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1. Business Fairness for Badon Tennis Academy

Veronica Badon is a contractor with Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation. I have been running a successful tennis program at Loma Alta Park for 15 years. Badon Tennis Academy has brought in significant revenue to Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation and is serving the community well. I have helped students receive college scholarship and I give scholarships to my program and provide summer tutoring to my students.

Badon Tennis Academy is asking for Business Fairness. The county should not bring in other Tennis instructor to compete for business at Loma Alta Park. They do not have two Volley programs or two basket ball programs. Why would they promote two tennis programs.

The impact of two businesses running a tennis program at Loma Alta Park is that no courts will be available for the public to use. It will also impact Badon Tennis academy which has been established there for 15 years.

2. Increase Community Participation in Tennis in Romsey

Over the past 5-years Romsey Tennis has been delivering a strategy of “Tennis for All”. The specific aim of this strategy is to develop services that will enable all our catchment community to become involved in tennis-based activities. This includes:
• opportunities for disabled people to play tennis, or have access to appropriate coaching sessions
• free/subsidised coaching for children from disadvantaged backgrounds
• free/subsidised tennis sessions for people through our community partners including Youth in Romsey, The Priory and Romsey Young Carers
• low-cost entry routes into tennis (for example Tennis Xpress (for all abilities), cardio tennis for non-tennis players and players, holiday camps
• partnerships with local schools
• pay-and-play for children and adults who want to play outside of a club environment
• free taster sessions with coaching to encourage people to get engaged in sport
To deliver this strategy has required the upgrade of facilities that were not fit for purpose, as follows:
(1) new court surface (all courts) - 2013
(2) Floodlight courts 1 and 2 - 2013
We are now at the point where to continue to deliver and develop our community services we require further court capacity at peak times (week-day after-school and evenings). This requires courts 3 and 4 to be floodlit. This is the subject of this petition.

3. Keep Allendale Court for Tennis

Please sign this petition to support the continued use of the Allendale Park tennis court for tennis, not pickleball. Tennis is already splitting time with pickleball during the week and not making any issues about it, but they want more – they want the entire court for themselves now. And they want it in spite of the fact that the City Planning Commission has already put the construction of dedicated pickleball courts in the CIP.
So if you are a tennis player who uses this facility and wants to maintain it as a tennis court, please sign this petition to support our cause and, if you are available, come to the Rec & Parks Commission meeting July 11, 6:00 pm, at the City Yards, 233 W. Mountain Street, in Pasadena.

4. Support Girls' tennis at Alexander Hamilton High School

Many girls do not have supported sports in their school.
The girls' tennis team in Alexander Hamilton Senior High School is not supported by the school.
The school did not provide any uniforms, a proper coach with experience, individual buses, and didn't support of our team.
I am one of the players who played in a team in fall of 2016.
The boys' tennis team received wonderful support and materials for the practice.

5. Mt Eliza Tennis Club needs to expand!

* Top 15 for members in the state, being held back by a small venue.
* Hire nearly 10 courts at Frankston Tennis Club every weekend. Sending “home matches” away from our principal venue for over 15 YEARS.
* 4 unsafe Mod Grass courts which need to be replaced due to the overuse and the tree roots which have grown underneath them. Use 2 average quality "netball courts" as well on Saturdays.
* Can’t grow our Senior Afternoon teams because they refuse to play home matches away from the club.
* We have a large amount of students/juniors who are being coached daily and as a result members cannot get access to courts, causing disgruntled and disappointed members.
* Unable to hold our ‘leagues idea’, ‘challenge ladder’ concept and run large night competitions due to limited courts making it hard to sign adult members.
* Unable to conduct Junior Tournaments due to the lack of courts at the tennis club. The club has 2 different surfaces as well which makes it supremely difficult.


Andy Murray has become one of GB's most successful sportsmen of the 21st century yet how many of us actually seen him reach this?

BBC you have only showed a handful of his matches, he reached No 1 by playing in grand slams & the Masters how many of these were televised by the BBC. Millions tune in to watch him win Wimbledon & a Gold Medal in The Olympics so BBC doesn't that tell you something.

