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1. Rideshare Insurance Co-op Fund

This is a petition to encourage the creation of a reasonably cost insurance for rideshare drivers, small business and TNCs. People's Ride,, in Grand Rapids, Michigan is creating a rideshare similar to Uber but organized as a co-op. To make insurance affordable, we are creating a insurance co-op made of small rideshare business to share the cost.

2. Buy our medallions back San Francisco

We bought sf medallion couple of years back which cost us around 250,000 to do business in San Francisco city.

We paid big money and still paying big money to city but city gave all of cab business to ride sharing companies without big fees like medallion based taxies.

Now we are raising our voice to get rid of medallion by selling our medallions back to San Francisco.

3. Cab Drivers Matter

We hereby petition Governor Nikki Haley to put a stop to the shutout of South Carolina's Independent Cab Drivers/Owners. It has come to our attention that many of the larger companies want to force a law that independent cab drivers/owners not be allowed to pickup customers at the airport.

Many of the local drivers/owner stand to loose current and potential customers and revenue. We need your help Governor Haley. It is time we take a stand for business owners in South Carolina.

4. Increase Minicab fares and call out charges

As you know prices on many goods and services have increased over the last few years. Unfortunately minicab fares have been reduced significantly in the last few years. As a result of this, minicab drivers are suffering financially and their social life is also affected.

We want increase in Minicab fares and demand a standard of minimum fares.

Some People, some times abuse this service and after booking they don't turn up or change their mind.This is very unfare for the drivers.

We want to minimise the chances of unpleasant situations.

Therefore we request to minicab drivers to sign this petition and forward to other fellow drivers.

Furthermore, it's requested to concerned authorities to consider this petition and make policy or law accordingly.

5. Uber not wanted

We as taxi cab drivers, do not want Uber or any other transportation services with similar services to be able to operate in our area due to various reasons which we know are not safe to use and to the public.

6. Stop Sheffield taxi drivers consistently breaking road laws

Want Sheffield City Council should crack down on bad taxi drivers? They should also do spot checks on taxi drivers and taxis to check that the driver is genuine.

Taxi drivers that stop dangerously where they want (e.g. bus stops, at Junctions, pavements, tram tracks) should be prosecuted.

Taxis drivers driving dangerously should be prosecuted.

7. Bring Uber to Rochester, MN NOW!

This is a simple petition to the Rochester, MN City Council to allow Uber to come to the city.

Uber is a convenient and easy to use "taxi like" service that is affordable and offers high quality service. Here is a link to some of the benefits Uber has to offer.

Uber allows an individual to work on a basis that fits their needs and schedule. Someone who is looking for a little extra cash or to fill free time during the day, night, and evenings. It is very easy to use and they are usually very quickly to respond when called upon.

Here in Rochester we the people deal with long waits when calling on cab drivers for a ride. Especially in the evenings and on weekends. With Uber being allowed in Rochester, this could cut down wait times that customers have to wait for a "cab", this would be very beneficial to people stuck out in the cold on winter nights after a night on the town.

If Rochester city council were to deny Uber the chance to come to town, they are potentially denying people the right to work (people who want to drive with Uber) and denying a business the right to compete. We need an open market here in Rochester that could bring down the price of cabs and is more affordable.

Not all residents in town are going to switch to using Uber, but the residents in Rochester should have a right to choose who they want use as a taxi service and to provide business to.

Please Rochester City Council consider bringing Uber to Rochester, MN to provide jobs and better service to its residents.


The Rochester City Council is considering bringing TNC's (Transportation Network Companies) like UBER's Ride-Sharing service into our community.

What this comes down to is Fairness & Safety.

The City has set forth dozens of regulations that the current Taxi Franchises have been forced to follow for decades. The concern is that the City Council is not taking into consideration the unfairness to the Cab Companies that they have forced regulations on, and that have cost them thousands of dollars.

