#Law Reform
Law Commission
United Kingdom

The Law Commission is currently reviewing the laws on taxi and private hire licencing.

Under the proposals wedding (and funeral) cars would no longer be exempted and forced to register as a private hire vehicle.

Classic and vintage wedding cars are often supplied by small companies and individuals who do a few weddings each year to earn enough money to keep their cars on the road.

Private hire vehicles (the ones you call when you want a lift home) can work 7 days a week 365 days a year thereby justifying the high costs involved in purchasing a private hire licence, annual testing, operator’s licence, CRB, DSA test and drivers medicals. The cost of a private hire licence would be prohibitive and many classic car owners would no longer be able to offer their cars to brides.

If you do not object to wedding cars becoming private hire cars, by next year you may well find that there are virtually no classic or vintage cars available for weddings and those that are operating will be very expensive.

We the undersigned call on the Law Commission to exempt classic and vintage cars used for weddings from private hire licencing.

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