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Coulter Bus and Excavation
United States of America

Coulter Bus and Excavation has long been a staple and asset to the Smithville community by providing a bussing service to our schools and a top-notch excavation company for business and residents alike, however, Coulter busses and trucks are a true nuisance and problem for the residents of Lakeland Heights.

Large trucks and machinery and a fleet of busses interrupt what is typically a peaceful neighborhood.

Coulter should not allow their fleet to use a neighborhood street, with lots of small children, when they have equal access to a public street.

What we, the residents of Lakeland Heights are petitioning for, is for Coulter to be denied access to Lakeland Heights as an inlet and outlet.

Coulter should be forced to use the outlet onto Liberty, a public road that does not run through a family crowded subdivision.

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