Most concerning is that they are not considering the inherent safety issues and criminal activities that have been surrounding UBER drivers in the four short years they've been in operation.

* * * * * FAIRNESS* * * * *

A few of the major regulations that Taxi Franchises have had to abide by are:
1. 15 cabs are required to start a cab company
(cars must be less than 10 years old)
2. All cabs must be painted and decaled with identifying markers in a unifying manner.
3. Must have $300,000 of insurance protection

Below is the link to CIty Ordinance 95A - TAXICABS

All of these regulations have literally cost the current cab companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to provide taxi service to the Citizens of Rochester. The cost is ongoing each year.

What does UBER have to do to start? Flip a switch and give any Tom, Dick, or Harry with a car access to the app, without thorough background checks on their drivers, and they can start picking up the general public. After the driver has been contracted, UBER never sees them again or keeps track of anything they do; including criminal activities.

Rochester is a small city of 120,000.....and the call volume is volatile, meaning.....

The cabbie’s entire income is based on: commission on their daily total + tips (it's not like the big cities where cabbies are their own boss; we're all employees who only get a percentage of our daily total). At our company, cab drivers make 35% of their daily total + tips. The company gets 65% of whatever the cabbie makes each shift; the company provides the cars, repairs and the fuel, dispatchers, communication devices, credit card machines, managers, and so on.

Often times it’s very hard to make ends meet, especially when the weather is nice and people walk more. If there isn't many calls, you're commission is seriously diminished, along with your paycheck. On average, cabbies work 10 hour shifts, often times 12 hours. Before tips, it's not uncommon to only be making around $8 to $9 per hour. But if the calls aren't there, and it's a slow day, it's also not uncommon to make less than that.

If Uber comes here, and starts whittling away at the call volume, every single cab driver in this town will see their daily totals go down, which in turn means they get less tips and less commission on their weekly paycheck. That is absolutely inevitable.
As small of a city as this is, if Uber comes here, they could quite possibly put a lot of cab drivers out of work, or worse yet, put one or both of the cab companies under.

* * * * * SAFETY * * * * *

UBER drivers have been racking up quite the Rap Sheet across the country including allegations of Sexual Assault and a Mass Murder in Kalamazoo Michigan last year when an UBER driver went on a killing spree and shot 6 people. If the driver would've been working at a cab company, dispatch would see him at the beginning and end of his shift, dispatch would speak to him during his shift and picked up on suspicious behavior, and most definitely if they saw him loading weapons into his vehicle, they would've stopped it.


If citizens on the streets see a cab driver doing something wrong, it's easy to call the cab company dispatch and report something because cabs are clearly marked with cab numbers and phone numbers. UBER cars are only marked with a tiny sticker on the window. And try calling an UBER office once if you see an UBER driver doing something wrong. Go ahead. You can't because there is no phone number listed ANYWHERE. You could send them an email, and maybe get a reply in a few days.

When you fire up the UBER app and hail a driver, you’re putting your life in their hands. Is that driver insured properly? Does he have liability insurance? Is it current or did it expire last week? Who’s checking? What’s the company’s liability if you’re injured in a crash?

UBER’s terms of service are written for its own benefit, not its passengers or contractors. As with many terms of service these days, you must submit to arbitration rather than suing UBER if you’re harmed in any way. And I quote:




Real comforting, UBER.

1.5 Million patients from all of the world come to the Mayo Clinic in our city seeking medical answers each year. We cannot afford any mistakes like UBER has made.

UBER is not safe for our community.
UBER doesn't follow rules.
UBER is unfair and unsafe.

Protect the Citizens of Rochester and stop TNC's from being allow in our City.


9. No to Taxi Cab Protests blocking streets and traffic

Taxi drivers across North America have protested regarding Uber. Their protest consists of blocking traffic and creating gridlock for the average person, their consumer.

This is a sound board for the people to let taxi drivers know we won't put up with it any more!

