#Neighborhood Living
United Kingdom

We are concerned by the fact that women are vulnerable to attack when getting into vehicles masquerading as taxis, or private hire cars.

In many of our towns and cities, private hire cars or taxis have only small plates on the rear to identify them. These are relatively easy to fake, especially in the dark.

We believe that all taxis and private hire cars should have a permanent sign attached to their roof. This makes them easily and readily identifiable as a tax, even if it is late at night and alcohol has been consumed by the potential passenger.

This is a time when women are most vulnerable and believe that a taxi is safe. Making legitimate taxis very clearly identifiable will help keep women safe.

We the undersigned urge Parliament to introduce a law that requires all taxis and private hire vehicles to have a permanent sign attached to the roof of their vehicle, making it easily and immediately identifiable as a taxi.

This will help protect women when they are vulnerable and looking for a safe means of transport.

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