Not all of us want to watch, darts, horse racing , F1, Footie, Cricket & Rugby, these are mostly for men. TENNIS is an all round sport for everyone to watch .... even kids. We need it so we can watch it with our families. Not everyone can afford Sky so come on BBC get your finger out after all we do a pay a licence fee & think of the millions of viewers it attracts. Its shown allover the world on normal channels but not UK!

7. Save the Fort Needham Tennis Courts!

Fort Needham Park is a very popular North End destination for families. It is the North End's "central park" -- a large and relatively unstructured green space that offers opportunities for everything a community could want: summer strolls and picnics in the shade, sports fields and tennis courts, an off-leash area for dogs, and of course the Halifax Explosion memorial site.

An important part of the recently approved Master Plan for the park is to remove the tennis courts (for eventual relocation years from now to an area now occupied by the Needham Centre). The courts are to be removed as part of phase one in the plan, during 2016 (

Like many elements of the Master Plan, this idea promotes aesthetics and design over the practical needs of families who use the park daily. The North End is enjoying a boom in young families and now is the time to promote sports and fitness in our parks.

8. Tennis Australia Should Ban Kyrgios from representing the country for 6 months

After the highly personal verbal abuse from Nick Kyrgios while playing Stan Wawrinka on 12/08/15*, Tennis Australia should recognise that the continued unsportsmanlike behaviour he exhibits is unacceptable in the sport, and ban him from representing Australia for 6 months.


9. Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for Singapore's policy toward Malaysia

A good muslim is one that tells the truth and seperate the lies created by extremist muslim. Anwar is a good muslim that wrote this in his blog regarding the Charlie Hedbo attack that took lives of 12 people. Here's his words:

""""""Freedom of expression and double standards

Nevertheless, much as we must defend our fundamental liberties, the fact is that there is no such thing as absolute freedom of expression, not even in Europe and certainly not in France. When the comic book on the life of the Prophet was first published in France two years ago, I had deplored it as sacrilege against Islam. Indeed, I had called for calm and rationality in response even as we should denounce the cartoons as vile and contemptible.

To my mind, the Danish cartoons, Charlie Hebdo caricatures and the rest of the tasteless and insensitive publications ridiculing Islam and the Prophet are mere manifestations of Islamophobia in all its varied guises. They appear to betray a deep-seated Freudian prejudice or animosity harking back to the Crusades.

A clear line must therefore be drawn between freedom of expression and hate crimes.

So, while I condemn the Paris killings, I cannot subscribe to the chant of “je suis Charlie” because I do not support the portrayal of the image of the Prophet, let alone caricaturing him in any way. Likewise, I do not support blasphemy against Christians, Jews or any other religion. Neither do I support the freedom to incite hatred against anyone or community on account of religion, ethnicity or culture.

The publication of the Charlie Hepdo cartoons was highly offensive to many Muslims. The French government did nothing to hold to account the people responsible for that act of profanity. Now, in the aftermath of the Paris massacre, just a few days later the magazine republished the offensive cartoons and this was officially sanctioned by the French authorities. """"""

Now he was jailed in Malaysia because of Sodomy charges. Never did sodomy had sufficient evidence to jail him but due to the lack of integrity in Malaysia police and political power of UMNO (BN) government, he was jailed after fighting the rights of good muslim faith and humanity in the name of the Malaysia people.

10. Give The Tennis Players Of Miners Arms (Redruth) An Apology

Two friends have been branded racist after 'blacking up' as tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams for a carnival parade. Kevin Stevens, 50, a local pub landlord, and his friend Jason Luke, 31, a builder, covered themselves in dark fake tan, brown face paint and afro wigs to join a tennis-themed carnival float.

They put on women's sports gear and were photographed posing enthusiastically with tennis rackets at the procession in Truro last weekend. Mr Stevens also sported a pair of fake breasts for the event. They have been lambasted by onlookers and racism campaigners. Their costumes were branded offensive, out of date and inappropriate.