10. Bring down the barriers

Bournemouth Borough Council have been locking out taxi drivers from the town centre where the night clubs are based. This means that the public have to walk to the top of Old Christchurch Road in order to get a taxi.

The Council have not considered the safety of single women walking to the taxis, the needs of the disabled, residents living in the area who also need taxis and sometimes have luggage and the inconvenience to the public when the weather is bad.

Also drivers cannot drop the public near to the venue they wish to attend, nor can they take the cheapest routes around town.The taxi drivers were not consulted properly over this misconceived idea and we would like your help in opposing its implementation by signing our petition called "Bring down the barriers."

11. Save our Safari Taxis

Does anyone think its good for tourism and residents of the Virgin Islands to replace the Safari Taxi's with passenger vans as the VI Taxi Commission thinks enclosed vans are safer? Does anyone want to have to get in/out of a single van door in traffic as we drive on the left and the vans passenger doors are on the right? How is someone supposed to get out if they are in the back?

The V.I. Taxi Commission mandated in 2009 a moratorium on licensing new safari taxis built by island fabricators and installed on “incomplete” truck frames imported from the U.S. unless the so-called “after-market“ fabrication is certified as meeting federal standards for operation. The V.I. Taxi Commission seeks to force medallion holders (Taxi Owners) to replace the island's iconic safari-style, open-air taxis with enclosed vans.

Read the story at

The Safaris are part of the VI and must stay in the VI. Can anyone remember a Safari having a safety issue due to not having a federally certified welder constructing these amazing vehicles? The sooner this gets repealed the better as if current owners are purchasing passenger vans to replace their safaris they will get screwed if this gets repealed later then sooner, only you can make the difference to the VI's future!

Ford Motor Company states they are not liable for their vehicles once modified and the Intermediate and final stage manufacturers must exercise proper engineering judgment to determine if a modification is appropriate for their specific application. Why can’t the Virgin Islands come up with a set regulations and guidelines for the final stage manufactures to follow? The below information is taken from FORDs SUPER DUTY F SERIES Incomplete Vehicle Manual and is linked at the bottom.

Information provided by St John Tradewinds News, original story at

There are no after-market safari fabricators in the territory who can certify a finished safari. The supply of used safari bodies is dwindling as the existing ones deteriorate or are exported to the neighboring British Virgin Islands.

St. John Tourists Won’t Ride in Taxi Vans
The Taxi Commission is trying to force the taxi operators to switch to vans — which visiting tourists refuse to ride, according to the taxi drivers.

Of the 157 taxi licenses on St. John only three are vans , “Safaris have been in operation for over 50 years.

Said a taxi operator. “As long as a taxi driver is operating in a safe manner I think we can continue to drive these safaris in a safe manner.”

“Eventually we’re going to run out of used vehicles,” said another taxi driver.

“I’ve spent two months trying to buy a safari,” said another driver. “They can’t be replaced.”

12. Help disabled people with a fair taxi service

The owner of one of Teesside's biggest taxi firms has told BBC Tees they will no longer be picking up disabled passengers after they were told they can't charge extra for what they tell us is a 'specialist service'.

One disabled man recently had to push his wife's wheelchair 3 miles on Boxing Night. The owner of Boro Taxis stated it is not their fault it's the councils.

We need to stop discrimination.

13. Allow another colour for private hire drivers

A row about rules which mean Dudley borough private hire cars must be painted white came to a head at a meeting of the authority's taxi's committee last month.

Councillors threw out an application for a relaxation of the rules from the Dudley Private Hire and Taxi Association, who argue white has become a popular colour for car buyers which has increased demand and pushed up prices.

The Dudley Private Hire and Taxi Association, which has around 600 members, says white cars can cost up to £2,000 more than similar vehicles in other colours.

14. Save Classic Wedding Cars from Extinction

The Law Commission is currently reviewing the laws on taxi and private hire licencing.

Under the proposals wedding (and funeral) cars would no longer be exempted and forced to register as a private hire vehicle.

