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The State of Maine the way Life should be.

This moto is changing with new laws trying to be passed by the State of Maine. It is becoming a discriminating state if they allow the law for trucks to stay right to be passed. Take a look at other states and how the left lane law has affected them. Traffic is impaired worse than Maine's. The only thing slowing us down are the toll boths.

The State of Maine is trying to pass a law that prohibits trucks to drive in the far left lane. Other states have implemented this law and we as truck drivers find fault with those states. (1) cars will run the third lane and cut off trucks to get to there off ramps. (2) It slows the flow of traffic because cars will go under the speed limits, side by side for miles with out passing one another and the trucks can't get around them. (3) It makes more sense if trucks are traveling thru cities that they be in the left lane to go thru and be out of the way instead of having to deal with those who are trying to get on and off the interstates. (4) It will not make a difference on the emissions comming from the exhaust no matter which lane the trucks are in, as the state of Maine would have the public to believe. (5) It will keep the Maine interstate system safe with out this new law. (6) This is a discrimination law which we are not to be discriminated against as Americans.

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