In actual fact, the pair from Redruth Cornwall was raising money for CLIC SARGENT. A charity for children's cancer.

Both men are actively involved in the community and being portrayed like this in local and national papers is wrong and it is bullying.

Please sign this petition if you feel that the papers should give these two men an apology in which they deserve.

11. Move date of Colorado Boys' Tennis High School State Championships

The USTA moved the date of two National level tournaments - the National Selection and Closed Regional Tennis Tournaments for 2014. The new date creates a conflict for Colorado's top high school tennis players. It is therefore requested that CHSAA move the date of the State High School Championship tournament so Colorado’s elite players will be permitted to represent both their High Schools and the State of Colorado.

The High School State Championships (4A and 5A) are marque events that showcase the state’s elite tennis players and enhances the reputation of Colorado Tennis and the quality of Colorado High School programs.

Of the 352 high school players that played at State last year, approximately 25 of those players would be impacted by this conflict. Based on the 2013 4A and 5A draws, all (100%) of the #1, 2, and 3 singles finalists are impacted by this conflict and would have to choose between representing their high school team and earning national ranking points, important for their future tennis career.

Insuring no conflict in schedules affects the quality of play and the crowning of truly meaningful individual and team titles. Knowing the best players are competing for and representing their respective school maintains the importance and tradition of this event.

Finally and most importantly, all high school tennis players in Colorado should be able to experience high school sports and competition. For most of the year, tennis is an individual sport. High School Tennis provides players with an opportunity to experience the camaraderie, teamwork, sacrifice, hard work, victories, and tough defeats together as a team. These are the experiences that build strong individuals with character and integrity.

Avoiding the schedule conflict is a win-win for everyone. Teams, players, schools, coaches, the integrity of CHSAA and the sport of tennis will all benefit if the event is moved one week and the conflict is avoided.

12. Allow non members to play on a Inner club team at PVCC

We recommended we allow Non members at PVCC so our teams will not split up or members be forced to be on other teams and for friendships to stay together.

13. Save Cartwright Gardens' Tennis Courts

The University of London is planning to reduce the number of tennis courts on Cartwright Gardens by half, as part of their development of the surrounding buildings.

14. Make MLB and Topps Accountable

While the Topps Co. has the longest standing, and most storied history in Sports Card Collecting, their recent acquisition of an "Exclusive MLB Licence" has really steered the baseball card to a turn for the worse.

In the past few years, Topps has continuously pushed back release dates so MOST products don't even release during the season.

Combine that with lackluster card design, horriblel, near-worthless value in the product being sold, and disgraceful Redemption turn around time: it is now time to give all companies an MLB Licence. When Companies compete, consumers win.

15. Re-Open Wilson Tennis Courts to the Public!

The Wilson Highschool Tennis Courts in Long Beach, CA have been vandalized for people have cut the nets, oiled the courts, and thrown shattered glass. Unfortunately, because of vandalism and without the money to hire a supervisor, the City has closed the Wilson Tennis Courts in Long Beach, CA to the public, taking it away from the community.

My name is Michelle Truong and I'm a sophomore at Wilson Classical Highschool(right next to the tennis courts). With the help of my team and whnever time allows, we are trying to raise $4,500 to reopen the courts. This has upset me and my community for we had no say in the decision of closing the courts. I have petitioned and written a complaint letter to the City. I have even written to Roger Federer for assistance. I need help reopening the tennis courts to the community. I deeply feel that it's wrong for the City to take away the rights of the public and I need help.
Press Telegram has even written a column of my efforts which can be viewed here:

I have contacted USTA (United States Tennis Association) and I have even written a letter to Roger Federer and several other famous tennis players for help. Press Telegram has even written a column of my efforts. I want to spread the news and get more people involved. Whenever time allows, my team and I will try to fund-raise the $4,500 it takes to hire a supervisor to supervise the courts.

We, the people of Long Beach and supporters for this cause, encourage the Re-Opening of the Wilson Tennis Courts to the public. The City should Reopen the Tennis Courts to the public on the weekends to allow children and the people the time, space, and opportunity to play, and preserve the community’s right to enjoy tennis by using the tennis courts that their property taxes pay for.

