Skatepark For Pittston
United States of America

Pittston needs a skatepark so there will not be any kids in the streets, damaged properties, or fines.

We want Pittston to support the development of a publicly funded skateboard park in our town. Many other cities across this country have opened such parks, and few have reported problems or lawsuits.

Studies have shown that skate-boarding is no more dangerous than tennis or basketball, and certainly poses less of a liability threat than a public pool, all of which are provided for in some part by the city.

We have recognized the need for and benefits of a skate park and believe that our city should at the very least aid us by parceling a portion of public land for this use, and at most fund, build and maintain a skate park as it would a tennis court, basketball court, swimming area, playground, baseball diamond, or other general use public area.

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