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It's a simple fact that those who control the money control the country. People in the United States have been led to believe that because the Federal Reserve has the word "federal" in it, that it is some how part of the United States Government. It is not nor has it ever been. The Federal Reserve System has accepted every man, woman and child's property as collateral for the National Debt. The I.R.S. was created to service the Federal Reserve.

Unless we the people begin to control our paper currency system we will never have a real choice of who runs this country. We will always be given the choices before us provided by the international bankers. Our taxes will always be heavy
and that's how they maintain control. If the U. S. Government Printed U.S. Treasury notes and distributed what it created, the Control of this Country would return to the People. The money you make would be yours. Mom could stay home with the kids. Your jobs wouldn't be leaving for Mexico.

The Root of what's wrong with America is its money system and who controls it. On C-span when this subject comes up congressmen always stands up and defend this system and that's because they are cowards. That's because the Federal Reserve System does have the power to make or break us.

The American people need that power back. That is what freedom is all about.


Update: Nov. 2010 (GoPetition Admin has posted this relevant video to foster discussion about the issues raised by this petition.)

To Abolish The Federal Reserve System. To Reinstate The United States Treasury as sole Creator of United States Currency. To Reinstate The United States Government as sole Distributor of this Created Currency. And that this currency be tied to a gold standard so that full faith in the US dollar can be restored.

Then Use this Currency to pay off the National Debt to the International Banks, over time, which make up the Federal Reserve System.

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