16. Phoenix Tennis Center Court Improvement

In the past few years, the courts at Phoenix Tennis Center (PTC), located at 6330 N 21st Ave, Phoenix have fallen into a state that is below par.

Up to eight of the courts have visible cracks and/or surface undulations that make them unsafe to play on, and practically all the courts show bald patches that expose underlying concrete, and hence need resurfacing. The courts need to be brought up to playable condition.

In addition, the windscreens surrounding the courts are old and torn in many segments, and the court lights are the worst among all the city courts in the valley.

The lack of maintenance of the courts is baffling, given the importance of this facility to thousands of tax paying citizens of Phoenix who have used them consistently over the years. PTC is the home facility that hosts Match Point Tennis Club (MPTC) since 1966!

MPTC is a tennis club that hosts monthly tournaments at the PTC with regular participation of over 1000 entries/year. The PTC is also a home court for many league teams of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Arizona Tennis Association (ATA), and other tennis associations, where participation in league play include hundreds of players throughout the year.

This facility also hosts a national level junior tournament every winter that brings junior players to the PTC from all over the US once a year. There are also Junior Colleges from cold states who travel to the PTC to practice during their winter breaks. Finally, there are the locals who drop in and play tennis with their friends, families and visitors. For all these groups, the PTC is an integral part of their recreational and fitness life.

Given all of the above, the PTC has been bustling tennis facility because of its location and the staying power it has had over the last several decades. But recently, the complaints about the poor condition of the courts and the lights are growing louder and louder. This has prompted us to create this petition to address the issue. In the last year, there have been instances where up to 8 courts have been unusable during tournaments and the hosts have complained because they needed more courts.

Clearly, if these issues are not addressed, there is a distinct possibility that tournaments and league matches will start moving to other venues.


WE, the players, parents, coaches, facility operators, members and other patrons of the USTA, demand a voice in the structure and organization of junior tennis in our particular sections and at the national level.

Given that nearly no junior player, parent or coach was provided any notice at all of the "approved" changes, nor allowed an opportunity to have a discussion or provide suggestions for the upcoming rule changes and given that such changes will affect our players in a drastic and severe way, (including the expenditure of money for no real purpose and the restriction of players to have any incentive to keep playing the sport) we demand that the 2014 rules be amended or at the very least, suspended until there has been further study, comment, review and input from the very people who participate and spend money to be involved with the USTA.

We believe that the 2014 rule changes will have a "chilling effect" on junior tennis, in that relegating players to participate in only local events and not giving those players who might develop later in the sport or who might "catch fire" by seeing and competing in higher event categories, is certain to cause hundreds, if not thousands of juniors to quit the sport.

The rule changes will be so discouraging for those players just below the top ranked players and the middle of the pack players, they will quit the sport. In addition and most importantly, the stated rationale for approving the changes in order for the US to again have another top professional player by only allowing the "elite players to compete against the elite players" will not have the intended outcome as can be seen from undertaking statistical studies of the rule changes.

The upcoming 2014 rules changes will only deter players from continuing in the sport we all love and the changes will only encourage our jr. players to join other sports where opportunities are fair and extensive. We, the participants in the USTA, believe that inclusiveness is the way to find the next great US player, not exclusiveness. That, reducing tournaments and reducing draw sizes across the board will not encourage participation, but will instead, discourage participation. We demand that common sense, not elitism, should rule the day.

18. Encourage Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon

Djokovic is a tennis player, currently number 1 in the world. A child interviewer asked Novak, “What’s your daily schedule?”

Novak replied, “I go to school in the morning, then play tennis in the afternoon, afterwards I do my homework, and then I play out in the evenings.
“Is tennis a job or just play for you?” he was asked.

“Tennis is my job,” replied Novak.

“And what is your goal?” asked the interviewer.

“To become a champion,” said Novak.


In March 1999 NATO forces began running five hundred combat air missions into Serbia each day. Novak’s family continued living in their apartment there, but after the first week of bombing, began venturing out to practice.

