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There have been many many letters written to the Forum about the unhappiness of commuters toward the current taxi industry. There hasn't been much of a response to these letters from the relevant authorities or parties.

Many people feel the industry can be improved on issues such as abolishing surcharges, not increasing fares and standardizing taxi fares. Obviously some pointers can be learnt from countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand where there are always an abundance of taxis to serve commuters.

There are also lots of visitors to Singapore who are starting to complain about the availability of taxis in Singapore.

Please read the letter to the Straits Times which can be found at the link below:


We, the undersigned, URGE the relevant parties such as LTA and taxi operators to review and abolish all taxi surcharges and provide a standard flag-down rate and distance tariff.

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The SAVE Singapore's and our taxi industry's image! petition to LTA, NTUC, TIBS was written by Richard and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.