#Civil Rights
Charlie Ramseur
United States of America

The influence of television has greatly effected the way youths today think. Minority athletes are publicized more and they are greatly influencing the younger generation.

Tennis has become a very popular sport for young minorities, especially with the popularity of the William sisters. Yes, there have been others before them but these sisters have given new hope to a more vocal and can do generation.

The resources are here, we just need to make sure that they are well maintained. On Front Street there are numerous tennis courts and they can be reserved. There is also an unused tennis court at Harris Park. The only problem with the court at Harris Park is that it needs resurfacing. There are still barriers that need to be broken. Minorities are somewhat intimidated by the uptown park and would feel more comfortable in a more familiar setting.

It takes time to properly build self esteem, and a familiar setting helps the process. The resurgence of an old park would bring back some old memories as well as starting new ones. Remember the old saying "Let's put the spark back in Harris Park".

Children deserve the chance to experience new things. For some it is a chance to something new for others it could be a tool used to open a new door. Many children today are either running the streets or hanging around the house eating and not exercising. They are getting lazy, heavy and very disrespectful.

Tennis lessons offer; structured guidance, physical endurance, the chance to meet new people, and really learn a new sport. Tennis lessons are also available for older youths and adults. Your signature and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Your signature is needed below to enhance minority athletics in Tennis and to start the resurgence of the Harris Park Tennis Court and the community at large.

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