Gencic’s sister died in the bombing, but she said that she, Novak and others, continued to play tennis in Belgrade, choosing areas that had been bombed the previous night on the assumption that they would not be bombed again so soon.

Novak said, “During the war in 1999 I was 12 years old I remember, we were celebrating my birthday, it was in May, and then we saw planes flying over our heads and kind of bombing the city and it was really an ugly image, and it was something that I don’t like to remember but on the other hand we were on the tennis court for a whole day.”

Dusan Grujic, General Manager of the Partizan club said, “Throughout the 78 days of bombing we kept the courts open every day, to help the young people think of something else.”

Dijana said, "There was no way we were going to sit at home crying. So Novak and his brothers were on the tennis court from 10am in the morning till 8pm at night.”

Novak later said of this time, “We heard the alarm noise about planes coming to bomb us every single day, a minimum of three times, for two and a half months, there was a huge noise in the city all the time, all the time. So in my case, when I hear a big noise even now, I get a little traumatized.”

According to Goran, “Tennis was the thing that kept the family sane.” When the bombing finally stopped, Novak and his brothers went outside shouting, "We are safe now! We are safe!"

19. Dog Park in Waterford, NY

The town of Waterford, NY does not have a dog park where people can bring their dogs to release their energy.

The town has many fenced in areas that are unused most of the year, such as the tennis court on 4th St., though dog owners are not allowed to let their dogs loose in them where they can run safely off their leash.

20. New Yeadon Recreation Center

Yeadon Borough (Delaware County, Pennsylvania) owns the defunct property which houses the Yeadon Swim Club. Since 2010, junior tennis programming has been offered for free to residents of Yeadon in partnership with the Yeadon Borough Recreation Department, United States Tennis Association, Community Integration Program, Black Tennis Foundation of Philadelphia and Bolloway International Group.

More than 100 students have participated in programming and benefited from the resources provided by generous partners and individuals. For more details visit

21. Introduction of video review in national and international soccer games

Introduction of video review in national and international soccer games.

22. Help save democracy and the Badgers!

Hadleigh Park Lawn Tennis Club wishes to build a new clubhouse at unfavourable site, disturbing long-established badgers and their sett, and residents. There is room for the new clubhouse at other sites within the grounds, yet it has been earmarked for erection at the most intrusive place.

Castle Point Borough Council rejected the scheme by six votes to one. It is opposed by, not just local residents but also, local councillors and Rebecca Harris MP.

The clubhouse would damage and disturb the residents’ environment much more than the club and many of its players already do, and that of the active badger sett on the east side of the club grounds.

Hadleigh Park Lawn Tennis Club is a PRIVATE members-only club, behind locked gates, and these facts conflict with Veolia’s grant conditions, as set by Entrust and its regulations.

23. Facebook Should Never Ask For Too Much From Facebook Users

Facebook should be a free site without mobile or credit cards and having to prove your identity with government ID. Gift apps now require credit card or mobile with a confirmation code and when asked to get a confirmation code they never do send one. Facebook asks for too much.

Facebook should be more respectful towards privacy and with out having to get millions of people to give out too much personal information. People world wide are being picked on by Facebook, losing their account for no reason or being booted for some silly childish reason?

Note: not everyone has a credit card or mobile phone and probably some have never been to College or University? Why make it harder for millions of innocent Facebook users? It is time for a change!

24. To Oppose GCCC Special Levies to Boykambil / Hope Island

The Northern Gold Coast Levy Action Group (NGCLAG) would like to thank everyone in the community who supported us! A very special thanks to those who signed our petition online, or at the Marina Quays Markets. We feel that was a major factor in Council relieving local residents from the discriminatory public bridges’ levies.

We have achieved a major victory with the Council at its meeting of the 1st of November 2010, resolving to fund both the Sickle Avenue North and South Bridges from whole of city funds, once and for all removing the proposed levy amounting to $13Million. This was a major achievement requiring many Councillors and Gold Coast City Council Staff to reverse their long held positions and support our cause.

