Jelena & Demir Dokic

Isn't it ironic? We are known as the "Nation Down Under", and that's exactly where we are placed in the Dokic's minds. It is a national disgrace that we provide solace and protection during the civil unrest which occurred in the early 90's in the FORMER Yugoslavia, however to be shafted in this manner is totally unacceptable - especially with the funding Jelena has received from Tennis Australia to ensure she has every opportunity to be the best... now she (and Demir) have decided that we are "not good enough" and "rigging draws"?! I think that Tennis Australia and related parties have amicably dealt with this manner, however it is up to us - the Australian People - to stand up for our nation, and let it be heard by Jelena & Demir that we are not going to be used & abused! I hope that the patriotism shown during the Olympics and traditionally at the cricket will be vocally reciprocated as condemnation at the Australian Open Tennis...and beyond... Advance Australia Fair!

Jelena Dokic has made a fool of the Australian public... we should stand tall as a unified nation, by vocally protesting & condemning her actions.

The NATIONAL DISGRACE - Australia Dokiched petition to Jelena & Demir Dokic was written by Johnnie Walker and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.