Classic and vintage wedding cars are often supplied by small companies and individuals who do a few weddings each year to earn enough money to keep their cars on the road.

Private hire vehicles (the ones you call when you want a lift home) can work 7 days a week 365 days a year thereby justifying the high costs involved in purchasing a private hire licence, annual testing, operator’s licence, CRB, DSA test and drivers medicals. The cost of a private hire licence would be prohibitive and many classic car owners would no longer be able to offer their cars to brides.

If you do not object to wedding cars becoming private hire cars, by next year you may well find that there are virtually no classic or vintage cars available for weddings and those that are operating will be very expensive.

15. Better Access for Wigan Taxis


My name is Shaun Fallows and I’m a disabled volunteer in Wigan. Many times I have been struggling to get adapted taxis at certain times of day and night which has affected my social life as I have had to stop going out.

I would like to start a campaign to see a greater number of accessible vehicles in Wigan Borough. No donations needed but please support my online petition. Without everyone together it won’t change.

16. Don't approve unfair taxi fare increases in San Francisco!

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency is hearing plans that could raise the fares of some rides by more than 70%. And if you're picked up from home during rush hour, your fare could nearly double.

This includes a $5 surcharge for at-home pick up during rush hours and a $1/mile increase in meter charge.

Taxi fares have not been increased since 2003 whereas we have experienced a 19% inflation since then. In addition, gas prices have nearly doubled.

It is absolutely vital to ensure that the drivers are compensated fairly with a living wage and provided with the necessary benefits (e.g. health coverage). The "gate charge" that taxi drivers must pay as their rent for their cabs have risen sharply. In addition, the taxi drivers have been hit hard by gas prices because they must pay for their own gas.

However, it is not fair that the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency's only solution is to make San Franciscans and tourists pay dramatically more when there are many other solutions to this proposed taxi rate increase.

For example, the taxi companies could change their fleet to hybrid cars, saving the taxi drivers money on gas while saving the environment. In addition, we can help the taxi drivers get more business by urging the MTA to put more efforts into installing a city-wide dispatch system for more efficient service, making it more convenient for drivers, dispatchers, and customers.

Using new technology and Gov 2.0 practices, we can all work together to make the taxi system more efficient and profitable to help the drivers, passengers, MTA, and San Francisco.

Read more and take our poll:

17. Make taxis have permanent roof signs to keep women safe

We are concerned by the fact that women are vulnerable to attack when getting into vehicles masquerading as taxis, or private hire cars.

In many of our towns and cities, private hire cars or taxis have only small plates on the rear to identify them. These are relatively easy to fake, especially in the dark.

We believe that all taxis and private hire cars should have a permanent sign attached to their roof. This makes them easily and readily identifiable as a tax, even if it is late at night and alcohol has been consumed by the potential passenger.

This is a time when women are most vulnerable and believe that a taxi is safe. Making legitimate taxis very clearly identifiable will help keep women safe.

18. Bring Taxi Service to Grindrod B.C.

Small community 12km from Enderby with a pub and many senior residents needs taxi service. Taxi service stops 4 km short of the community! (more info added tomorrow).

19. SAVE Singapore's and our taxi industry's image!

There have been many many letters written to the Forum about the unhappiness of commuters toward the current taxi industry. There hasn't been much of a response to these letters from the relevant authorities or parties.

Many people feel the industry can be improved on issues such as abolishing surcharges, not increasing fares and standardizing taxi fares. Obviously some pointers can be learnt from countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand where there are always an abundance of taxis to serve commuters.

There are also lots of visitors to Singapore who are starting to complain about the availability of taxis in Singapore.

Please read the letter to the Straits Times which can be found at the link below:

20. City Of Lloydminster Taxi Meter Rate Increase

Current meter rates start at $2.50. This has remained unchanged since 1999, and is currently the lowest price in Canada.

We are asking for a starting rate of $3.25.