that is just not what we need. We need it to be maintained as long as they are going to be running in & out all day.

It is awful for all of us, but our main concern is for the health and well being of the families who live here in Jackson County.




26. State of Maine's third lane law for truckers

The State of Maine the way Life should be.

This moto is changing with new laws trying to be passed by the State of Maine. It is becoming a discriminating state if they allow the law for trucks to stay right to be passed. Take a look at other states and how the left lane law has affected them. Traffic is impaired worse than Maine's. The only thing slowing us down are the toll boths.

27. Tractor Trailer Rigs Drivng on Old Nacogdoches Trl.

We the residents of C.R. 203/Old Nacogdoches Trl., Forney, TX, Kaufman County have concerns about our neighborhood. Tractor trailers are using C.R. 203 for access to Interstate 20. C.R. 203 is not designed for heavy equipment. C.R. 203 becomes unsafe for residents vehicles because of the wash-board affect that happens from the tractor trailers on a dirt road. The part of C.R. 203 that is paved has become as bad as the part that is not.

Concerns have been expressed to the owner of Sutton Fruit and Vegitable on the South side of Interstate 20 about the trucks going above the posted speed limit, but it has done no good.
We the residents of C.R. 203 would like to request that signs be constructed at both ends of C.R. 203 "No Trucks" and Speed Limit signs that are posted clearly for drivers.