The workload by the group committee over the past number of years that has brought this result has been overwhelming and ultimately exhausting. We have worked full time on this solution for the past 8 months, lobbying, researching, meetings with and submissions to Council and Government and wider stake holders, manning petitions, fund raising, protest rallies and events, also media interviews.

Following this victory, discussions have been held with Councillors and others to determine whether to pursue refunds of the Park and Canal levies applied in 2008. Several committee members who now face no levies at all, have indicated they would continue to stand by members who have already paid these levies. We appreciate the sentiments of those members who have expressed this stand.

Whether NGCLAG proceeds involves consideration of elements such as:

a) The remaining political capital, following Councillors and staff undertaking to bear the cost of two bridges, when they were sent away only three weeks ago to consider how they may pay for one.

b) The legalities of Council refunding levies already paid, as well as the illegality of letting some parties off the hook.

c) The ability to maintain the rage and effort needed for another extended fight that could last into 2012 with little chance of success.

d) The total loss of councillor and staff support for any further action following Councillors of other divisions burdening their constituents an additional rate sum that has been assessed at possibly 6% distributed over the next few years. This rate burden will create ratepayer agitation for these Councillors in the future.

e) The potential that the gains to date could be undone at 2011 budget time by the objectors Young, Sarroff, Crichlow and Shepherd. These objectors may not lie down and we need to retain the good will of the fringe Councillors that supported the recent resolution.

In consideration of the above the committee has now determined as a group it will not be pursuing the remaining levies.

We ask those who have paid or have to pay any levies, to accept that we have achieved significant success on your behalf removing in some cases, $10,000 to $12,000 from your total liability, that only a month ago seemed to be set in concrete. If you feel so aggrieved by the remaining levies we encourage you to pursue whatever avenues you feel appropriate. The structure of the NGCLAG shall remain in the near future to ensure no adverse circumstances arise.

Thanks to those who have sacrificed so much for this fight -in time, health, careers and family especially.

People power! With bridge levies “off the menu” everyone should enjoy Christmas!

Kind regards
The Executive Committee
- Northern Gold Coast Levy Action Group


25. End Animal fur and meat trade

Millions of innocent animals die for their fur and meat. Domestic dogs and cats, raccoon dogs, minks, foxes, chinchillas and rabbits in China, Asia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and Indonesia. They are skinned alive still conscious.

Switzerland exports Saint Bernard dogs to china for human consumption. Very sick and cruel for an animal to suffer such pain.

26. Make Selling Cover band music illegal

I want people to stop stealing from artists' works and leave them be. I think this should stop and we should tell Amazon, I tunes that this is wrong and we should stop doing this. When an artist first comes out with the music it is the best. When someone copies them it sucks so please ask apple itunes and Amazon and other stores that sell music to take it off of their store and make sure there is never a cover band again selling music.

27. Restore Tennis courts in Stamper Park

In 2003 the tennis courts at Stamper Park were transformed into a Horseshoe arena. There was no initial tournament or horseshoe games to rally the community around this sport.

The culture of the people in the community does not include playing horseshoes. The horseshoe arena has never once been utilized. Although, there was a $30,000 grant awarded.

28. Opposition to Changes to GPS sport

This petition registers opposition to proposed changes to GPS sport.

29. Show South Park Epsoide 201 unsensored

I think that South Park should be able to show the last episode uncensored online. It is called freedom of speech Well just because one jerk makes a treat to you dose not mean you have beep major parts of the episode out.

I think it should be left the way it is online uncensored online only so that fans can watch the show without any beeped out.

30. I'on Club Reform

Over the last five years there have been numerous changes in management, personnel and levels of service at the I'on Club. This last year the changes have resulted in an increase in overall dissatisfaction among members both pool and tennis.

Lack of services including reducing staff and shortening hours of operation. No new merchandise(clothing) in the pro shop. The overall condition of the facility has degraded to an unacceptable level. The playing conditions of the tennis courts has fallen to a level of concern to the point were player safety is an issue.

Overall maintenance of the facilities are generally poor and in comparison to many other similar facilities an embarrassment to the members.