#Animal Rights
Equine Advocate Inc.
United States of America

Horses are slaughtered every day!!! The way horses are killed is cruel and inhumane! They are transported by huge trucks or cattle trucks that aren't fit for the horses at all. They are transported in large groups mares, foals, stallions, geldings. They are usually not given food or water on their journey or even when they arrive. Some are dead on arrival others are on the verge of dying.

The others are moved into large pens where they wait to be 'stunned' when a metal rod is shot through their head,paralyzing them. Then they get thrown down a shoot and into the 'kill box'. Where they are hung upside-down by their hind legs and their throats are cut. THEY LET THE HORSES SUFFER BY BLEEDING TO DEATH!!!!!! Any horse can go to slaughter even the most beautiful healthy horse or the youngest foal.

Please help abolish horse slaughter. Sign this petition and save the horses!!!

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