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I am here to address the imminent acoustic chaos that we are being subject to daily by mistakes in legislation and abuse of power from Federal and our local Government in San Francisco.

These are seen and heard through public transportation policies from our federal and local government transportation, from industry, commerce and construction sites. I live in San Francisco in the stretch between Columbus and Van Ness. Our home living airspace property lines are being invaded and bombarded daily by harmful noise signals emitted in three different frequencies crossing 150-250 feet through our building property lines, from the Electric trolley Muni bus. ( Please, check this petition forum for a detail explanation and discussion of the meaning of [1] False alarms ).

All these events have reached the limits of human endurance and degraded our personal health in many negative ways. I have developed a sleep disorder, I can not work properly or conduct a normal life with the situation increasing on a daily basis.

We need your help to stop this acoustic chaos we are subjected to daily.

In a 2001 US Census survey, 11.8 million households said street or traffic noise was bothersome. An additional 4.5 million residents said it was so bad they wanted to move. The problem has grown beyond the reach and control of local and state governments, local and the federal government should be aware and actively involved in protecting the public from an onslaught of noise pollution that is going to get much worse if we citizens do not act now.

People who are exposed to noise pollution suffer from hearing loss, sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, anxiety, hostility, depression and hypertension. Pregnant woman, infants and children may be seriously harmed by exposure certain types of noise. In children, it results in slowed learning.

Noise levels are much worse than they ever were in the seventies.
The past and present truth is that noise always have been an unwanted human environmental pollution and therefore a waste wave energy that needs to be abated.
Those that bought into this idea that noise is an instrument of safety are disguising themselves. There are better backup technologies Today for traffic and safety warnings and for kneeling down vehicle axis that are quiet and do not violate the neighborhood's acoustic airspace.

Please access these links to learn more about urban acoustic pollution:

Sound Pollution.org of San Francisco, California.
Reporting local noise pollution violations and invasion by Gov. Transportation, Commerce, Industry, Construction and Public Issues.

NoiseOFF - Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
Legislative and research information on noise pollution.

League for the Hard of Hearing
Article of Dr. Arline Bronzaft.

Please, join us in a petition to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and Commissions to stop SFMTA-Muni from acoustically invading our homes property lines with beep signals, whistles, voice signals (+) emitted in three different airspace frequencies reaching a range distance of 150-250 feet through our property living space and into street traffic.

Noise is a form of weapon of distress and stress recognized and used in the II Word War and today by the Military. In addition, noise is a harmful unwanted wave energy emission recognized worldwide as an element of distress and mental, physical stress by scientists, engineers, psychologists, health care practitioners and social urban acoustical activists and consultants.

Please, sign your first and last name, give us your opinion about stopping urban acoustic pollution and email or phone number for contact. I will be representing you at City Hall and City meetings in San Francisco.

*We do respect your privacy and we will not share any of this information except when we need it for a presentation at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for actions and motions.

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